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Here’s a brilliant documentary on Tesla Motors. It’s a must-see, must-share video with this description:

Once every few decades, a company that chooses to do things differently comes along. Telsa is one of those companies, but where did they come from and just how BIG is Tesla? In this video, you’ll find out. A seriously amazing job by Elon Musk.

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Time To Celebrate

Time To Celebrate

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That was disappointing. There was too much emphasis on the positive and not enough on the negative. A balanced video would be more informative.

Yeah, there was a profit after going public, but there hasn’t been one for a while. They have no expectation of profit until 2020 or so, which is a long time to wait.

This is a commercial more than it is a documentary.

Thumbs up to Tesla!

Some revisionist history there; for example, stating that the reason Elon Musk fired 10% of Tesla employees shortly after he took over the company was because of an economic downturn in the U.S. And also, the video gives far too much credit to Elon Musk alone, including crediting him with Tesla’s “mission statement”, which was the vision of company founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning.

I have to agree that this video was too much like a commercial, especially when it went into flights of ecstasy over Tesla’s stock market cap. Most stock analysts say Tesla’s stock is significantly overvalued, and Elon Musk has made comments suggesting he agrees.

In comparing the size of Tesla to other auto makers, it would be more pertinent to compare annual income and the number of employees, rather than the seriously inflated paper value of Tesla’s stock.

But hey, the video is not by any means a bad one. This is a very well produced and edited infomercial, with a good overview of Tesla’s current operations and production, along with a bit of its history.

Mitsubishi Motors produced 1,262,342 vehicles last year.

And Tesla…it’s not even worth to look up that silly number…

“It was discovered that incredible amounts of money could be made selling petrol, and electric cars faded by the wayside.”

Hmmm. Yea. I would call that a theory. Even a conspiracy theory. The **reason** EVs faded, and petrol cars triumphed, was that lithium batteries had not been invented. Jay Leno bought the letter written by Thomas Edison wrote to Henry Ford, basically saying: the batteries just can’t cut it, compared to a gas tank.

Perhaps, as importantly, only the very rich would consider having two cars. Those that did had one of each, as the motor-car (motor, not engine) was quiet, didn’t stink like an oil field, and was ready to go as soon as you sat down. If your needs were city wining, dining and theatuh, the LA battery car was perfect and preferred.

For the rest of the world, its limitations were too great to be the primary transport, and noisy, smelly gas was too cheap, then particularly when the assembly line dropped the price of a simple powered vehicle 75% or (much) more.

This completely ignores the pitiful short life of the LA batteries, which added to the expense of the vehicle as well. Same song, different era.

To all of Tesla’s critics, I would say “drive one” before criticizing the car. Ask any owner what they think about the Model S and you will hear a spontaneous “infomercial.” The car is a truly great experience to drive and own, and yes, I’ve owned a Model S for several years and still look forward to driving it.