Would You Drive 642 Miles to Buy a Chevrolet Volt?


If you were searching for a gently used 2013 Chevrolet Volt, would you drive ~642 miles to get one?

Would You Drive 10 Hours to Purchase a Chevy Volt?

Would You Drive 10 Hours to Purchase a Chevy Volt?

That’s what Kansas residents Eric and Addie did.

The 10-plus hour trip from Kansas to Country Chevrolet in Annandale, Minnesota seems rather too lengthy a journey to us to buy a Volt, but perhaps it was a killer deal that convinced the two to make the trek.

As Country Chevrolet posted on Facebook:

“Eric and Addie drove all the way from Kansas to purchase their new Volt!”

We hunted down the Volt listings at Country Chevrolet and came across the one you see below, which is listed as sold.  We have no idea what the final price was, but still we’re surprised by the fact that there are eager Volt buyers out there who are willing to drive hundreds of miles to get Chevy’s plug in.  Does this surprise you?

Volt Recently Sold to Eric and Addie at Country Chevrolet

Volt Recently Sold to Eric and Addie at Country Chevrolet

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

My worry would be getting maintenance if local dealers don’t have the tools or expertise to work on Volts.

What maintenance? OK, a little over the top but making the point that depending on how much you use your range extender, a Volt gets nearly the same maintenance as a BEV. At the rate I use mine I have to change oil every nine years! Well of course you will have to change for rancidity but a good synthetic will make a long stretch in between and you get the point Also unfortunately, unless you have one of the really larger GM dealers, even if they have a single mechanic that has been to Volt training, he isn’t getting much experience because EVs just don’t require that much maintenance. Now everyone will require service sooner or later so Eric and Addie will take their Volt in, the dealer will panic a little and hopefully put one of their better problem solvers on the case, and he will proceed to go online and search their internal forums for the answer like many problems are solved in dealerships already these days. As for the tools, that certainly may cause some delays, but I am confident their local dealership will come through. This is what dealerships do. If they don’t then Tesla… Read more »
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

What if they have to drop the battery? Or change the coolant/service the coolant system? There are Volt-specific tools that many dealers have chosen not to buy.

I bought my Volt from a dealer 7mi from my house, and they do concierge service as well as loaners. I don’t think I’d be as confident if the nearest capable dealer was a 12 hour trailer ride away..

You know you are taking this a little far. Chevy dealers servicing the volt are all around. Yes, small bumpkin shops opted out of the program but just about every city has a volt service shop.

It doesn’t say which city in Kansas, but there are only a handful of large cities in that state. Anything outside of Wichita or Kansas City is very likely not to have a Volt-certified dealership.

He’s not taking this too far — he’s right to assume that there is a distinct possibility of difficulty getting their Volt serviced.

Now you are both taking this way too far, and you are both wrong to assume.

Noisewater says, “I don’t think I’d be as confident if the nearest capable dealer was a 12 hour trailer ride away..”

I say it doesn’t take 12 hours to drive across that hole freakin state.

You say, “Anything outside of Wichita or Kansas City is very likely not to have a Volt-certified dealership.”

I say that is BS because many small cities have Volt sales and service including Abilene, Cheney, Salina, Junction city, Mc Cook, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Platte City, Mahhattan, Haven, Topeka, Dodge City, and others.


After one and a half years, my Volt maintenance required less than twenty bucks, tire rotation. That’s all.

I’ve had mine as well for one and a half years. I rotated my tires as well but the local tire store we go to rotates for free for existing customers so I have paid nothing in that time.

After 2 years, my only maintenance was an oil change because of age and not because of miles.

I would drive 600 miles if a 500 gallon fish tank showed up that was cheap enough and good shape.

Many people drive 600 miles to have really bad golf games or some kind of vacation that doesn’t turn out well.

I would have driven directly to Detroit from NJ to pick up #671.
Happy New Year!


I am not sure about 600 miles. But I might drive 300 to pickup the car I wanted if I couldn’t find the same car (color and package features) locally at a price I wanted.

As an example. If I decide I want a BMW i3, I may have to drive from Ft.Worth to Austin to pick it up because I understand the i3 will only be available in select markets and I believe Austin is one of those.

This is news? I have driven 1700 miles from Dallas to Vermont. Also went from Dallas to Chicago, California , Florida, New York, Wisconsin, and New Jersey. All of these were because of great deals on cars. In fact I am looking for a good deal on a Volt right now for my father. If anyone knows of dealers willing to deal then let me know. I will travel;)

Down in Florida, look at Stingray Chevrolet. Some good deals remain thru tomorrow.

We drove from Lansing MI to Long Island NY to get our first Volt.

People in the Netherlands tend to drive to Germany to pick up a car. Cheaper even if you have to pay import taxes etc. If I drive to southern Germany I rack up quite some miles as well (+/- 500)

I bought a 1998 Mustang convertible on ebay years ago because I saved $3000.00 after all expenses from the local prices in Vancouver BC. It was great. Flew to Kansas then drove to Springfield Missouri. Paid for the car and headed home. Visited some friends on and saw some sites on the way home. I think a lot of people will travel for a good deal if they have the time.

I just drove 550 miles to Topeka, KS from Golden, CO to get the EXACT used Ford Flex I wanted. I drove my old ford Taurus there as a trade-in, and drove my new Flex Limited with Ecoboost and ALL options back to Denver, at about $4000 less than I could find anywhere in Denver for a vehicle with less options. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I’d drive 3,000 miles if I had to….. each way.


Flew to FL for mine, drove 1000 miles back.

California tumbles into the sea
That’ll be the day I go
Back to Annandale

Maybe they, for some reason, didn’t make enough in ’13 to qualify for the tax credit? That would reduce selection to already discounted cars, assuming they don’t fit the lease either. Just by being a used shopper, mileage is often worth it to get the right car.

Come to think of it, my last four cars came from MD, PA (2), NY and MA.

If the savings is worth the time and gas, of course I’d go 600 miles for a good deal on a car.

What does it matter how many miles you travel to purchase, as long as they have local service. Otherwise, that might be an issue down the road with recalls and such…..

Would you…? Oh yes.

Could you…? Also yes, with a 10 minute fuel break in between.

Currently that trip with a pure EV would be rather long and hard.

Heck, I drove 1,206 miles for a CPO Audi with the options and color combinations I wanted at the price I wanted.

Lots of cars have large differences in regional pricing, making long road trips almost mandatory to get a good deal. When I brought that AWD car from a state where AWD isn’t needed for bad weather, to a state where AWD is very popular because of winter snow, I saved thousands.

In theory, there should be significant used Volt price discounts in states where they are less popular.

My wife and I flew in and drove over 1,200 miles from Pennsylvania to Kansas to get our 2013 Volt home!
I was very particular about the color and options I wanted, and we also got a great deal.
It was totally worth it, and I’d do it again.

I drove over 1200 miles each way from /FL to MI to pick up my Volt 2011 #1506 7 months before they were available in Florida. Never been sorry not even for one minute.