World’s Quickest Car Is Electric – Covers 1/8th-Mile In 5.74 Seconds – Video


World's Quickest Car

World’s Quickest Car

Turns out that the world’s quickest car is electric:

“First world record for TC-X by True Cousins with a time of 5.74 sec on the 1/8-mile (201 meters) making it the quickest accelerating car in the world, by car means “door-slammer”,  full body with doors that can open (in oppose to rails dragsters or Funny cars).”

“This time corresponds to a 0-100 km/h time of 1.5 sec. also beating The Green Teams so-called record of 1.77 sec.”

So, 0 to 62 mph in 1.5 seconds, or approximately half the time it take the Tesla Model S to accelerate to that speed.  Quick? You bet!

And the record is official:

“The record is set within NEDRA, The National Electric Drag Racing Association which holds all electric drag racing records of the world.”

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A car doesn’t have to have doors. If I get to define what “car” means, then I have the fastest “car” sitting in my garage.

well, you cant beat the time

Listen to the couchsurfing gaschugger. Lol

Being quick in extremely short distances isn’t much to brag about IMO. How fast is it in a full mile?

They are not measuring the FASTEST car. They are measuring the QUICKEST car. There is a bid difference. Quick is how fast a care can accelerate. Fast is how fast it can go.

Whatever. It’s still useless to be quick for a few hundred meters and then have nothing more to offer.

You’ve just defined drag racing.

Say that toa ceetah, or a crocodile, or a lion, or a gazele, or every other animal including homo sapiens who sometimes rely on bursts of speed to catch their prey or escape in order to survive. Yeah, being quick is so stupid and useless…

Cheetahs, lions etc don’t drive cars.

top fuel cars, funny cars methane bikes etc… all those guys brag about how fast they are going in 60 feet so I think you are wrong.

What I mean is that it’s not hard to be quick if you’re making the race shorter and shorter. Optimizing the vehicle to be very quick for a very short distance isn’t very impressive at all. Strap a box of dynamite to the back of the car and it’ll be extremely quick for a few meters, how’s that for a race?

Wrong! The quickest doorslamer ice can do the 1/4 mile before this EV does the 1/8 mile –

5.46 @ 272mph

This EV is fast which is cool, but it’s far from a world record

I think “quickest accelerating car in the world” in the NEDRA quote likely means electric cars only.

There are a couple of electric dragsters and bikes that are faster in the 1/8 mile.

using this site,, that is roughly a 9 second quarter mile. It is a simple conversion and probably designed for ICEs. Might not apply here.

(I was curious so thought others might be too.)

5.74 in the eighth mile is only 9.0 in the quarter. Come to my local track on a friday night and ill show you a dozen “doorslammers” that go faster. There are plenty of cars in the 8.50 index that have even driven to the track ( not trailered in). Give me a break.

just because u can do 1/4 mile in under 9 seconds does Not mean u can do 1/8th mile in under 5.74 seconds.

Actually it kinda does. In order to do a sub 9 second quarter mile, you are going 5.74 or quicker in the eighth mile. Its simple physics. And all this is a moot point anyway because John Metric’s Assault and Battery Miata EV went 5.73 in the eighth a year and a half ago. Here’s the proof from this very site.

This is the QUICKEST ELECTRIC car in the world on 1/8-mile. And YES it is a car as it has doosrs, off-centerline seat/steering and a full body (NO funny car).
If you go here: you will see that the only vehicles quicker, are motorcycles and dragster, no cars.
Its the article that is plain wrong.

Hey HH,

When you say “Its the article that is plain wrong” do you mean one of the articles linked in the comments and not the primarly article? (perhaps your comment didn’t attach/reply to another?)

The article does reference this car, and the 1/8 mile times from NEDRA.

Feel like there is a lot of back and forth here for some reason – just trying to understand the confusion (perhaps the 1/4 mile slips vs 1/8 mile in relation to EVs vs ICE? not sure)

Anywhoo, I see this car – the TC-X and its time labelled (as of now/press) as the fastest car officially by NEDRA on the 1/8th(list attached below):

The headline states ” the worlds quickest car is electric” and then later “turns out the worlds quickest car is electric”. I love electric cars especially fast ones. We were merely stating that this is not the world’s quickest car, only maybe the world’s quickest doorslammer ELECTRIC car at the moment. There are hundreds if not thousands of ice doorslammer cars that can run faster than 5.75 in the eighth mile. I know of two Mustangs in my town alone. If this is indeed the world’s quickest electric doorslammer, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame! It won’t be long before someone breaks the record. First it was the White Zombie, then the VW Beetle from across the pond, then the Camaro from Ecedra (remember those guys, the east coast nedra) and lately i think its been John Metric’s Assault and Battery or Lawless’s S-10. And quit bragging about eighth mile times, real cars run quarter mile and a 9.0 isnt a big deal anymore. That’s why my local track has a full lane of 8.50 index cars and there are plenty faster ones too.

Ken and others have this right. The title is totally misleading. There are tons of quicker gas powered doorslammers at dragstrips across the country and cruising the streets…let’s not get carried away here.

No, Ken and others do not “have this right.”

The conversion for acceleration from 1/8th to 1/4 mile times is hardly the same for ICE vehicles versus electrics. The acceleration curve is entirely different so get off your fossilfuel burning high horses and admit that your days of being cool by making a crapload of noise and going “meh” fast/quick are in the past.

Welcome to the new world, kiddies.

I own 3 electric cars and an electric motorcycle. Ive drag raced them all. I don’t own a high horse, so what are you talking about? We are just saying that there are plenty of faster gas cars on the street even. And John Metric’s miata went faster a year and a half ago. So this car is not the worlds fastest anything.

Here’s John Metric’s Miata going 5.73 in the eighth mile with timeslips to prove it.
This was on inside evs over a year ago. So unless it goes faster than 5.73, id say Metric’s car is the world’s fastest doorslammer.

I think the main issue myself and others have with this article is the title- “World’s Quickest Car Is Electric”.

This is simply not true or accurate in any way.

_That_ is the issue.

BTW… Please stop calling a street race with a rolling start a “drag race”. This is also simply not true.

You are going to have to have a “Christmas Tree” and a timeslip to call it a drag race.

Sorry I even have to say this because Inside EVs is my favorite source for all the hot info on EVs.