Worldwide Capacity for Lithium-Ion Battery Production to Increase Tenfold by 2020


Today’s future prediction post is here and this one’s a capacity is king in the battery world.

This Here is the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack That Powers the Upcoming BMW i3

This Here is the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack That Powers the Upcoming BMW i3

According to a report from Navigant Research, lithium-ion battery technology isn’t disappearing anytime soon.  Evidence of that is in Navigant’s prediction that the total worldwide capacity (calculated in kWh) of lithium-ion batteries used in transportation applications will soar to 49,ooo MWh by 2020.  That’s ten times the capacity of 4,400 megawatt-hours (MWh) expected to be produced in 2013.

David Alexander, senior research analyst with Navigant Research, had this to say of the findings presented in the report:

“Li-ion technology continues to improve, as increased energy densities translate into smaller and lighter battery packs with more power.  At the same time, leading battery cell manufacturers have built new factories utilizing the latest production techniques, including greater automation and faster throughput. This will lead to a reduction in the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) over the next few years, provided that volumes continue to increase.”

If there was a breakthrough battery on the horizon capable of challenging lithium-ion, then Navigant’s prediction probably wouldn’t be so optimistic.

Yes, solid-state is out there.  So too is lithium-air, but for the next 7 years or more, lithium-ion seems destined to power the transportation sector

Driving this lithium-ion growth will be primarily battery electric vehicles (BEVs), says Navigant.  This is simply because BEVs tend to use higher capacity battery packs than do PHEVs.  And since Navigant’s growth prediction is based on capacity, it make sense that BEVs will be the primary driving force behind the tenfold increase.

49,000 MWh?  How many LEAFs will that power?  How ’bout Model Ss?

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“49,000 MWh? How many LEAFs will that power? How ’bout Model Ss?”

Around 200,000 Leafs or 57,000 Model S.

throw out your calculator, it’s about a million of cars

seriously – what zilm said.

49,000 MWh = 49,000,000 kWh > 2 million 24kWh Leaf packs
or > 1/2 million 85kWh Model S packs

Just give it to Google or WolframAlpha – I like to think in terms of Model Xs tho (grin) = 576471

That cannot be the production i3 battery pack, it looks like a prototype, a conversion, something put together with off-the-shelves parts. It also does not seem to have a liquid thermal management system either.

I thought the exact same thing when I saw it. It looked like somebody built that in their garage.

This is not out of the question if they cut the price of the Chevy volt by $10,000 dollars that alone could really raise demand for batteries in that right now the EV’s and plug in hybrids have cut their prices by $5000 dollars this year and that has certainly given a noticeable raise in demand. So if they went into the $10,000 dollar price cut range could open the doors to tons of people. Another thing that could raise demand would be if they made all the new 2015 Prius plug ins as a standard feature among all of them that alone could easy raise things to this level with 250,000 Prius sold in the US a year.