World’s Ugliest Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Races (Or Not) A Tesla Model S P100D – Video


Watch as the world’s ugliest (chrome wraps are hideous) Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 faces off against the Tesla Model S P100D in what can only be described as the world’s worse drag race.

You’ll see what we mean when you catch the launch off the line in this “race.”


Video description:

This video features the Tesla MODEL S P100D VS Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4! Electric super car vs Super car! Which one do you prefer?!

The video taken during the 2017 Spring Event, organized by Petrolhead Events!

We’re as disappointed by the awfulness of the race as you are, but the two cars racing were both modified fairly uniquely so we figured we should pass it along.

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That Tesla wasn’t so pretty either. I know some guys obsess over wheel gap but to me that “slammed” Tesla looks like it needs new struts, and it’s not even close to being MI street worthy!

Chop it and drop it. 😀

Lame they even posted the video.


$$$$ + complete lack of taste = these two cars

That’s only chrome vynil wrap which basically is a sticker… the real color is underneath..

If any car can pull off a chrome wrap, it is that Lamborghini. They are showy cars and the wrap is fitting of it. I would say the Aventador won based on the fact it had flames out the tail pipe. How cool (and showy) is that? 🙂

Not cool at all! If you cant turn that fuel into propulsion, might as well just scap the car!

Oh, wait: Lambo Powered Flame Thrower, now I get it! It’s a Fricken Flame Thrower on Wheels! Great Tool for Burning Brush Piles in the Wet Spring!

To be frank, a $140k electric car is as useless as the Lambo. That cost represents a lot of wasted resources. It is irrelevant how much tail pipe emissions those cars have, the fact that they are $140k plus is why they are wasteful. A vehicle only burns maybe 10000 gallons of fuel in its life, or maybe $15k to $30k. The cost of something is someone representative of how much energy is involved in its production, and there is no way a $140k Tesla can ever pay back its “cost” in terms of energy savings unless it is in service for a million miles or so. Once we get the sub $25k EVs, I don’t really think you will have much improvement in fleet emissions.

Gah, can’t fix typos. Cost is somewhat related to energy costs creating it, and until we get sub $25k EVs…

To be fair, buying a Tesla does help the company, and the company promotes clean energy, etc.

Thanks for the fairness follow-up. A $140,000 Tesla is going to last a lot longer in the used car market. At least they didn’t chrome-wrap the Tesla. I keep imagining Cobra Commander & Destroyed iside the Lamborghini, and I snicker.

We really have to wonder about people who join EV forums only to post EV bashing arguments.

The idea that the pollution emitted by just making an EV, even a very expensive one like a top-end Tesla, could possibly compare to the amount of pollution emitted by the tailpipe of an average gasmobiles over the lifetime of the car, plus the pollution emitted by oil refineries producing all that gasoline…

Well, it’s obviously an EV hater’s argument, and hopefully most people have sense enough to realize it’s pure 100% B.S.

Well, EV’s are PART of the solution to pollution [think I’ll recycle that one!] but batteries aren’t ideal, yet. And NO! I’m not in favour of hydrogen fuel cells. Solid-state may give this big leap forward… now, if only that Quantino was not so suspicious… I see they now claim to have made it work without supercaps, using a 48V 45 phase [!] motor, at much reduced performance. What Is a 45 phase motor??

Common mistake. There is no rock bottom for ugliness on Lambos. Not in theory or practice. So many tasteless owners of those cars. You can think you’ve reached the bottom but you’ll just end up shocked later.

Butt-hurt Tesla fans have to resort to a sort of vehicular ad hominem? That the Aventador is/is not ugly is irrelevant & a feeble answer to getting beaten by it, despite the Tesla getting a running start. Did everyone miss that? Grow up.

BTW, I am a fan of EV’s, Tesla & Musk in particular. Showing this video was a mistake.

Sir, I think there’s a problem with your vision. Did you try to turn it off and on again?