World’s Top 10 Plug-In Automotive Groups – First Half of 2017

AUG 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

The top 10 plug-in sell automotive groups combine to hold more than 75% of the total ≈450,000 plug-in sales in the first six months of 2017.

Renault ZOE

The biggest supplier turns out to be Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, which at nearly 62,000 boasts a 14% share.

As Nissan soon will introduce the next generation LEAF (the world’s best selling EV in terms of cumulative sales), the future prospective for growth is bright.

Likewise for second place Tesla, which delivered 47,000 in the first half of the year. Tesla is now ramping-up sales of Model 3, which could shoot company to the #1 when the annual list is reset to zero in January.

More than 42,500 sales are noted for BMW, in third which aims for 100,000 for the full year.  However, this won’t be near enough to stay on #3 ahead of BYD, as the Chinese company delivered some 35,750, but is growing quick (more than 11,000 plug-in car sales in June alone).  In truth, neither Tesla nor Nissan are likely to stop BYD’s rise to the top spot by year’s end.

Toyota has benefited greatly from the Prius Plug-In (aka Prime) the past few months – in fact, the plug-in Prius is the world’s best seller this year after posting back-to-back huge numbers (7,000-8,000 units) in May and June – which should help Toyota crack the top 4 (perhaps top 3) this year, while GM will need to speed up supplying the Bolt EV outside of the US if it wants to crack the top 5.

source: EV Sales Blog

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I am frustrated with GM. How can a company rank so far down the list when it makes 2 of the best plugins?

GM never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. A total failure of execution and vision at the management level

+1, on GM, I personally don’t like their plugin’s but I can see why others do.

I don’t know anyone who works at the company or really anything about GM but I came to the conclusion that GM management are evil but incompetent. So what happens is some engineers and designers get together make a great car and then sneek it in under the radar – once in and seen by the public the managers just let it fly but really it was never meant to happen.

Yes, clearly the market things so too. That Tesla is in the cat bird’s seat, in regards to the coming electrification of the fleet.

Meanwhile, Shorts are gettin’ taken to the cleaners, thrown out the back door, in their skivvies and into a mud puddle.
TSLA up 16% in 2 days!

I thought they were supposed to at 180-190$ by now, according to GS or some other analyst.

GS has them at $180, I think. There are few other low ball ones. Consensus is around $300.

No Tesla isn’t 16%, liar.

Good for Nissan! But…..

I have a feeling that Nissan and Tesla are going to be trading places pretty soon.

There is no tangible evidence of such a thing in my opinion. It’s entirely likely the new Leaf will keep Nissan there for several months if they execute a clean launch.

Hahaha…if Tesla can produce the Model 3, they have enough buyers to sell more than every other EV model from every other manufacturer COMBINED.

Problem is Tesla can’t mass produce auto’s

Woah. I”m shocked that BMW is that high…they must be selling a lot of those small-batteried European compliance PHEVs.

And I’m shocked GM is that low. I guess their exports are weak.

BMW has most of their more popular models electrified by now, and although they are not huge sellers, it adds up. Meanwhile GM is refusing to send some of their excess production outside the country. If GM followed BMWs example and put a Voltec power-train into most of their SUVs and Pick-ups they could be number one in this chart.

Yep…for years now I’ve been asking GM to put their Voltec drivetrain into some SUVs, pick-ups, and other larger vehicles. But they just don’t do it.

And the one vehicle they did do was a Cadillac…and brand synonymous with grandparents and pimps…not exactly the plug-in target market. Ugh.

They just don’t want to steal marketshare from their profitable ICE SUVs.

Yesn but as Mike so astutely observedn GM never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Excellent engineering and design talent being squandered by terrible management and marketing plus being dragged down by the steaership model.