Hugely Popular YouTuber Submits Excellent Last-Minute Tesla Project Loveday Entry

Tesla Project Loveday


Tesla’s Project Loveday fan-made commercial contest ends today, and of course the infamous Marques Brownlee (AKA MKBHD) got his entry in under the wire.

MKBHD hinted at the fact that he was submitting a video awhile back, but it was looking like maybe things didn’t work out. But, now we have it, and it’s a fun one.

The concept behind the commercial is simple: The Tesla Model S has a substantial amount of cargo capacity.

MKBHD Tesla Project Loveday

You can fit a few items in the back of the Tesla Model S.

Brownlee Summons the car out of his garage to head out on an errand run. He runs around to various stores and fills up the back of the Tesla Model S P100D with all sorts of gear, and there’s still a tons of space left (he has the rear seats down, of course). His last stop leaves him with a few grocery bags, which could easily fit back there, but to prove a point, Brownlee pops the frunk and puts the bags in there.

It doesn’t end there. That would be informative, but not very fun. On his way home, a Lamborghini challenges him at a light (you know, revving the engine and spewing carbon). Brownlee switches over to Ludicrous Mode. We don’t get to see the results, but we all know who would’ve won. We also know that the Lambo was likely empty, aside from the driver. You can’t put very much in most cars that accelerate like the Model S.

The video contest was previously extended, and ends today. The project came about after Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to my 10-year old daughter’s (Bria Loveday) Tweet recommending the idea.

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Video Description via Marques Brownlee on YouTube:

Had a lot of fun making this – hope it’s fun to watch!

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8 Comments on "Hugely Popular YouTuber Submits Excellent Last-Minute Tesla Project Loveday Entry"

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if you watch to the end, the tesla wins, the lambo is seen driving by as he is unloading the car.

Got followed home, that was his first mistake.

Two questions:
Does USPS let you ship boxes in FedEx boxes?
Why do the bags in the frunk change color from green to yellow (in the end)?

Yes, FedEx delivers to USPS Locations, all day long.

Good Eye on the shopping bags, very common in short films.

No silly, the Tesla is so fast, he stopped at ANOTHER store (that used yellow bags) before the Lambo could catch up.

Very common with Teslas.


That’s a great commercial. Really shows the versatility of the car.

Now only if it was 1/2 the price and lost the ludicrous mode in favour of a towing mode.

Hi Steven

Thank you for this article about Marques Brownlees entry. Great video.

Have a look at the video I did with my son and his cousins:

It’s a very simple idea that shows how Tesla is changing the way cars sound. Hopefully kids in the future will make the sss sound.

Many thanks to Bria for starting the whole idea with the contest.