Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks To Spend $200,000 On Plug-In Electric Vehicles & Charging Stations

MAY 8 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

If It Has a Plug....It's an EV


Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks intend to be more green, which in this case is not a trivial effort.

Both parks teamed up (Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition) to secure more than $200,000 for plug-in cars and charging stations.

They will begin with 2 EVs and 6 charging spots (we believe the chargers will be available for visitors).

“The Coalition is excited to officially announce we have been selected for funding through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities National Parks Initiative program. Yellowstone National Park Grand Teton National Park. The grant will fund 6 charging stations throughout the parks and 2 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles”


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National parks plus EVs and charging stations…the perfect combination! Who wants to ruin the natural setting of a national park by spewing exhaust fumes all over the place?

Many of my neighbors, unfortunately. 🙁

In Alaska in the campsites that have RV’s the RV’s gas engines are extremely load and the place smells like a gas station.

About time.

Just what I was gonna say.

Globally we have reached 400 ppm of CO2…the time is now to decrease CO2 emissions.

They could run ’em on geothermal, and give ‘um geyser names like Old Faithful. Get people thinking.

Or put up some solar panels.

Great to hear!

I think the parks should also offer a discount to visitors with EVs.

Keep the squirrels away from the cables…

$200K would buy a lot of Level 1 and Level 2 charging, probably most of the cost is going to the EV’s. This sounds like what Adopt-a-Charger is up to ( They’re working on bringing not-necessarily-networked charging, which focus on reliability, which is just what public charging needs.

Stupid move of the kind we regularly expect from Uncle Sucker. The distances are too long.

Not true as I regularly drive that far in an EV. We need to build for the future not the present.

Where do you live, and when did you drive to Yellowstone and/or the Grand Tetons in your EV?

I agree. I’m all for more EV charging stations, but very few EV’s could make it all the way to Yellowstone. There are very few towns and little to no infrastructure for 100’s of miles. That is a pretty remote part of this country.

I feel like EV charging stations are being installed in places to make a statement instead of being installed in logical locations.

If the parks are buying plug-in EVs, then the chargers aren’t being installed “to make a statment”; they’re being installed so the parks’ EVs have places to charge. And kudos to the parks for making at least some of those chargers publicly accessible, so that when connecting infrastructure is built, people driving EVs will be able to do destination charging there. In the meantime, at the very least, visitors driving PHEVs will be able to recharge there.

Unless you have a plug-in hybrid like the Volt.

I think it’s great the parks staff will utilize EV’s.

There are three types of people: Those who actually do things; those who sit around and watch them getting done; and those who stand around whining that things are not being done they way they would do them.

History honors the first group, but not the second or third.

This should make some tesla owners happy.

I agree with that in that I don’t think anyone in a Mitsubishi i-miev is going to show up.

I really hope they build a few level 3 DC Quick chargers around the park. In that I know level 2 and 1 would be good but in theory you could build a lot of level two chargers for under a $1000 dollars each. Level 3 DC quick chargers would really open the place up.

Yes the place is remote, but still good.
National park are indeed a real good place to put charger.
You stay there long enough to fully charge.
They should be installed in every public holding anyway and accessible to all taxpayer.
Just one thing a hate a bit is the first four letter of the word “Coalition”