Woz Calls Tesla Big Disruptor


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was interviewed recently by CNBC. He called Tesla Motor Co. the biggest disruptor in the current marketplace. He explained:

“Tesla is probably the one I think of personally because a lot of what Elon Musk does is just really driving toward that future that we can have that is so much more beautiful and not restricted by the way things were done in the past.”

“Woz”, as he has become known, has a reputation for providing his speculations and opinions to the press. He told AppleCarFans that he knows Apple will build an “insanely great” car. Woz said:

“I think that Apple will build a car but won’t put out any great thing until it’s insanely great. It can’t be just another new car.”

But for now, until something official happens at the company he holds as his own, his choice is Tesla. He gave credit to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for creating the first truly promising U.S. auto company since 1927. Woz noted the fact that driving a Tesla feels typical of driving any car, not riddled with range anxiety. He shared his feelings about his personal Tesla ownership. Woz said:

“You can own it and feel like ‘I’m an owner. I can go wherever I want to go just like in a gas car’. That’s changed my life a lot.”

With the recent issues at Apple possibly pushing back the Apple Car’s release even further, Tesla may remain in the forefront for quite some time. Musk also believes that Apple is making a car and jokes that it has not been kept secret very well. However, leadership of Project Titan seems to keep changing hands, and employees are jumping ship, so who knows what will really come of it and when.

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Woz: “You can own it and feel like ‘I’m an owner. I can go wherever I want to go just like in a gas car’. That’s changed my life a lot.” And sure, it’s a larger car but this statement applies to all PiHV, EREV and other plug-ins which can give owners from 50% to 90% driving on electricity (or more – right ari_c ?) How many Teslas has Woz owned and do we know if he is a stock-holder? What the Eletro-public needs are larger batteries (to “feel” like Woz and less range anxiety) and also a plethora of public points. The 3-Ps. Plenty of public charging will make people feel like they can “go wherever a gas car goes”. can you imagine a future of public or even private-campus charging for college students who can drive from apartments to school and charge-up on-campus and never pay for gasoline while in college? EVs will be big when both prices come down and public charging is far more plentiful. And NOT putting charging stations at car dealerships is the need here. Filling Nissan, Ford, GM and other “brands” with on-premisis charging is ridiculous. Once bought, people want to “run away!”… Read more »

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Thomas J. Thias



EVs will be a great disruptor if they manage to get the battery prices down substantially below $200/KWH. If they get close to $100/KWH, it is all over for ICE in the light-duty transportation market.

Who wants to deal with messy gasoline fill-ups, stinky toxic exhaust, smog checks, oil changes, tune-ups, expensive gasoline, etc. when you can drive on cheap electricity out of your home?

Where do you think all that great, clean electricity “out of your home” comes from?

For that matter, where so you think the electricity to manufacture Tesla vehicles comes from? The steel? The batteries?

Hint: It has to do with dead dinosaurs.

HInt: How much steel and energy do you think a F150 costs?

It’s still a car, it’s still excessive, and it’s probably never going to get better.

However this one doesn’t pollute locally, have you ever been confined in a tunnel of slow driving traffic, you’ll get the idea roughly.

Instead it’s easier (not easy) to clean up our power generation then it is to clean up 30 million seperate cars.

LOL, the “long-tailpipe” argument … again… sigh.

Wait! Dead Dinosaurs now are making COAL? Wow! And a Diamond is a Lump of Coal – So – Tell your lady – she is wearing a Dead Dinosaur on her finger – and see how long that lasts for you! Even in Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, – the Big Coal States, not ALL Electricity is COAL Powered, and COAL is (Even inf Trump is your New MAN in the White House!) on the Way out! Trains stopped using it long ago, and Electricity Power Generation is going more, and More to Wind and Solar, each year in the USA! The Gigafactory is approaching start up of Cell Manufacturing, and Tesla’s Power Walls, and Commercial Power Energy Storage will be in a state of increasing production within 30-60 days, which when matched to the grid – stabilize the demand loads and Frequency Generation – the two big things Batteries do better than Natural Gas Generator Stations! Not Just Tesla, but a dozen other companies are getting into Grid Energy Storage – via Battery Systems, and even up here in Canada – Toronto Hydro has already shown a local grid point connected ‘Community Energy Storage’ system – which is like a… Read more »

That ship has already sailed.


I believe we are headed to $100 per KWh faster than most people realize.

Woz is an engineer’s engineer.

That said, he knows nothing about how a business should be operated (i.e., with a profit).

He did, after all, leave Apple (from a financial standpoint), give a sizable chunk of his Apple stock to early Apple employees (stiffed by Jobs, of course) and sort of fade away into technogeek legend.

Woz, are you there? Its a shame you faded away to fund a variety of random feel-good causes that mostly never amounted to anything. You best changed the world when you were designing and building COOL STUFF. Are you ever going to build anything COOL again?

In my experience, with a wife who joins every charity, Most charities sound great but rarely deliver on their promises, just like politicians: They always let you down. Once inside, you realize that most start off great but are taken over by leeches who line their pockets with bloated salaries and perks and jets, etc. while their unpaid volunteers struggle poorly against almost impossible problems (like the Peace Corp).

Woz, Please return to help Tesla or Zero Motorbikes or HyperLOOP or something else that lets you change the world again! Work for a $1 a year, and you will do probably more good for the planet than any charity can!