World’s Largest Airport Has World’s 2nd Largest Private Parking For EVs


Peachy Airport Parking Indoor Lot

Peachy Airport Parking Indoor Lot

In 2012 Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport received 95,462,867 passengers. However it has zero chargers on it short and long term parking lots. Roughly a year ago a few parking spots have been added in the International Terminal designated as Hybrid/Alternative Fuel, but finding a receptacle is tough or nearly impossible as Hybrids take over the spots all the time.

International Terminal With A Lonely 110v Outlet

International Terminal With A Lonely 110v Outlet

Every airport in our country has private parking facilities, but none have gone as electric friendly as Peachy Airport Parking until very recently in Seattle-Tacoma.

First Attempt At EV Charging At Peachy

First Attempt At EV Charging At Peachy

Peachy, has two parking lots, one outdoor and another fully guarded indoor lot. Turns out this building had lot of 110v dedicated circuits and what started as only 4 EV spots turned into a the most friendliest Electric Vehicle Airport parking on the east coast. With the help of local EV enthusiasts, Peachy Airport parking created dedicated EV parking reservation system with 8 EV marked spots. You can make a reservation online at this link.

Indoor EV Charging Rates

Indoor EV Charging Rates

And when arrive to leave your car, an EV cone is protecting your spot.

Designated Signs And Cones

Designated Signs And Cones (via Plugshare)

Due to the popularity of the program, Peachy expanded EV parking to 25 spots and the proof is below:

Four Teslas, two Volts, and 12 NISSAN LEAFs captured here on a single day.

Tesla Model S Sedans and Nissan LEAFs Charging (Photo courtesy of Matthew McInerny)

Tesla Model S Sedans, Chevy Volts and Nissan LEAFs Grab A Charge(Photo courtesy of Matthew McInerny)

All cars are charged using the vehicle owner’s equipment at 110v on a dedicated circuit. The Volt and LEAF can be charged up in a single day trip, but Tesla probably calls for a slightly longer trip. Best part: the price to park your EV is the same as ICE, and Peachy DOES NOT charge for electricity.

Could it do 50 EV spots by the end of the year?

Plugshare, Recargo

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Very cool. 120V is definitely the way to go in airports. No need for pricey Level 2 stations, and the savings can allow you to provide that many more EV spots.

Well, when this is managed parking, they could repark the cars to faster, but lower numbered, charging stations, based on the scheduled arrival of the customer.

Yep, I agree. 120V standard outlet is all you need. Well, the outlet and signs that mark the spots as EV-only. And enforcement of EV only parking.

Think Canopy Parking at Denver is giving these guys some competition. They have 6 free Juice bars (12 charging cords) which are powered by the onsite solar and wind generators.
And they will wash your car whilst your on a trip.

L1 totally makes sense for long term airport parking. They can put over 100 outlets for the price of one CHAdeMO station.


I completely agree. L1 is great for flyers. The Daily parking should still have L2, though

San Diego Airport (SAN) has 20 30A Chargepoint stations.

Quite a bit larger than Atlanta.

^^^ Reading comprehension fail. 25 > 20.

Still very impressive though, (=

Even the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport is getting into the swing of things. Kinda. You have to use valet parking which costs $27/day plus tax.

Park ‘n Fly (north) has a single eVgo charger. It costs $5 (on top of parking fees) if you’re not an eVgo subscriber for a charge or free if you are a subscriber.

Depends on how you define largest. For largest numbers of EV’s, this probably wins. A very frugal installation since there are no EVSE’s other than the car owner provided ones.

Security cameras no doubt discourage ‘pilfering’ the neighbor’s EVSE.