World’s First Pink Gloss Tesla Model 3 – Video


Check out the world’s first hot pink Tesla Model 3. It’s called Project Pinky. Don’t you just love the pink?

Luckily, it’s a wrap, so this pink madness can be undone.

This particular Model 3 features an all-white leather interior too.

White Leather In Model 3

Video description with modification breakdown:

Pink Model 3

World’s First Hot Pink Model 3 with an All White Leather Interior: Project Pinky Walkthrough

● 2018 Tesla Model 3

● 3M Full Body Wrap in Gloss Hot Pink 

● 3M chrome Black Out in Satin Black .

● T Emblem (Front & Rear) painted in Satin Black 

● Custom painted Brake Calipers in Hot Pink 

● 3M Crystalline tint 70% (windshield / glass roof) / 40% (driver and passenger side windows, rear hatch window) 

● TST 19” wheels 19×8.5” front & rear in Matte Black.

● Uses Pirelli P Zero Nero GT 235/40-19″ in factory 19″ tire size, original factory lug nuts, original factory TPMS, and accepts factory center caps.

● Lug Nut Cover Set
● T Sportline Seat Upgrade Kit – White Leather, Perforated Inserts & White Leather Insignia Model 3 logo.

● Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Dash Panel 

● Escort Max 360i

Pink Model 3

White Leather In Model 3

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13 Comments on "World’s First Pink Gloss Tesla Model 3 – Video"

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Absolutely Fabulous!
Pretty in pink!

“Don’t you just love the pink?”

It looks like a pink nightmare!

Was this custom paint job intended for Malibu Barbie?

Actually, that’s a good customer profile.

It’s not my thing, but let the world turn.

Yeah, and at least it’s a wrap. So if they ever change their mind they can remove it.

Since Tesla is available without leather,why would anyone want leather in any Tesla. Vegan for the win?.

It is no longer possible to buy a new tesla with leather seats

Fastest Mary Kay car on the road.

Or….a base for an Ad?

Nausea, Heatburn Upset Stomach, Diarrhea!

It’s Hot. It’s Pink.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

……no comment.

Tsportline – stopping radar in its tracks with active misfire radars signals, Woooohooooo!

Let the GUMBALL rally begin !

Somebody shoot it and put it out of its misery.

Can you provide projection on the front glass I can watch my speed in there instead of on the screen of computer right hand side ? I thing Is the major problem people do have with Model 3… people just love to see in front of them actual speed…