“Big Life Change” – Woz Gets His Chevrolet Bolt EV


Some people doubted the reality of it, but former Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and his wife Janet took delivery of their Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Woz says it will be the couple’s main car. Of course, he made sure to share with Facebook that the professional-looking picture was taken on his iPhone 7.

They currently own a Tesla Model S P100D, a Mercedes S-class, a Hummer, and now a Bolt. He said that they traded in “former Tesla’s”. When asked why he opted for the Bolt over another Tesla, Woz responded:

“Ease of use. Tesla will have it’s role in long road trips I presume.”

His wife, Janet, added that the Bolt will be a fun car for the couple. Woz stated that he expects this car to “work out like the Pruis’s did” (whatever that means). In regards to the upcoming Tesla Model 3, Woz said:

“This car is here, sort of (referring to the fact that availability is currently limited). With Tesla you never know when or what. When the Tesla Model 3 arrives, it may be better even, but there’s no way to know.”

It will be enlightening to hear what Woz and Janet have to say about the Chevrolet Bolt, after they have had an opportunity to break it in. This is especially true since they have already experienced all that Tesla has to offer. Being an engineer, and an inventor at heart, Steve Wozniak’s perspective carries some weight, added to the fact that his wide variety of current and past vehicles provides him and his wife worthy platforms for comparison and contrast.

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So the X got traded in? Agreed on 3 vs Bolt in that 3 isn’t here, and small car in his garage will be lot more practical in daily driving.

He ditched his old Tesla and upgraded to the Bolt.

Still has the Tesla one his wife gifted him though.

And the Hummer.

I don’t think he ever bought a Model X. He took a picture with one of the early prototypes and that was it. Their most recent delivery was a Model S even though it was incorrectly identified as a Model X initially.

The picture above with them taking delivery of the white Model S appears to be taken at a Tesla service center. The gray one to the left of his is likely someone else’s and not one that was part of his collection (it has slipstream wheels so it’s a newer model).


Do you have any idea how many times he’s heard that??

Maybe 10000++++times ?? lol Cheers WWWOOOSSSUUUPPPPP!!!

“Woz is a lousy shill!”
“Woz getting paid off by GM to promote the ugly compliance car Bolt!”
“Who cares about what this Woz guy does!”
“My wife looks better than his wife!”

Getting these out of the way so the Tesla fanbois don’t have to go through the trouble of posting them. You’re welcome. 🙂

Go Woz! Same color as mine!

When you post these things, do you realize that your input may be part of starting the sort of rhetoric that later on you’ll disapprove of ? Are you doing it on purpose ?

Trust me, it is going to happen regardless of what I post.

And right on cue, the first fanboi posted right after me making fun of Woz’s weight. Keep it classy, Tesla fanbois.

Good post, Bro! Getting in before the Teslarati is kind of amusing.
John Ray posted one of these “prebuttals” last month and I laughed so hard my work colleagues thought I was losing it. The negative comments from Tesla fainboi’s are so predictable!

I sense a lot of anti Tesla jealousy here. Just got a Model S – I am blown away every time I get in the car. It is the best vehicle I have driven and by consensus the Model S is best EV on the road. I love my FFocus E despite the limited range and lack of cachet but the S is perhaps the best car of all time to this point by many accounts. It receives constant praise in hundreds of magazines, is faster, and more beautiful than anything on the road just sayin. I guess I am a fanboi but you guys need to get over it with all of the fanboi stuff – I was jealous too until I bit the bullet and purchased one.

Just out of curiosity I looked up Martin’s comments on this site and there aren’t that many: On “BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter”: “The electric scooter BMW C Evolution also uses 36 of those cells, making a battery with 8 kWh (36 x 60 Ah x 3,7 V). The upgrade to 94 Ah will make the scooter’s battery capacity improve to 12,5 kWh.” On “2017 Mercedes S 500 e Battery Increases To 13.3 kWh”: “Very good news! If the rest of the range follows they’re close to becoming kinda EREV’s. Do we have an expected arrival date?” On “19 Longer Range Electric Vehicles..”: “Cool! If ioniq is on the list then the 33.5kwh ford focus should be too no?” On “Hyundai IONIQ Electric Becomes U.S.’ Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle”: “Certainly a vivid highway cruzer. Assuming the ioniq is compensating through best in class aero efficiency.” On “New 2017 Renault ZOE ZE 40..”: “This and many other launches make me pumped for 2017.” On “Electric Vehicle Sales In The US Rise..”: “It may sound strange but the world is bigger than the usa ?” On “Forbes Wonders…Will New Toyota Prius Prime..”: “haha” On “2017 Volkswagen e-Golf: 35.8 kWh Battery..”: “Are you frkn… Read more »

I’m shocked you actually looked up all his comments.

With two Real RV’s , Woz Needs a Bolt just like he needs a Hole In the Head! l m a o…

Two Real EV’s that is..

I don’t understand how the fact that my wife is hotter than his makes me a Tesla fanboy? He owns a Tesla, right? You are f***** up, dude.

Hey, why don’t you go cuddle with your self-proclaimed “better looking wife”. I’m dubious about that claim anyways, as those Tesla shaders may be distorting your vision. LOL

He said Hotter …Not Better Looking ….l m a o ….we’re getting off topic boys ….

Wozniak certainly “carries some weight”. ?

All that money weighs him down!

He’s not known to exercise much. FOr example: Photos exist of him riding his Segway into the Men’s Room…


“He’s not known to exercise much”

Anon is not known to make any useful comments as usual.

Useful is subjective. Accurate, is another matter.

Woz has so much money he probably hired someone to exercise for him ..l o l. That’s what some times happens when you have too much money$$$….L A T W T T Bank …

Ugh. Not this again. Do you really have to go there? It just makes you look silly.

i’ve got no issue with wozniak getting a Bolt (or any personal issues either), but this line being promoted by insideevs seems a bit ridiculous to me. “big life change”??? really??? ridiculous!

i guess the point of this article (in addition to the other articles published on insideevs) is more for people who are fanboys of wozniak personally.

did everyone catch the part about wozniak owning a benz-o? start lining up to buy those benz-o’s wozniak fanboys!

“Big life change” is in quotes. It’s from Woz’s facebook post, as shown above: “Big life change, will be our main car. Love it. @chevroletelectric”

So, you can hardly fault this site for posting that.

Super happy for the Wozniak family … you will definitely love this car … it’s so fun to drive! Woz and Wife are obviously super committed to the best EVs ! Welcome to the Chevy family!

Chevy Family is doing well, every Chevy I have owned has ran great!!

“Woz stated that he expects this car to “work out like the Pruis’s did” (whatever that means).”

He’s a practical, logical engineer and designer that isn’t blinded by fanboyism. It means he doesn’t want the X because of build quality and reliability issues. He expects the Bolt to be as good as a Prius and just work.

Steve Wozniak should be admired. He is the real “brain” behind Apple because he did all the inital designs, and built the first Apples. Steve Jobs was just the salesman of the two. Jobs is gone but “Woz” is still an engineer and a genius. So whatever he chooses to buy is really worth getting into.

As an engineer, I can see what Woz sees in the Bolt.
It manages to have the same interior room as the Model S, with better rear headroom. It has the instant acceleration of the S, of course not as fast 0-60 but pretty much the same at speed. The design is very efficient with a 238 mile range.
It reminds me of the time I bought my first new car.
It was a 1958 VW convertible. It was very impressive with its rear motor design, 4 speed transmission and a padded soft top superior to all American cars. It’s price $1900. The standard VW was only $1350!
Engineers like innovative quality of design combined with a low price.

I stopped reading after he said he has a Hummer. I don’t respect anyone’s opinion on EVs that has one