World’s Weirdest Electric Vehicles – Video


Weird EV

Weird EV

Here’s a look at some of the world’s weirdest electric vehicles of all time (via Tobias Smith on Youtube).  Question is: aside from the GM EV1, would you drive one of these?

Vehicles in the video include:

  • “Electric Egg,” 1942
  • Henney Kilowatt, 1960
  • Citicar, 1976
  • NASA Electric Car, 1977
  • Dodge Electrica, 1980
  • Corbin Sparrow, 2001 Ecooter Electric Car Scooter
  • Exide Battery Sundancer, 1973
  • GM’s EV1, 1990
  • Handmade Electric Car In Ukraine
  • KAZ Eliica 8 Wheel Electric Car
  • Legrand Electric Car, 1970
  • Electric Shopper, 1960
  • Sinclair C5 Electric Vehicle, 1985
  • Tang Hua Chinese Electric Vehicle
  • The Enfield 8000, 1966
  • UnoCycle Electric Gyroscopic Bike

Isn’t it now obvious why electric vehicles developed a bad reputation in the early days?

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The yellow Tang Hua was the cutest, really adorable.

3rd car is a 1976 Sebring/Vanguard Citicar. I drive one. The mint green one (6th car) is slightly older, though it is incorrectly markered as a “1976 Electric car” $8,500 is a rip off though.

Isn’t it noticeable how we have gotten used to the smelly and noisy ICE and styled our cars to avoid the engine like avoiding the tail end of a horse. But, the electric gives the designer the freedom to configure the vehicle to please the driver and passengers. And the 10th on the list, “KAZ Eliica 8 Wheel Electric Car” had a smooth ride on the mostly unpaved roads at that time in Japan.

Loved the 8 wheeler as Dennis informed us it was a KAZ Eliica, I just hope it is still going today, what a classic.