Wrightspeed Announces Super Clean Garbage Trucks (w/video)

MAR 21 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

Commercial trucks with The Route plug and play repower kit

Commercial trucks with The Route plug and play repower kit

Wrightspeed, which several years ago introduced its X1 prototype (a one-off Ariel Atom with electric propulsion), has been developing for some time hybrid powertrains for different applications.

Its latest product is the Route HD electric driveline with an on-board turbine generator capable of burning diesel, CNG, LNG, or landfill gases, for heavy-duty vehicles.

Wrightspeed is now developing this electric-drive powertrain for the heavy duty waste collection market.

 “The system is designed as a repower kit, so commercial fleets can retrofit their existing trucks. This helps get dirty powertrains off the road, without necessitating the purchase of a brand-new asset.”

“Like all Wrightspeed products, the Route HD is a series hybrid system that uses electric motors that power the wheels, along with a battery, and a turbine range-extending generator that charges the battery as needed. The result is a system that looks like battery electric vehicle (EV) that has its power station and grid charger onboard.”

Wrightspeed founder and CEO, Ian Wright—a co-founder of Tesla Motors—stated:

“Even if Wrightspeed’s Route HD powertrain is never plugged in, it’s cleaner than an EV, because the exhaust emissions are lower per kWhr than the average mix of US power stations.”

Additionally, Wrightspeed offers medium duty powertrains Route and Circuit – and an AWD ultra-performance powertrain for supercar manufacturers.

The Route Powertrain

The Route Powertrain

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Garabge trucks are a good candidate for being completely electric. They are usually operating at slow speed, lots of stop and go. And they have a set route so you always know how far they will drive every day, usually well within the range of a battery pack. Using a diesel engine in a stop-and-go vehicle like these is actually pretty crazy.

Mail trucks should also go electric.

When I heard about the hydraulic hybrid system UPS was testing, I thought it was a natural fit for a garbage truck. It needs hydraulics anyway and even if it ran the ICE anytime it went over 10mph it would still be huge improvement.

I went to wrightspeed.com and learnt absolutely nothing about what they are selling.

Looks like magic in the air.

I’m guessing there are plans to dampen the sound from the microturbine. That shreik sounds worse than a regular disel dump truck.

I guess there could be a market for such but they have been around for a couple of years and I haven’t heard of even one truck using it.
I would much prefer he did a quarter price Tesla Roadster.
So far he has effectively made himself irrelevant.