Younger Drivers Most Likely To Own EVs

NOV 5 2017 BY MARK KANE 47

According to a recent Automobile Association survey, younger drivers (24- to 34-year-old) in the UK are more interested in buying an electric car that older persons.  It is kind of the result one might expect, as the older we get…the less likely we are to accept change (or squeeze our larger selves into smaller offerings), but the data is interesting nonetheless.

Plug-in electric cars in UK – Go Ultra Low

The survey was conducted over the Summer among 16,508 AA members. And as it turned out, 5% of respondents aged 18-24 say they already own an EV compared with 4% aged 25-34 and 1% of those aged 55+.

While the news is positive, the problem with younger drivers is that they usually doesn’t have the ability to cover higher upfront costs of EVs.

AA President Edmund King says of the survey results said:

“This may confound the ‘boy racer’ image that older people may have of young drivers. Although overall numbers are still low, it shows that young drivers are taking an interest in new-car technology despite the fact that three-quarters (76%) are concerned about the high purchase price of EVs – but even that compares with 84% of older drivers concerned about price.”

ps) no one tell Mr. King that EVs are pretty quick in their own right

More insights can be found in the survey notes

Perceived barriers to ownership

The AA-Populus study amongst over 16,500* drivers showed that for those who don’t own an EV, barriers to ownership stubbornly remain the perceived lack of charging stations; the cost of buying an electric car and durability of the battery.

Other concerns include the potential time it might take to offset low running costs against purchase price and ‘limited range’.

“In reality, these concerns are evaporating much more quickly than perhaps most people realise,” says King.

Younger drivers ‘get’ electric driving

“It seems that young drivers certainly ‘get’ the concept of electric driving and our research consistently showed that it is older drivers who are putting up concerns that simply don’t exist.  In fact a third of respondents overall (33%) say they have no understanding of EVs.”

‘Drive electric’ at the new EV experience centre

To counter that lack of awareness, the AA Trust has launched ‘Drive Electric’ – free sessions designed to help drivers understand electric vehicles and how to obtain the best economy from them.

The first sessions are being run in conjunction with the new Electric Vehicle Experience Centre in Milton Keynes launched by Roads Minister Jessie Norman MP in July – the first centre of its type dedicated to electric and plug-in vehicles.

The average journey is only 8.9 miles

The fact is the average journey length in the UK is just 8.9 miles and for most families, an EV is the ideal economical and practical solution for a second car at least.

EV range is increasing

New vehicles are coming on stream with much higher practical range (200 miles will soon be very much the low end) and there are hundreds of new public charging points being installed every month.

Financial incentives

Government incentives are designed to not only contribute towards the cost of a new EV but also for the cost of charging points at homes and work places**.

Young drivers are most likely to want to charge their car at work (nearly a third, 32%, of 18-24 year olds say so compared with 11% of 55-64-year-olds).  Firms can get grants towards installing charging points and doing so demonstrates a commitment to the fast-changing automotive technology.

On-street charging

King also welcomed the recent (3 August 2017) spending commitment for on-street EV charging points such as the Transport for London announcement that £4.5m is being spent on improving the on-street charging infrastructure in Greater London.

“Our study clearly showed that if such points were installed in residents’ parking places, it would bring down an immediate barrier to ownership for those living in flats for example, who otherwise find it difficult to charge their cars.

“EV ownership has been growing rapidly but is still a long way from widespread public acceptance, given that registrations of plug-in vehicles recently passed just 100,000***.

*   5% of respondents aged 18-24 say they own an EV compared with 4% aged 25-34 and 1% of those aged 55+.  Populus surveyed 16,508 AA Members between 12 and 19 July 2017

**   The plug-in car grant grant will pay 35% of the purchase price up to a maximum of £4,500 for cars that can travel at least 70 miles with zero emissions, and a range of grants are available for installation of chargers at home or on business premises

***  The 100,000th plug-in vehicle registration was marked on 18 June by a ‘power drive’ from Greenwich to Milton Keynes of EVs, organised by Chargemaster

source: The AA via WardsAuto

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They only questioned Alcoholics Anonymous members? 🙂

As someone over 60, I’d tell them: Clock Ticking…
Get that EV now before the heart attack ( Thanks McDonalds! ) or it’s too late. What year did your father die?
I certainly don’t want to miss the EV experience before my death.

Grim but true. We all have our expiration dates, and “old age” expiration can be roughly inferred from our parents.

I got a chance to drive the best damn EV in the world for the money, and the only one that charges to 80% in 20 minutes. I’m very glad I took the plunge, because I doubt there’ll be any that charges as quick as SparkEV for the foreseeable future. Thank you Chevy!

My i3 charges to 80% in 20minutes with just 10% State of Charge. (All DC Rapid chargers are not created equal, nor are they necessarily fed with full amp and volts from the grid that they claim to output.)

Well that was certainly the case for me. Into my sixties I didn’t want to wait for the TM3 or next generation Leaf in case my number came up first. I also don’t fit the income demographic which indicates most electric car buyers have 6 figure incomes. Har di har har on that one also.

But it’s also the logic of moving to an EV.
-No local air pollution.
-Local Power Generated in America and Used in America.
( Generated in your State or your township or your roof = Local Jobs = Bigger AMERICAN Economic Growth )
-Cuts the funds to the Saudi’s who Funded the 911 Terrorists.
-Cuts carbon emissions, and avoid meeting big guys and girls: Sandy and Harvey.

And that’s the order if importance, too. There are much, much better ways of reducing carbon emissions than spending $7500 to subsidize an EV, but all the other factors are enormous.

100% of the 5000+ gallons of gasoline not consumed by each EV over it’s lifetime come out of imports. Air pollution has a huge health impact, too.

The most important reason for many is that you get to “fuel for free” with excess solar. In actuality, the fuel is not free, but a fixed cost much less than gasoline for next 20 or 30 years. Solar and EV go together like peanut butter and jelly, all very yummy.

Sometimes it’s even better than free.

In some places if you send back more energy to the grid than you use, it’s a donation.

Still might help offset some fossil fuel based generation, but not as obvious as charging up your own EV with it.

The saudi 911 myth was debunked a long while ago.

The saudi 911 myth was debunked a long while ago. Even they are going electric

I agree with this completely! Got my first EV when I was 27 and I’m now 30. Same with my wife who is still in her 20s.

It is much easier to get younger folks excited about the tech than older folks. The older the person I am talking to, the more misunderstandings or assumptions I have to correct before they are able to admit it is impressive. 😛

Might have been a fluke but the line at the Tesla store on march 31st at 430 AM was ALL old folks. Maybe its because we don’t trust using a credit card over the interweb.

IE the $1000 deposit for the model 3.

It’s true that they don’t trust the system and with millions hacked in Equifax, Target, etc…
In addition if it was in a mall, then maybe they were mall walkers.

that they usually doesn’t (don’t)

Good, as they will be the ones that continue to buy them in the future, as the older people will not be here.

I notice the photo is Millennium Promminared in Bristol. An affiliate city were people can afford a new EV.

Young people in general don’t just lack the money but also the will. Owning a car these days is not fun.

US Capitalism. The only place on earth that make College UNAFFORDABLE. Making America Great Again.

Great Again for the 1%.

“US Capitalism” as in gov’t gives (loans) tons of money to naive college kids so that colleges jack up the fees? Then the “capitalists” try to compensate for higher fees by providing even bigger loans which goes for even more wasteful lavish spending in colleges.

Fact is, fess are astronomical thanks to gov’t intervention in colleges. All the extra money the colleges receive via student loans are spent on lavish student perks fit for the 0.1% and extra “support staff” (aka, waste not related to academics).

Meanwhile, student loans for most parts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, thus people unable to pay become gov’t slaves. This is how socialism works: by making slaves of people.

Yet it only happens here.

In Germany they pay for education for you. In the UK the cost is capped.

Only in the capitalism fever dream do we pay out the nose.

Germany better watch out. The gross greed of the incompetent right wing will lead to criminal fraud in the business community. You only need study Wall Street nnder Bush 43, and the laws they passed that created the conditions for the Great Recession.

Trump doing the same thing today.

If there’s one thing driving EV taught me is that free charging SUCKS. While I knew it in principle, I had no idea just how suck it’d be until it became personal experience.

I suspect “free” (aka, deferred pay via future taxes) would suck as well. If it didn’t suck, best students of the world would flock to Germany, etc. But we all know the very best and the brightest of the world flock to US universities, even with our inflated fees spurred on by gov’t giving “student loans” (aka, legalized slavery) and DUMP as our president.

As for price control while the gov’t continue to dole out easy money, Zimbabwe already tried that, and it worked out really well in printing trillion dollar bills for everyday use. Price cap or not, they will find ways to milk easy money one way or another.

The Treasury is rolling back in it’s Quantitate Easing Program.
If you’re going to spout the right wing bull, then please read none-nut sites that give you the Real current actions of the Fed.

No. There’s no economic justification for these college prices. Except that Colleges pay their presidents and admin staff outrageous salary.

It’s time Government did Cap Prices. And maybe restructure the administrative positions at these colleges.

We’re sick and tired of being ROBBED by the immoral 1%.

Instead of bitching about 1%, you should bitch about the gov’t policy that prohibit discharging student loans in bankruptcy. That’s just creating slaves of people. All debts, I mean ALL DEBTS, should be settled in a bankruptcy, not just non-government backed ones.

As for other public works, puleeze. Have you been to the DMV? Worse, have you been through INS to get your citizenship? If they don’t convince you that gov’t works suck, you are high on something pretty strong.

The 1% are hardly immoral.

It’s the tools in the middle and bottom who bizzarely vote for policies to further empower the 1% that are immoral.

The 1% are directing the construction of almost everything great in our society based on the rules chosen overwhelmingly by the other 99%. It’s the latter’s responsibility to vote for a better social security net, infrastructure, foreign aid, less military action/expenditure, etc.

The 99% are failing miserably in that regard.

The only thing you can blame on the 1% is not spending enough of their increasing income, because that creates jobs.

LOL. Thank you, tears of laughter in my eyes. Best joke all day.

Every public sector service that has been privatized has been destroyed in the US.

That’s a record of gross greed and incompetence unseen since 1929.

Like a healthcare system that makes middle class America go BANKRUPT. The F’ing Greed is CRIMINAL.
Hell will fill to overcapacity when the immoral 1% die.

Like judges checking the profit of the prison system to determine your sentence.
Like retirement homes not allowing you to leave.
Like the criminal payday lender industry.
Like the for-profit charter schools, now underperforming public schools, after cherry picking the best students!

The reason why healthcare is so expensive in US is that people don’t pay for their own care, instead having a third party do it (insurance companies and gov’t). When’s the last time you got a quote from health care providers and shopped around?

If the price is no object, you opt for any little bit that you can get, and that’s precisely why health care cost is going through the roof. As long as gov’t incentive is set up to benefit third party paying for your care, be it insurance or gov’t, cost will continue to climb. Or you put price caps while continuing with easy money from third party, which will lead to shortages and waiting. MRI took 2 weeks, but not if it’s under price control.

I know, I know, Canada, etc. get free care, just like Leaf and i3 get free charging. “Free” SUCKS the life out of you with needless waiting.

What a right-wing tard you are Sparky (which is why you voted for the Trumpster).

You don’t even know the basic facts or you are lying about them to fit your adopted (from the Koch Heads and others right-wing political propaganda organizations) ideology.

The facts are that the US spends OVER TWICE AS MUCH per person as the OECD average (best comparison because they are modern economies) AND we have WORST OUTCOMES then our competitors.

The key point is our competitors almost exclusively have….SINGLE PAYER GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS!!!!

Can’t wait to see your head Spark and explode after reading this!

“What a right-wing tard you are Sparky (which is why you voted for the Trumpster).”

He did not vote for Trump. Unless he calls Trump ‘Dump’ as a compliment.

“from the Koch Heads and others right-wing political propaganda organizations”

Since when does SparkEV quote the Kochs or right-wing propaganda? was supposed to provide competition in the healthcare marketplace so people could shop around. Not exactly right wing propaganda. But not very effective at reducing costs either.

Our problem is that our system is being pulled in so many different directions. We have a Jack of all healthcare systems and a master of none.

“Can’t wait to see your head Spark and explode after reading this!”

*groans and rolls eyes*

Even though I agree with you that single payer systems are more effective than our own… try to just provide your data instead of yelling false accusations.

Also, calling someone a ‘tard’ isn’t very mature or PC. 😉

Ok Wade.

It is well known that Sparky is a hard right-wing/so called libertarian (which is a completely BS philosophy hijacked by the Kochs…person from all his political rantings on this post and many others here.

He almost always parrots what the various Koch Brothers like ALEC funded organizations say on healthcare and other issues (ALEC BTW are major sponsors of anti-EV/RE legislation:

I did provide the data proving that US Healthcare spending is over twice as expensive per person as our economic competitors in the OECD and these costs are a major drag on American competitiveness.

Yes, I saw you posted the information and I’m cool with that. Like I said I’m with you on the overall point.

And the only reason I specifically say you’re mistaken about Spark EV is because I have seen and discussed with him on multiple occasions where he attacked Koch’s and Trump.

From SparkEV:
“Anyone with half a brain could see that gas cars pollute a whole lot more, and putting out this is only catering to the morons. But then, US elected Dump as the president, there may be more morons in US than I thought.

It’s pretty clear Kochs have gone senile. From their interview they want to do well, but what they fund is hodge podge of nonsense.”

“This is emotional hit piece, nothing about science or accuracy. How do you tell a BS story? They bring up “save the children”.”

I also think Libertarian might be closer to Spark EV’s ideology… but far away from Trump or the Kochs. 😉

No single person has any power to change hospital pricing.
This is a Known Failure of the “Free” Market.
And it can’t be fixed just by you wishing it to be so.

You can cover the cost of a student loan from a bunch of Cash Advances from a stack of Credit Cards, then declare Bankruptcy on those Credit cards! (Sure, Money Laundering at its finest!)

Maybe Not all at once, but it should be doable! A lttle thing called 0% Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards can also help extend the shuffling of the Card Deck, too! It’s all like ‘Raising the Debt Ceiling’ for the Government!

Talking about Bristol in the UK, people in the UK and EVs. Not about people in America thinking collage is the be all.

I did some collage in the ’70s. Decoupage too. 🙂

Too much ‘Grey Poupon’ happening there!

The young people I know fall into three groups. Those who own hot ICE cars, those who have no interest in cars, and those who would love an EV, but can’t afford one.

Criminal college tuition costs also stop the sale of first time homes, along with cars.

I would rather say (according to my experiences in Germany): – Why should somebody think about buying a new car if he’s so old that his health is making trouble concerning driving a car?! Or in other words: There’s no word about if the survey filtered out people who won’t buy a car in the next few years because a) they won’t drive a car in the next few years (e.g. they don’t feel like it’s necessary to have a driving licence) b) probably/hopefully will stop driving a car in the next few years for the rest of their life (see above). Probably that’s also one reason what lowered the percentage in the group of 55+. – Younger people are tending more to buy a car if the old one still works (which is bad for the environment -> production consumes much resources, and no, I’m not talking about changes due to having their first child) and probably will work for some more years than older people. – Without an charger at home, an EV makes only few sense, especially today. And that’s quite expensive. Why spending so much money if the person will probably stop driving a car in… Read more »

Younger people are more likely to WANT an EV.

Older people are more likely to BUY a car in general.

I’m into my 6th decade & cant wait to get an EV, I want to experience this electric car malarkey before I get too decrepit too.
I’ve been saving for an EV for over two years & with a bit of luck I shall be able to buy one next Spring, Hopefully there will be a good selection of used ex lease Gen1 leafs to choose from when people jump on the Gen11 leaf.

Much of this can be explained by the fact that an older person is much more likely to already own a paid-off car, whereas a younger person may be buying their first or second car. After the novelty wears off, people are less likely to buy a new car for the hell of it.

And if you’re buying a new car, it might as well be an EV.

I gotta say, the people I’ve met at NDEW events tended towards the firmly middle-aged. (Me, too.) But, there are probably some selection factors there beyond general EV interest.

Buncha nerds, too. (Me, too.)

Correction: Younger drivers most likely to *want* to own EVs.

Back in my 20s, I was driving a bicycle because I didn’t have any money. I understand that the people currently in their 20’s also have this problem, except it’s worse. And it’s also worse now because an EV costs more.

And so, the electric car is still 10 years away, in spite of it already being here.

Haha I love these comments about older people not wanting to adapt to newer technologies etc not only am I in my early fifties I love new technologies (as long as they actually better anything before it. I know it’s a bit geeky to stay up through the night and watch the live launch of the new leaf from here in the UK. I actually put a deposit down before the uk dealers knew of the vehicle price being released nationwide. I attended one of the launches last night and will be doing a vlog on the vehicle for 4 to 5 year’s and upwards of 200,000 miles.
On YouTube