World’s Largest EV Rally WAVE To Cover 1,600 km “Grand Tour of Switzerland”


2017 WAVE

2017 WAVE

2017 WAVE

2017 WAVE

This year’s edition of WAVE (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) for electric vehicles, will be the seventh annual – impressive considering the young age of the electrification segment of automobiles.

From June 9 to 17, one hundred teams will cover up to 1,600 km (1,000 miles) around Switzerland in the world’s largest electric vehicle rally.

The main goal of course is to promote EVs…and have fun visiting Switzerland.

“Let’s discover Switzerland off the highways, visit hidden alpine villages and breathtaking mountain passes. It’s not about speed or performance, it’s all about enjoying Switzerland and having a great time together with other EV folks from all over the world. And we want to set a sign for electric mobility, together with our partners along the way!”

Here is a video highlighting last year’s event:

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So no Nissan Leaf news? Boo.

Interesting, though I am from Switzerland, I have a hard time imagining how the charging of all those vehicles will work out. Otherwise tempted to participate.