Wuling City EV Is A Volkswagen e-UP!, BMW i3 Knock Off


I Think I'll Ditch MY i3 For That New Wuling City EV

I Think I’ll Ditch My i3 For That New Wuling City EV

China’s newest city electric vehicle takes (lifts) design cues from both the Volkswagen e-Up! and the BMW i3.

Spy photos show that the Wuling City EV looks like some ugly cross between the e-Up! and the BMW i3.  The design element of the i3 seen in the Wuling City EV is the drop-down black portion on the front door.  Note that this design element is much more dramatic on the Wuling City EV.

Meanwhile, out back, the Wuling City EV clearly draws heavily from the Volkswagen e-Up!

These Chinese knock offs have a history of being mostly junk.  We suspect that perhaps the Wuling City EV will be no different.  It will debut in concept form this November at the Guangzhou Auto Show before entering production in 2015.

No specs or pricing information is available at this time.

e-Up! Rear

e-Up! Rear

No Good Angle For This One

No Good Angle For This One

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chinese s***.

Jaime S***.

It’s called the iThrow-UP!


Looks very different. Looks like a car. When you paint a car in the same black and white scheme, many Amerikan and European models will look similar.

This entire article is pure Anti-Chinese racism.

lacism? Come on, yu wan to business in big world, yu mus open minded…confucius say…:)

How is it racism? Fact: Chinese are known for making knock-offs. Fact: A lot of made in China products are low cost, therefore low quality. The Chinese are simply doing what they need to in order to make money. Western companies want the cheapest product, therefore forcing them to cut costs (and sometimes take advantage of their workforce). Don’t even talk about knock-offs of the BMW i3. There are knock-offs of everything, down to the smallest parts, fake $0.01 transistors, fake $0.05 capacitors, you name it. It’s because there are a million factories and their owners want to make $$$ however they can. I don’t think they were thought engineering ethics in school. Look at Foxconn’s goal for a $15,000 EV. It’s cheap, so it’s gotta have compromises. To sell it, it still has to look appealing, so it’s only natural for them to look at today’s EV leaders, e.g. BMW, Tesla, Nissan. Without the Chinese, you wouldn’t have cheap Halloween junk, Christmas junk, toys, phones, tablets, PCs, etc. Conclusion: We, the greedy capitalists are partly (if not wholly) responsible for the Chinese making cheap junk. Nothing racist about it. If Bora-Bora were to be the lowest cost manufacturing center… Read more »

Looks way better than BMW i3, I saw the fist one in Arlington it looks uglier than in the photos.

It rook vely ugry 🙂

Seriously, I thought BYD is bad enough.