You’ll Never Guess Which EVs Topped Independent’s Top 10 List

OCT 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 26

British online newspaper, The Independent has listed its “Best Electric Cars Of 2017” – from a European perspective of course, and here are the results.

Tesla Model S at Supercharger

The top went to the Renault ZOE, which isn’t too much of a surprise, if we consider that the ZOE is the best selling model in Europe hands-down, and is also one of the most capable city cars with a 41 kWh battery, and 300 km/176 miles worth of real world range

“This is a terrific city car for four people that looks and handles like a normal small hatchback, yet it costs very little to run. There’s the practicality of decent space including a largish boot, as well as surprising low-down shove to get you away from the lights in style.”

Second place belongs to the Tesla Model S, which despite now being several years past its debut (2012) is still is class of its own.  Its cousin, the Tesla Model X occupies sixth spot.

Rounding out the medal positions was BMW its i3 offering.

The biggest surprise on the list if definitely the Toyota Mirai, which is not only at eighth, but above the Nissan LEAF, the best selling EV in the world with 300,000 sales.

Here is full list:

1. Renault Zoe

2. Tesla Model S

3. BMW i3

4. Volkswagen e-Golf

5. Hyundai Ioniq

6. Tesla Model X

7. Kia Soul EV

8. Toyota Mirai

9. Nissan Leaf

10. Volkswagen e-Up

source: The Independent

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“… metal positions…” makes for a great pun, but I’m guessing you meant “medal positions”.

Gold, silver, bronze…metals, get it?

Oh, I guessed it all right. Knew it was the ZOE on top.
Definitely a winner, with two problems/challenges:

1. Can they expand manufacturing to more than one plant, and much higher volumes?

2. The Renault brand in general is not in very high esteem outside of France. Similar to the Volt/Bolt issue with the Chevy brand, cars that are far better than the brand’s image.

Regarding the Leaf’s position, it’s become national sport to diss the Leaf, but even on its last legs the Gen 1 Leaf outsells everyone above them in that list except Cousin Zoe. And that’s just in Europe, globally with the help of Gen 2 start-of-sales the Leaf might escape with yet another annual gold medal.

The BMW i3 deserves to be there. Excellent Suspension and ride with the 19″ wheels.

The eGolf? Is that for sale anywhere but CA?

It’s being sold in Europe and has done very well in Norway.

+OR, NJ, MD, RI, NY, MA, at least. Still can’t figure out why VW doesn’t let its dealers in neighboring states like PA sell and service CPO e-Golfs.

This report is about European car sales only. As to the VW eGolf, from CA they go out to any state primarily as used. There is one in Louisville KY. Same for the FIAT 500e. There is a rather new looking very sharp in Lexington KY, a state not known for EVs. Thanks

Nissan was giving a $10,000 to 11,000 discount on the old leafs. I almost wanted to buy one for that price.

Zoe’s biggest issue for me is it’s lack DCFC port. No one else supports above 22kW Ac charging and therefore 43kW AC charge stations are not as ubiqtious as DCFC. I do wish others would add three phase AC however, I believe besides Tesla, only the i3 does at 11kW.

My top choice would have been the Ioniq. It’s a high quality car, the most efficient and supports 70kW DCFC.

The Ioniq would be the choice for sure, if it was available…
You have to wait at least half a year.

not an issue in Europe, most (near all) rapid chargers are triple: AC (Type 2)/DC Chademo/DC CCS/SAE

Seriously, a fool cell car in the “top ten” list?

So many of these lists and awards are voted on by just a handful of people, so we get the “design by committee” problem. It’s also why most awards voted on by a very small group are labeled “joke awards”.

Vote by committee may be biased, but it makes way more sense than opinion of some silly self righteous fanboy with no driver’s license and no slightest idea of driver needs in Europe.

Zoe with its pricing is obvious 1st, you don’t even need to guess.

Mirai lease is way too high in Europe, but it simply has zero competition from battery EVs and wins by default for half of the Europe’s population that parks on street or other not electrified parking places.

“…some silly self righteous fanboy with no driver’s license…”

I don’t know if it’s just that you’re insanely jealous of me, or if you have somehow convinced yourself that my decades of driving experience are irrelevant. And you know what? I don’t care what a troll like you thinks of me.

“…and no slightest idea of driver needs in Europe.”

I have a pretty good idea that compressed hydrogen isn’t any more practical or affordable as a fuel in Europe any more than it is anywhere else. I realize that for a science denier like you, thinks like physics and thermodynamics are impossibly hard to understand. Fortunately, I have no such problem.

“physics and thermodynamics are impossibly hard to understand. Fortunately, I have no such problem”

:))) You have no clue about physics, never ever posted any evidence, math and logic based physics thesis, but constantly use this word with self righteous zeal as if it was some incantation. The reality is that there is no difference between physics and cult membership for you. Pathetic.

P-P… it is not a crime to be wrong. Admitting it is just too hard for an ego as big as yours?

Where did that come from?

I don’t know what your motive is for that unprovoked personal attack. At a guess, perhaps you are pretty jealous of me and the reputation I’ve established here, given that I go out of my way to thank those who correct me when I’m wrong.

I’m guessing for you …not so much.


“pretty jealous of me and the reputation I’ve established here”

I have yet to see a person to be jealous of established reputation of mo…. 😉

Yes, I am very disappointed to see Mirai in the top 10. Oil lobbyists will use this to persuade politicians to spend $B on infrastructure to distribute H2, This enormous expense will be paid by everybody to serve the few who don’t believe that battery technology and charging will soon improve and be much cheaper than H2.

*absolutely everybody* can guess the top positions in this list.

NO, they can’t- utter baseless presumption.
Now, take a pill, lie down in a dark room & chill.
Hope you feel better soon.

It’s called a “Chill Pill”, in case you haven’t “Chillaxed” yet!

…or a “stress tab”. 🙂

I hate rankings lists because they never tell the whole story, and lead to more questions like…

Top 10 in “this country”.
Top 10 world wide.
Top 10 compliance cars.

You could even break it down further by body style if you want.

For the benefit of people outside the UK, The Independent used to be a serious newspaper but has withdrawn from print to become a Huffington Post rival. Their ‘Top 10’ lists are not to be taken seriously.

How will we charge all these EVs when they all come home at night and plug in to the grid? More fossil fuel power generators or nuclear?
Not practical in my view.

Plenty of excess electricity generating capacity at night when most people are sleeping. Plugging in immediately upon coming home after work will likely be strongly discouraged by raising electricity rates during those peak hours or might result in charging power being limited during peak hours. Smart grid technology will help deal with the increased demand.

Power plants typically scale back their electricity production at night, sometimes even without being able to scale back fuel usage proportionately thus wasting energy. Increasing demand in the middle of the night could help power plants become more efficient.

No need to worry, Bud. EV’s are much more practical than continuing to dump CO2, particulates, NOx, unburned hydrocarbons, and other nastiness from ICE tailpipes.