X-Tomi Design Renders Tesla Model 3 Coupe, Crosswagon & Sportwagon


Tesla Model 3 Coupe Prototype

Tesla Model 3 Coupe Render Via X-Tomi Design

Hungarian rendering artist X-Tomi Designs presents three unique takes on the tesla Model 3 following the official reveal.

There’s the sleek coupe seen above, a crosswagon reminiscent of some Volvos and Subarus (below) and also a shooting brake type wagon (further on down).

We’d probably nix the crosswagon version, but both the coupe and sportwagon are visually appealing, and that wagon surely has more usable cargo space than the official four-door Tesla Model 3 prototypes revealed at the end of March.

Tesla Model 3 Crosswagon Prototype2

Tesla Model 3 Crosswagon Render Via X-Tomi Design

Tesla Model 3 Sportwagon Prototype

Tesla Model 3 Sportwagon Render Via X-Tomi Design

Source: X-Tomi Design

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35 Comments on "X-Tomi Design Renders Tesla Model 3 Coupe, Crosswagon & Sportwagon"

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I’ll take the coupe, please!


The coup would be even more cargo limiting…

Still waiting for the Crossover built on the M3 Platform…

Nobody buys a Coupe for its cargo space. Just like nobody buys a wagon for its sex appeal. These are different markets. We need both (and more) for EVs to take over.

That depends. Citroën had and has any number of wagons (“break” style, usually misspelled “shooting brake”, as well as standard wagons) that look really good… Including the original DS.

I’m not familiar with any (I have never seen a Citroen in my life) and had to google it. Google image results for “citroen wagon” were some of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen. So either I’m looking at the wrong thing, or your comment was a joke (which I obviously missed).

When I think of sporty wagons that I have seen in person, the best I can come up with is either a Mazda 3 wagon or an Audi sport wagon. Not bad looking cars, but no where near as sexy as a properly done coupe. The wagons are, at best, elegant. And yes, looks are highly subjective so I wouldn’t be surprised if others see beauty in cars that I don’t.

I love wagons for their sex appeal. But that’s an opinion…
M3 looks good in station wagon form, but ultimately want a passat wagon size, 4motion and 200 miles… Still dreaming…

I’ll take the wagon. I like extra space.

Yes, the Sport-Wagon Please.

I want a sportwagon too!!!!


I’ll take the coupe. I like extra sexy.

The grill is really looking better every time I see it ….I still think They should have the Tesla “T” Smack Dab in the Centre to break it up a bit..

I like the simplicity of the front bumper. I’ve seen the Model X, and this seems to better looking to me. It screams i’m an electric car and I don’t need for a grill because there is no engine to cool. The Tesla logo is already there at the lip of the hood.

Model X looks like a mouse or squirrel with that cut. Much prefer the Model 3.

Yeah, it is a big old buck-tooth in the middle.

I love as is. It already has ‘Tesla’ marked on back and on that badge on the side. No need for a gaudy hood ornament. Keep it as aerodynamic as possible.

The aerodynamics are one of the main reasons I find Tesla to make the best plug-ins. It is the best/cheapest way to allow people who drive fast to still get a decent range. (And we drive pretty fast in California.)

Except when you can’t. Which mostly depends on the time of day…

LA traffic jams suck.

Unless it is 3 to 4 am, I don’t think you can ever really drive fast in LA city limits. 😉

But when you get out of the city onto 5 or highway 1 . . .

Call me old fashion, but I would prefere a look like conventional cars, it makes them appeal to my emotional side making them less like an object! I have no attachment to my laptops, but I still have my old PC!

You are old fashioned.

He should work for Tesla.

At least the wagon and the coupe would make sense, maybe even the “cross-wagon”. The wagon would give Tesla at least 100k more customers in Europe and the Coupe could be sold, only in higher trim, with a small premium to account for the somewhat smaller market.

My thoughts exactly. Musk are you listening to all the people who want a wagon. 🙂

I can almost guarantee the wagon would be an immediate hit in Europe.

Above 60% of the bmw 3er sold in germany are station wagons.

If tesla want to steal german sales, the only way is a station wagon.

So wagons are the SUVs of Europe.

Two door wagon, in red. Please.

Wagon for me, but I had a hard time picturing a wagon version. Thanks X-Tommy design for showing it really is possible to do a great looking wagon version.

Doubt it will happen though, Tesla has Model Y (crossover) in mind, probably instead.

To top things off please add this front mod and this would sell like hotcakes, I’m sure:

Franz’s 3 looks great. These renders? Not so much. The o Ly one I’ve seen better so far just has the nose pointed a little more… Anders render I think?

Yeah, Jame’s tweaks were pretty slick.

He dropped the tip down and out by a couple of inches. It’s a subtle tweak, but it changes the entire character of the vehicle. And for the better, IMHO.

The Sportwagon reminds me of a Nissan Leaf.

The copper-gold coupe is my favorite. If I am ever lucky enough to own one, I will definitely adjust the front bumper section to include a stylized version of the current Model S nose cone. To me, it makes the car look more finished.