Yamaha Electric Bikes At The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show – Videos

JAN 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Today we will move back a little bit to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, where Yamaha unveiled its concept electric motorcyclesPES2 for the street, PED2 for off-road and bicycle YPJ-MTB Concept.

The Japanese company isn’t yet publically offering any plug-in motorcycles, but the tipping point is approaching…we hope.

Here we have a set of photos and videos from the show:

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

“The only thing you hear is the sound of the wind rushing by; this is the future of road-going sport bikes. The PES2 is the product of a pursuit to create a sport EV that can provide performance never experienced before. The second motor is built into the hub of the front wheel, making this a 2WD motorcycle. From starts to cornering, the PES2 heightens the feeling of road contact and ensures efficient transmission of drive force to the road in a way that never feels unnatural to the rider. Also, the “smart helmet” serves as the base for a next-generation rider-support system.”

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2

Yamaha PES2 – front hub motor

Yamaha PED2

Yamaha PED2

Yamaha PED2

“This electric mountain trail model was developed with a theme of coexisting with nature. The torque from the electric motor is precisely controlled by means of our electronic control technology to deliver performance that makes the PED2 easy to use even for beginners as well as delivering plenty of drivability at very low speeds. The PED2 uses the same main electric power unit as the road-going PES2. The only noise emitted by the PED2 is the light hum of the motor, allowing you to quietly enter the woods and ride on trails without disrupting the serenity of the sound of the birds and the wind rustling the branches overhead. Whether it is for bird watching or just exploring a new trail, this is mobility that opens up new way to enjoy the great outdoors. “

Yamaha YPJ-MTB Concept

Yamaha YPJ-MTB Concept

Yamaha YPJ-MTB Concept

“This electrically power-assisted mountain bike mounts an electric motor on a high-performance bicycle and is designed for adults who want to enjoy the freedom of being able to ride on virtually any terrain. It lets you feel the presence of the power unit where it is most appreciated, like in starts, acceleration and hill-climbing, but with a design that minimizes the visual presence of that same power unit. For added assurance in riding longer distances on any type of terrain,the model is fitted with a large-capacity 400 Wh battery and a multi-function instrument panel. This YPJ project is about offering new value and new scenes for bicycle riding, and this mountain bike concept model redefines the positioning and functions of electrically power-assisted bicycles from a vehicle that makes riding easier to one that opens up a new realm of sporty recreational riding.”

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I like the AWD (2WD) concept…


Not sure what about that mid-drive MTB is a “concept.” Bikes exactly like this have been available from OEM bike makers, for several years, with mid-drives from Yamaha, Panasonic, and Bosch. Thousands are on the roads and trails all over the EU and US.


There are so many advantages to electric motors over gas engines, that most, if not all gas engines will eventually be replaced by electric motors. And, bikes will lead the way as we transition to electric transportation. Those with the vision to invest in electric bikes early will reap the rewards.

Someone out there

True. Too bad the reverse is true when it comes to gasoline vs batteries. But we’re getting there, eventually.


Only one for gas vs batteries.

Higher post Carnot gravimetric energy density. That’s basically it!

If we had any sense, gas would cost $10 a gallon right now.


Is there’s any specific reason this is being noted right now? AFAIK, there’s been no new announcementa by Yamaha… If there are, please bring ’em on! The first time any of the established moto companies intro’s an EV bike will be a huge deal (not counting Polaris here, because those warmed-over Brammos aren’t likely to sell).


Any specs as far as top speed, range, etc?

(disclaimer; I didn’t watch the vids)

mr. M

The electric mountain bike has a 25,2V/2.4Ah battery. That is only 60.5Wh and they expect 48km range in Eco mode? Really? Maybe at 10km/h (6mph) driving speed, perfect road conditions, not grade, no wind. Otherwise it sounds not accievable. And why would anyone buy a battery so little?

Bosch offers Battery pack between 300 Wh and 500Wh. For a range between 100-250km in real world range, depending on driving conditions.


Don’t know where you got your numbers. I assure you, they are not running 25.2v/2.4Ah in there. The standard off the shelf OEM mid-drive today is 50.4-58.8v/400-700Wh in those frame packs.


25,2V/2.4Ah came directly from the YPJ-R walkaround video, it was on the screen.


It is a typo. Yamaha’s website lists it as a 400 watt hour battery so there is no way it is 2 ah.