World’s Largest Contract Electronics Maker May Begin to Produce Electric Vehicles


Unknown to most is that Hon Hai Precision Industry is the world’s largest contract electronics maker.  The name likely won’t sound familiar, as Hon Hai isn’t a brand name, but rather a maker of products for other brands.

Hon Hai Logo

Hon Hai Logo

For example, Hon Hai is responsible for production of Vizio TV sets.

Located in Tawain, Hon Hai is supposedly now considering entry into the electric vehicle segment as a manufacturer of EVs for Asia.

Hon Hai says that its decision on EV making is coming soon and that if it enters the market, then production will take places in the central Taiwan municipality of Taichung.

Hon Hai is not entirely new to EVs.  In fact, a Hon Hai affiliate supplies Tesla Motors with the 17-inch screen found in every Model S.

Hon Hai believes that EVs are the future and, as such, it’s quietly been investing in several firms who are tied to EVs.

Hon Hai owns shares of the Taiwanese battery cell maker UER Technology Corp.  Additionally, Hon Hai has technology in the production of precision molds, aluminum stamping and glass processing.  In the future, Hon Hai will begin producing ECUs and battery cell modules for automobiles.

With so much experience in production, it seems natural for Hon Hai to venture into the making of automobiles.  However, Hon Hai doesn’t do design, so it’s seeking an automaker who needs a manufacturer, if that makes sense.

Basically, Hon Hai just needs to be told what to make and then it will make it.

When asked if Tesla Motors had contacted Hon Hai, the company disclosed that it has not yet been in contact with a single automaker.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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Like Hon Hai I also believe in employing models. Is there abetter resolution anywhere?

Why don’t they buy a license for some ICE vehicle and pay an engineering company to help them redesign it for EV?

Would you please stop showing these hot Chinese chicks some more and again TMO.


The scantily clad Chinese chicks is a major factor for me to keep visiting this site pretty much every half hour. Keep going!


Please jump into the game Hon Hai. The more competitors, the better. Whoever discovers the secret to building a cheap electric car with a decent range while still making a profit will become a billionaire.

Since it wasn’t clear from the article, Hon Hai Precision Industry is more widely known by their other name Foxconn.

Foxconn makes many company’s laptops, including Apple’s. If Apple trusts them for their laptops, I would trust them for an EV.

Nothing negative against them, just found it worth noting since the name Foxconn is far more widely known than Hon Hai.

Really they should supply the Tesla with a high resolution screen, that would be nice.