World’s Top 10 Plug-In EV Automotive Groups In 2018


The biggest plug-in manufacturers (as automotive groups)

Here is one more look at the plug-in electric car sales in 2018 – by automotive groups, which in the case of multi-brand manufacturers is interesting.

The first two places are occupied by Tesla (12% share) and BYD (11% share), but the third is the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 9% (it was 10% the previous year). RNMA is so far the biggest player among established manufacturers. The EV Sales Blog notes that the disruption comes from China (most sales and five manufacturers in Top 10), and start-ups (Tesla).

Interesting is that Volkswagen Group dropped two positions in 2018, and is now behind Hyundai-Kia. In fact, Volkswagen’s position is not that bad compared to Toyota which is now #15 with a sales drop by 10% (a rare sight that sales actually decrease).

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Automotive Groups – 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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If you filter out the polluting PHEVs I think Tesla and Nissan/Renault/Mit. will be in the clear lead.

Tesla is leading regardless, did you read it? Or are you just allergic to PHEVs?

What is most concerning here is that the only American company on the list is Tesla with Detroit nowhere to be found, Bueller, Bueller? /s

BYD claims 247k. This report must exclude their electric buses (almost 13k) and trucks, etc. (almost 7k, with a suspicious 6k coming out of nowhere in December).

While we know this is light vehicle ratings, we should give BYD it’s due for all the electric trucks and buses it makes and would put it above Tesla.