Xpeng G3 Sure Does Resemble A Tesla Model X: Video

JAN 24 2019 BY MARK KANE 21

If you don’t have Tesla-money but want to drive Tesla-ish EV

Here is the Xpeng G3 all-electric car from the Xiaopeng Motors start-up. Yes, it’s inspired by the Tesla.

As you can see from the walk around video, there is a lot of similarities between the Xpeng G3 and the Tesla Model X, although it’s a way simpler, more affordable model, which in top version costs around $38,000 before subsidies.

With a battery half the size of the Tesla, and an electric motor much less powerful than Tesla, it would probably be competitor to Hyundai Kona Electric.

Xpeng G3 specs:

  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.7 seconds
  • 145 kW electric motor
  • up to 365 km (227 miles) of range (NEDC)
  • 47.6 kWh battery
  • 0-80% fast charging in about 30 minutes
  • prices from 227,800 to 257,900 CNY ($33,500-$38,000) before incentives in China
  • prices from 135,800 to 165,900 CNY ($20,000-$24,400) after incentives in China
Xpeng G3
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21 Comments on "Xpeng G3 Sure Does Resemble A Tesla Model X: Video"

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model x knock-off without falcon wing doors

Isn’t that what the world needs though? A cheaper Model X that you can put roof racks on? Actually now that I say it out loud, I realise that I’m pretty much describing the Model Y…

@Umangi Singh said: “model x knock-off without falcon wing doors”

Yup… to be expected.

More like a Volvo knock off, than Tesla.

It looks like a Tesla Model X and a Chevy Bolt had a kid together.

Looks like a special edition Citroën C4…

more expensive

What is the resemblance to the Model X? Having 4 wheels?

Looks more like a crosstrek, not sure where the Model X comparison is coming from other than the interior, guessing just click bait.

Yeah, I don’t see much of a resemblance either.

Of all the cars to choose to copy, the X would be near the bottom of my list…

There is a definite resemblance in front and inside, but his car looks better from the side.

I don’t think it looks like a model X at all. Looks way more Japanese with a hint of Land Rover in the rear door /greenhouse.
Come on, there is only so many ways you can design a front end without a grill.

Ok, so exterior: front end is certainly Tesla-like, but that’s about it. The xpeng G3, isn’t a bubble-mobile with an overly sloping rear end.

Interior: yes giant portrait style touch screen and white seats look similar to X.

Hopefully the Model Y will look this good.

to be a bad, ugly, less powerful, no proof of western standard quality standard, less range copy of a Tesla it is too far expensive. What’s even worse it is made in China… no words about it. Trump, please, put a tariff of 100% over this crap.

This is for the Chinese market. (And the price seems pretty much in line with other Chinese models offering comparable specs.)

The interior looks a like Tesla, but I don’t think the outside looks similar at all.

Why would we insult Tesla by saying this resembles one? This thing has a closer resemblance to a Nissan….
No frunk, front end looks like a Mazda, rear end is overly sloped, doors are nothing like the Tesla Model X….

I don’t take issue with the battery/motor, because the price is low enough, and it doesn’t look *bad*, it just doesn’t look much like a Tesla other than they are both crossover/SUV, and they are both electric…
I question the quality, it’s likely just like any other Chinese knock-off, cheap build, likely wouldn’t even meet basic US safety standards.

Wow.. the interface and the shape of the “tacho” is almost the same!

For example the power indication is 100% copied from Tesla’s interface.
Probably a good thing though.. 🙂 Will sell a lot for sure.

That’s a Big stretch to compare it to the X, not even remotely similar.

“car has big, centre mount, touch screen. Certain to give Tesla a run for its money”
What a joke, nothing like a Model X, nothing like any Tesla. The centre screen even looks tacked on, not integrated at all.
Whether you like it or hate it, the Tesla rounded roof line sets it apart from most anything else. Falcon Wing doors are unique. Front Trunk is slowly catching on. All the things that make Tesla what it is.
And is that a Lidar on the roof? I hope they find better ways to integrate that device, pretty ugly at the moment.