You Can Now Rent Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S – Video

FEB 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 5

Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S

Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S

Bjorn Nyland is looking forward to receiving his Tesla Model X that he won through the referral program (Bjorn recently won also Model S P90D).

His original, first Model S called Millennium Falcon, will be available for rent in Norway.

The 2013 Millennium Falcon already found its first customer, but only for temporarily use as the Model X hasn’t been delivered yet.

We hope that deliveries of Model X in Europe will start in the coming months and Bjorn will provide more great reviews.

“The Millennium Falcon is now available for rent:…

As of today, the time available is somewhat limited because I don’t have the Model X yet. But as soon as I get it, the car will be available unless it’s rented out. I might also consider moving it to Oslo for easier access to my customers.”

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I’d be impressed IF he was giving the rental money to a great cause, otherwise he is only advertising for Tesla.

He quit his job to work on making videos full time and I think he said that he has not paid off the credit for this car, so I don’t see why he should not be able to finance making more videos by renting out this car. I think that’s a great cause.

insurance on 3 teslas might be a good reason to rent it out too.

no different than any other tesla

Yay! Now I can smell like bjorn