Yamaha e-Vino Now On Sale In Tawain


Via our friends at MotorPasionFuturo, we learned the Yamaha eVino is going on sale in Taiwan:

“The Yamaha e-Wine is available by Taiwanese $ 58.500, about 1,500 euros at current exchange rates. No details on whether the brand plans include bringing the model to the west, so will have to wait to see what the future of Yamaha electric 2015.”

The specs quoted there are a range of 30 km (18.6 miles) and a top speed of 30 km/h (18.6 mph).

This joins the Yamaha EC-03, released in 2011.  Check out our report from about a year ago on the e-Vino, along with other Yamaha electric bikes.  While we wait to see if it will be available in the world market, let’s enjoy some wonderful e-Vino lifestyle footage. Along with lots of happy smiling, we can see this includes a removable battery pack housed in the under-seat storage compartment.

It does, however, appear that it would be able to satisfy our first and most important criteria for a “cargo scooter”.

Scooter performance testing

Scooter performance testing

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I love Ted covering the 2 wheel scene! Scoots, scooters and e-bikes fill in those spaces where we need to travel a short distance and/or may not have room to park an electric car. Hey Ted – the next step could be test/reviews? One thing I’ve learned over the years ( and there is some bias here ) is that Yamaha makes good stuff. Honda and Yamaha lawn mowers and generators are used by landscapers world over and there’s a reason why. When I compare Honda with Yamaha, the Yamaha product seems to be even more researched and finessed than even the Honda. This would indicate to me this scooter is well done and a good piece. Here’s my problem with this one – Around here ( Seattle ), guys who ride a rig like this that looks like a classic Vespa spinoff are either gay or “metrosexual” – a term meaning a guy who shaves his underarms and never works on his own stuff. A guy who wears scarves – and not for warmth, but for fashion! L 🙂 L . Please don’t be offended if that is you – the male cosmetics industry loves you, and it boosts… Read more »

Well you just have to discard the scarves then.
You could wear german WWII helmet or even better WW1 and there you have your masculine lood:-)

If you are not specifically trying for the “mod” look


(old enough to remember mods and rockers) an e-assist bicycle with the same size motor and pack will kick this things butt.