Yamaha E-bike Systems (w/video)


Sometimes, in our travels, we stumble on things that are rather surprising.  Not surprising that they exist, but surprising that we didn’t know about them before – for all the time we spend immersed in the EV world.  This time, a video caught our eye.  This video:

Now doesn’t that look like fun?  Even at that, this video came out in August…  where were we?  A little research yielded this site: the Yamaha Global eBike Systems.  It would appear that Yamaha built the power systems for what looks like complete bolt-in electric bicycle assist kits.  And, have been doing it since when?  Since 1993?

E-kit with Rear Carrier Type Battery

E-kit with Rear Carrier Type Battery

Here’s what Yamaha has to say on the site:

“In 1993, Yamaha Motor started marketing the first e-Bike system equipped on a bicycle, the Yamaha PAS (Power Assist System). The 20 years following is a history of how we developed the market for a new genre – the E-Bike – from scratch.

In countries with a history of bicycling, such as Germany and The Netherlands, and in Japan, our mother market, the “electrically power assisted bicycle”, or E-Bike, has secured a position within the bicycle market as a new genre.

The Yamaha e-Bike systems created the European market are equipped with proven technologies from our marketing activities in Japan.”

Wait, there’s more video.  Here’s a cool little video showing the components being made:

Now, if you need some good, solid reading, wander over here, and download the PAS 20th anniversary catalogue. There you’ll learn all about the lineage of today’s bikes, along with some interesting sensor technology introduced with the 2013 model line.

Yamaha 2013 PW sensor technology

Yamaha 2013 PW sensor technology

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Them and everybody else.


This is the really big EV story. With a mid-drive, for the price of a high end pedal bike, less for a kit on your own bike,


you can feel like Lance Armstrong, without the drugs! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Hey – that would be a great slogan for an e-Bile maker! “Feel like Lance, without the drugs!” LOL!

His endorsement would probably come really, really cheap about now, too!