Woz Chooses Chevrolet Bolt EV As “Main Car” After All – Picks Up January 3rd


Despite picking up a new Tesla Model S for Christmas, Woz says a Chevy Bolt EV will be his main ride starting January 3rd, 2017

Despite picking up a new Tesla Model S for Christmas from wife Janet, “Woz” says a Chevy Bolt EV will be his main ride starting January 3rd, 2017

Apparently, Steve Wozniak can’t make up his mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to make the choice between a few Teslas and a Chevrolet Bolt EV. Just get them all!

Four months back, Woz publicized his new found love for the Chevrolet Bolt, noting that he would probably trade in his Tesla and get one instead of another Tesla. Fast forward … to two weeks ago, and Woz explained that his family decided to get another Tesla instead, due to the Supercharger network. Woz and his wife road trip often, so it just made sense.

Well tonight, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, multi-Tesla owner, and “on again-off again” Chevrolet Bolt EV owner took to his Facebook account to share some recent road trip hassles and also declared that he has indeed opted to get a new Bolt EV, and that it will be his main ride going forward:

We can’t wait to see how the outspoken tech guru will assess the Bolt EV after a few months behind the wheel!

Woz With Future Chevrolet Bolt

Woz With Future Chevrolet Bolt

Update:  Apparently the grandkids will still be driving a Model S however.

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If I had money to spare like Woz, why bother with a Bolt?

Wealthy people are strange.

A high end S or X would be a better more fun daily drive.

Hey ? Woz Up Wit Dat Man??

Jay Leno owns hundreds of cars, many of them cars most of us can only dream of driving. And his daily driver is a Chevy Volt.

Just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to waste it. And your daily driver can be utilitarian if that is what you want.

Because he’s smart.

the better answer is: because wozniak’s got enough money that it doesn’t matter whether he buys a Bolt or doesn’t buy a Bolt.

He is a very big guy. Bolt might be easier to get in and out of. Also he is not very young, maybe he feels more comfortable driving a much smaller car. Also he is famously wealthy, he doesn’t have to worry about people wondering if he is down on his luck when he shows up in an apparent econobox (to the uninformed) rather than a sleek high end sedan

Usually some people will Borrow to Buy to Impress because they have insecurities , 0r maybe they “just love a certain car” and they simply gotta have it. Some just don’t care what others think and are happy with something simpler and cheaper . Maybe they don’t want the bother of the constant expensive maintainance of a premium car..

@Matin T.
“If I had money to spare like Woz, why bother with a Bolt? ”

Maybe because he wants a car that won’t be in the service center all the time:)

Ooh, Burn… (pun intended)

Because a compact car is more convenient for daily city driving than a huge sedan.

Exactly. I drive a Leaf around town and 50% of the time I parallel park in spaces where a Model S would not fit. So instead of buying a Model S, I bought Tesla stock. If I did longer road trips I would want an S though.

A GM PUBLICITY STUNT ! They probably gave him that car Gratis.

Girth matters when squeezing into that typical parking spot at Costco or Albertsons. The hilly residential areas around the Bay Area have twisty and narrow roads; perfect conditions for the Bolt. The Tesla S is too big for suburban duty. And nobody wants a door ding on their pricey, big gun Tesla. Save the P100D for Lake Tahoe runs, right Woz?

That is where summon comes in handy. You don’t have to even get in your car. Just use summon to back it out to where you can get in.

Advantage: Tesla

Maybe he likes promoting the only long-range affordable EV on the market to help get more people to buy it?

His purchase certainly gets the Bolt free press like the story you just read and even decided to respond to.

This guy.

I kind of figured this was going to happen. I had read an article that Woz owns like 6 smart phones at one time. He loves technology and apparently won’t just commit to a singular brand.
Hope he likes the Tesla and the Bolt

Insert Nelson saying “Haha”.

To be fair. Wow didn’t buy the Tesla. His wife bought it for him.

Yes. He was reasserting his man-card. 🙂

Steve, the engineer, could not resist the Bolt EV. The Bolt EV is the most practical EV on earth.

Man… I wish I had Woz money and could by two awesome new cars in the span of a month. O.O

WOZ, He Da Man!

Drove a Bolt today and I can see why Woz wants one! 🙂

San Diego Auto show is going on now, and they have Bolts for test drives. Despite having 3 of them, line was almost an hour long. Everyone wanted to test drive the Bolt, and none of the other cars like Malibu, Cruze, Colorado. Not sure if they’ll have test drives until Jan 2.

Bolt is a solid car. Acceleration feels less than SparkEV, because it’s so smooth (SparkEV twitches on full throttle). Lots of whiz bang gadgets like 360 degree camera. But rear seat head room is kind of weird. My head was hitting the side of it, and I’m not even 6 ft tall.

GM rep sitting next to me was so pretty and knowledgeable about cars and Bolt in particular that I had hard time focusing on the car. There were bunch of guys and I think she was the only female. But wow, absolutely stunning!

If you don’t have photos, you are banned from IEVs.

Photos of the Bolt would also be appreciated.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of her, and couple of shots of Bolt with her around it is blurry mess due to movement. It was rare cloudy day in Sun Diego, and I shoot with low ISO to reduce noise.

But she’s more than just outside pretty. The way she talks about Bolt is an experience that cannot be conveyed in mere photograph. As I said, stunning!

SparkEV’s new year resolution: take a photography class. :p

Or make a better camera. All the cameras make photos come out so noisy, requiring me to drop ISO. Only if I had Woz’s money…

SO JEALOUS! The long line is good news for Chevy.

Do you think the Bolt might be the next car for you? Did you get any video of the GM rep… I mean of the car?

Yup. I think the long line for Chevy and very short for other carmaker is an indication that people are noticing Chevy. I think some of those people were sworn GM avoiders, kind of like how I was before SparkEV.

Unfortunately, not being able to tow a trailer makes it hard to justify Bolt for me. But if they come up with lower cost Bolt (maybe with reduced range), it could be a possibility.

What was “absolutely stunning!” ? 🙂

Any trade-in offers at this time when buying the Bolt? I’m thinking, till Dec 31st,it will be tough as many will try to get the tax credit this year.

Spark is lighter weight and has a lot more Torque. It would rightly be much more twitchy off the line. I heard the Spark EV can be tough on tires! 🙂

The GM product specialist I talked to said the lines for the Bolt EV were 10X longer than those for the Corvette or the Camaro, which are usually the most popular.

In almost an hour with about a dozen people waiting, one Colorado pick up and one Camaro went out for drive. After Camaro’s first test drive, no one wanted to go, so the guys who took the first test drive went out again. Ratio was about 2:12, or 6X more than all other cars combined, and people waited (and waited and waited).

I should’ve said dozen groups. There were far more than dozen people in line.

Who cares what Steve Wozniak is doing?

Anecdotal reading, at best.

(I was saying this last week too, when he was getting the Tesla instead.)

Mr. Woz is no dummy, being an engineer at heart. A software designer is much the same, creatively speaking.

I’m sure, ultimately, he couldn’t pass up a good value, observing how little electricity the BOLT uses to go each mile, and that it has been said the BOlt will easily traverse 300 miles on one charge, as is the Ampera-E basic rating.

You realize that the Ampera-E is the same car as the Bolt EV?

We know that the car really has 60kWh usable, and we also know that the EPA range is 238… about 4 miles per kWh, just like a LEAF (84 EPA / 21kWh usable = 4 miles per kWh and 107 / 26.5kWh usable = 4 miles per kWh).

The Bolt and LEAF are substantially the same basic car, with the Bolt slightly heavier… with more than double the range.

There no magic.

My 4400 pound Tesla Model S is 240 EPA / 65kWh usable = 3.7 miles per kWh.

For efficiency Hyundai Ioniq will be the best choice, too bad it doesn’t come with a 60kWh battery though 🙂

But at least it had stop and go automation aka adaptive cruise control and some autosteer like model 3 and unlike the Bolt.

Ioniq rear seat head room is AWFUL. I don’t think even people of 5’10” will be able to sit without their head hitting the top. Even shorter people with moderately tall hair style will have trouble.

That’s why I mentioned it, to avoid naysayer who would state the car couldn’t possibly go 310 miles. If in Germany, why not here?

I guess we have to go to Germany for long drives. Perhaps the roads are all downhill there? Or, the wind always blows from behind?

The Bolt goes 238 miles in the USA. If you drive down a freeway at 60-65mph on a level, dry, warm, no wind road, it will consume about 4 miles per kWh and go about 238 miles.

How does one consume miles?

If you drive down a freeway at 60-65mph on a level, dry, warm, no wind road, it will consume about 4 miles per kWh and go about 238 miles.

Ah, no. The EPA testing cycles don’t average to 60+ MPH. I’m not sure what the actual average speed is, but I think it’s closer to about 50 MPH.

Bottom line: If you drive like a normal driver (i.e., no hypermiling) at normal highway speed, then you won’t achieve the EPA’s range rating for an EV.

No, the average speed on highway testing is not 60mph. It’s lower But ever since about 2001 the results are scaled back from the test results in an attempt to produce more real world figures.

So if the car would go (say) 238 miles on the highway cycle, then the figures are scaled back to 185.6 to make the official sticker numbers. Note that the CAFE requirements don’t use this scaling, that’s why a the “54mpg average” isn’t as unattainable as it seems.


The average speed for the highway test is 48.3mph. But the scale back is 22% (to 78%). The city average speed is 21.2mph and the scale back is 10% (to 90%) for that.

Due to the 22% scale back it is possible that if you drove a steady 65mph under good conditions you could get better range than the highway cycle figures would predict. I say this because going 65 instead of 60 would probably increase your consumption less than the 28% simulated by the 22% scale back. On a Tesla it looks like the drop is less than 5%. A Bolt probably does worse, but it likely doesn’t reduce efficiency by more than 10%.

isn’t adjustments because cars aren’t moving during tests?

Adjustments for airdrag are specific for each car model.

Correct. From someone who just went for a test drive.

“Another nice thing is it tells you how much power you’re currently using or generating. At 80 mph on basically level ground it varied between 25-35 kW with the air conditioning on. This suggests it can do about two hours at that speed when fully charged.”


first of all, your statement is not true because ratings do not always correspond to actual driving experience. the gen1 Volt was rated at 35 miles of electric range per charge. from my own experience, there are times when i have gotten 50 miles on a charge and other times when i have only gotten 20, depending upon the time of the year. it is entirely plausible that there are conditions under which you will get over 300 miles of range on a charge. but what you (and most importantly, people who are considering buying the Bolt) need to realize is that there are going to be times when you will get a lot less than 238 miles on a full charge. you’ve also got to consider the prospect that there might be conditions under which you may not be able to fully recharge the Bolt every day using home charging. the creates the possibility of having to use public charging at times, but that means potentially hanging around for how ever long you would have to wait for a fast charge (assuming that you paid for the fast charge option). however long that time is, it will be a… Read more »

Compared to the Leaf the Bolt EV is magic. The Leaf cost me $34K or $35K. It’s build quality was atrocious, it lacked a thermal management system for the battery pack, and it went less than 80 miles. The Bolt EV is far better put together, has a TMS, has far more interior room, has much better performance, and goes 240 miles. All for $3K more. I’d call that “magic”.

I test drove the Bolt yesterday, and then immediately sat in a new 2017 LEAF.

I didn’t find the Bolt to have some uber build quality… actually, we have no idea how well it will hold up.

I also didn’t find the rear seat of the Bolt to be particularly comfortable for my 6’2″ carcass. The front seat is too narrow, not particularly comfortable, but has plenty of head room. The LEAF, in comparison, is quite comfortable.

The rear storage might actually be smaller than a LEAF, but it looks about the same-ish.

If I were buying a car for 50 mile drives, it would be a tough choice. For real life, the Bolt is a no brained.

I think his comment has to do with lack of TMS on Leaf. I hope Nissan (and VW) are listening: no TMS is no way to sell EV.

The lack of a TMS was part of the problem but hardly the entire problem. I’m talking about the parts and the build as well. Yuck. Never so happy to be rid of a car.

Regardless of what you thought, if the “new” Leaf is like the 2011 MY Leaf, and the parts look like it is, then it’s a complete POS. The quality of materials on the 2011 MY was about the worst imaginable and the build quality was terrible. I had no idea you could make paint that thin, carpet and seats that bad, or make a car that developed so many rattles in so short a time. The lack of a TMS and a battery pack whose range melted away like snow in the spring was consistent with the rest of the package. Yeah it looks fine, and sitting in it at a car show you may not notice — Nissan has spent a lot of time and effort making sure you don’t notice — but the Leaf is an exercise in making the car as cheaply as possible. And that means the car ends up being horrible.

Having had one, wouldn’t touch another with a ten foot pole.

Sadly, I must agree. I wish we had leased our 2011 LEAF instead of buying it. The battery degradation is just one part of the story. The lousy build quality and rattles were really surprising to me. This was our first and last Nissan. We kept the LEAF since the resale is terrible, but I drive our 2015 e-Golf. If I had to drive the LEAF instead of my wife, I’d take the loss and get rid of it.

“If I were buying a car for 50 mile drives, it would be a tough choice….”

Not so tough. Quicker acceleration, longer intervals between recharging battery, rear-view camera mirror, etc.

Doesn’t look like a bug-eyed alien.

Woz had sudden acceleration issues with his Prius back in 2010 because he couldn’t figure out the cruise control. Brilliant engineer?

Many in-transit Bolts are now available in the dealerships. 126 in Capitol Chevrolet of San Jose. Some people will like to get the tax credit right away by buyign this year.


I assure you cannot walk into Capitol Chevrolet and get a Bolt off the floor right now.

Every one that has actually arrived is already spoken for.

It could be a great car – but its still a compliance car until its sold somewhere other than California (or other CARB state)

You’re a compliance car.

LOL, or a “Compliance Poster”. Someone who posts only when attempting to spread FUD.

Bolt hater with obligatory compliance car post. Lol

I’d love a Bolt and would love the opportunity to buy one – but its not offered for sale here, with “here” meaning anywhere except California.
Some indications of compliance car…..
Only offered in CARB states – check. GM “plan” to offer Bolt for sale in non-CARB states but haven’t done so yet and haven’t released a real timetable. Initially it was going on sale everywhere, but they scaled that way back.
Offered at a loss to accumulate ZEV credits to allow continued sale of high profit vehicles – check. GM have indicated that they are losing 7-9K per Bolt, but make more than that on ZEVs used to let them sell high value vehicles like big expensive ICE trucks.

I’m not a hater and would really like the opportunity to get a Bolt to replace my Leaf, but that isn’t going to happen. Bolt is an important EV and the first none tesla to have a chance of making a difference, but GM can’t get out of their own way and will find a way to screw it up (again).
I want GM to sell this car properly – and mean it.

“Initially it was going on sale everywhere, but they scaled that way back.”

“GM have indicated that they are losing 7-9K per Bolt”

“I’m not a hater and would really like the opportunity to get a Bolt to replace my Leaf, but that isn’t going to happen.”
So when it IS for sale at your local dealer later THIS YEAR, do we have your word that you are going to buy one?

“What was most apparent to me  …  is just how much of a sellout Steve Wozniak has become. He’s a serial endorser of products he knows almost nothing about, and he sells tickets to conferences that many attendants might not otherwise pay for. And yet, he’s a god of Silicon Valley. People take his word as scripture without questioning the Holy Father of Apple. He makes headlines. … Other than Xiaomi, the Woz has backed … Bernie Sanders, Edward Snowden, Lego, Windows Phone, the San Jose Angels football team, Tesla, Segway, Kim DotCom, Android, Toyota Prius, SPG Keyless, Comic Con, Cadillac, Datsun (now Nissan), US Robotics, Mayday, Robot Guitar, Yotaphone, and Cathode Corner… ” https://www.techinasia.com/talk/steve-wozniak-walking-billboard-hire We are probably just seeing him add yet another celebrity endorsement to his list. Not that there is anything wrong with this, or that it reflects badly on the Bolt. This is no different than Hanes hiring a famous Basketball player, as if basketball players are experts in underwear, or any other long list of celebrity endorsements. It’s just how the world works. Heck, if anybody has a product they want endorsed, they can even use this shill company to book him: http://speakerbookingagency.com/talent/steve-wozniak/ “turn to… Read more »

> Not that there is anything wrong with this

Exactly, so why the character assassination?

He comes across as a likable character.

I have no problem with Woz, except maybe for backing Bernie. 😉

I’m not sure why the author of that story decided to be so negative. You would have to ask the author, I’m just quoting him.

It really is very common place now. Anybody who follows big youtube or twitter social media stars have seen this. Companies call it “Viral advertising” and aren’t that shy about it. I don’t exactly understand why people make negative associations in this day and age. It’s not like it is 2005, and this is something new.

this is a bogus “choice” since wozniak really doesn’t have to make one. but the value of this is that people see wozniak endorse a product and people think that the purchase was based on a rigorous analysis. then people assume that he knows what he is doing so they should do the same. in effect, people “outsource” their own thinking to wozniak.

when steve jobs was alive, he used to flip cars every 6 months. do you really think the jobs spent a lot of time thinking about what car he was going to drive next? i kind of doubt it. i don’t think wozniak is really spending any more time deciding on what car to drive next than did jobs.

Wow, I did not know that endorsing products was a side business of Mr. Wozniak.

Looks like GM might have dialed 0800-shill when it looked like Wozniak wouldn’t get a Bolt after all and offered him one for free.

Is that the same number Tesla dialed when she got him the new model S recently? Lol

bro1999 — Correct. This story also lists Tesla as one of the companies that Woz has done work for.

Hmmm, must be nice to be rich enough to afford both cars. So Woz didn’t have to choose between the Model S and the Bolt when making a buying decision. Now he can choose which to drive every day!

But Woz earned his millions; he didn’t inherit them. So good for him; he deserves his rewards!

At least my wife is more beautiful than his.

He has way more money than you ever make.

Yes and despite his money I have a more beautiful wife, which was my point.

Tesla fanboi I presume? Only they would be so superficial.

Ummm…it was you who started to talk about money as if it’s the most important thing..

More beautiful how? You can buy external beauty at any whorehouse. You can’t do that with someone who’s capable enough to have been Apple executive. Besides, she looks fine to me for her age; I’d pick her as wife over any of the common-ore any day.

“beauty” is a weird “eye of the beholder” kind of thing. i suspect that if you and your wife were to walk up wozniak, he would probably think that his wife is more “beautiful” than yours.

“beauty” is a moving target, it means different things at different times. there is the perception of a person’s “beauty” that you get of them when all you know is their physical appearance. but in the end, you opinion of a person’s looks is ultimately influenced by what you think of them as a person. so when a 75 year old guy says that his wife is a beautiful as she was the day that she met her (even though she may currently weigh twice as much as she weighed when he met her), he’s probably telling the truth in his own mind – because his concept of “beauty” is tied up with all the emotional connections that developed over the years.

the same is true with the concept of “love”: it means something very different after you have been married for 50 years (assuming you are one of the few people who stays married that long) than it did on your wedding day.

LOL… that’s what the ugly people say.

tiger woods was married, but was still a “playa”. when i saw pictures of various women with whom he had affairs, i thought that the woman to whom he was married at the time was better looking than all of them.

i guess that means that woods’ ex-wife wasn’t as good looking as i thought she was…

A playa just wants to play.

i can’t comment on what is actually going on in your head, but as a general rule, you’re kidding yourself about how human relations actually work.

this is one of the things that is so screwed up about value systems in contemporary society. it’s like money becomes an indicator of a person’s worth as a human being. what such reasoning fails to do is to inquire about the value systems of the people who acquired wealth. during slavery in the united states, some people became fantastically wealthy through the enslavement of other people.

to a certain fundamental extent, things haven’t changed in the capitalist system over the past hundreds of years. the ultimate question is: what are you wiling to do to get money? getting a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is more intelligent, or has better morals, than a person who didn’t get a lot of money.

Here’s something you might not understand John. I LOVE Woz. Woz LOVES me. End of story.

Please post a picture of yourself so everyone on this site can analyze how you look if that is important to you.

Good reply Janet! John is pathetic and shallow.

I still have fond memories of using the Apple II in school as my first computer. Thank Woz for me!

Hope he enjoys his Bolt. Great car!

Great reply! Too often people forget (especially young’ins) that marriage is about love, not about outward looks. One can buy beauty with enough make up and surgery, not so with someone to love.

I don’t wish ill will for John, but I feel bad for his wife. When she gets older and her outward beauty fades, what will he do? Leave her? She must feel awful married to such man.

He probably went, “what the hell? This $150,000 Tesla still doesn’t have apple carplay??? You gotta be kidding me.”

LOL…that’s a pro, not a con. I don’t want to use anything by Apple or Microsoft.

Yes, because less options are better than more options. Keep spinning that.

what surprises me is the speed in wich people change’s his mind about GM.Some years ago they killed the electric car , and now they’re our saviours.Don’t get me wrong i love to ride a Bolt , but the EV1 massacre is difficult to forget.

Lol. EV1? Really? That was two decades and a bankruptcy ago. New drivers don’t even know about it. Ancient automotive history.

What about the EV1? The EV1 was an impossible car to make for GM. If you cut through the hype you will realize it was never going to cut it, it was simply too expensive to make.

The very fact that GM experimented with the EV1 in the first place should earn them respect, rather than the fact they couldn’t keep it up. At least GM did something, the other manufacturers didn’t even go that far.

the reason why GM “experimented” with the EV1 is because the state of california had passed legislation requiring zero-emission vehicles be sold in the state. most companies fought the law in court, GM decided to comply and develop a car. in the end, the “loony tunes” california federal courts held that the california law was unconstitutional. so, if GM had gone ahead with the EV1, they would have been the only company producing a zero-emission vehicle. in that environment, with no legal mandate for zero-emission vehicles, the EV1 was just not an economically viable proposition. but don’t tell that to EV enthusiasts, because they seem to lack any sense of economic reality.

One of my favorite parts is the claims GM tried to “unsell” people on the car. What was happening was GM would inform the customers of the limitations of the car. Because if you don’t tell a customer a car can only go 60 miles they will be really upset after they pay (to lease) it when they find this to be the case. The true believers saw this say trying to talk people out of getting the car. It’s kind of crazy. The EV1 was a tiny two-seater with poor range. And that limits the market for it already. Add in that GM was losing money hand over fist on it with no path to not doing so and it was born to lose. The only disappointment to me was GM wouldn’t let people keep them. Real financial reasons or not, taking those cars out of circulation meant fewer people got any interaction with a reasonably polished EV could be. Instead the presence was created by the few reputable EV conversion companies like Solectria. And this was probably outweighed in total by the problems stemming from the disreputable EV conversion companies out there. I’m sure EV1 experience was really… Read more »

keeping the EV1 in service would have meant costs to support the cars. a car maker can’t sell a car and then tell people: “you’re on your own”; when it comes to maintenance.

I know there were costs with leaving it out there. I said as much. Honda made the same move with their EV too, likely for similar reasons.

But it was possible to leave the vehicles in the field and make some parts for them. GM did it with the S-10 EV. Toyota did it with the RAV4 EV. I know it would have cost GM money and they didn’t want to go that route, but I’m saying I think the rest of us lost out by them doing it that way.

Some peeps have two phones. The more money you have to more you can indulge your fascinations. Find out for yourself what suits you. Not listening to the drumming of the talking heads. Good for you Woz. You earned it. You have fun with it. You’ll never be bored.

The ev1 was nowhere close to being a practical, reliable long term, money making car. Gm lost a ton of money, but perhaps had valuable data. The emissions standards that were supposed to be put in place were not… Making the ev1 nothing more than a science experiment. I love my volt. But market pressures forced Gm’s hand (and I’m glad they did!) right now evs are a way for gm to continue their suv/truck business, while being in position to transition AS REQUIRED, as the various pressures in their business evolve. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

if GM had relied on “market” pressures, the Volt would have never been developed. GM was responding to *regulatory* pressures. that said, the Volt was such a well developed product, that it is clear that once GM decided to go with the project, the people working on it really believed in the project. without doubt, the previous EV1 experience was a great asset.

Love the Woz.

I’ve seen him at some SJ Sharks games. My childhood hero.

Well, he likes the Bolt so he bought one.

His wife likes the Tesla so she bought him one…

Sounds like a typical rich people behavior.. You got the cash so if you can’t decide, you get one of each.

I would like to see someone do a video with the Chevy Bolt being super charged to 80%.