World’s First PHEV Cement Mixer

DEC 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 series

Electrification now reaches the farthest corners of the automotive industry, and one of those corners is construction trucks.

Efficient Drivetrains delivers industry-first PHEV construction truck. EDI PowerDrive™ 8000 integrated into Shaanxi Automotive Class-8 Cement Mixer Truck

Efficient Drivetrains and Chinese company Shaanxi Automotive have developed the world’s first plug-in hybrid Class-8, 32-ton cement mixer truck -using the EDI PowerDrive 8000.

Shannxi Automotive is the world’s tenth largest medium and heavy duty truck manufacturer.

The goal of the project is to significantly reduce fuel consumption and eliminate the need for engine idle by electrifying the operation of the mixer.

Unfortunately, no data on all-electric range or time of idle operation was provided.

“The immense scale of urbanization in China—the fastest in history, paired with rigorous government-led mandates to reduce emissions has created a substantial rise in the electrification of medium and heavy duty vehicles. Shaanxi Automotive has proactively committed to new energy as part of its portfolio of vehicle offerings, and continues to lead the way in providing zero-emissions vehicles featuring electric as a primary fuel source–comprising almost 50% of its market share. The collaboration between Efficient Drivetrains and Shaanxi Automotive to capture the construction industry marks the third successful initiative for the two companies, with PHEV mass transit and port truck offerings available today as part of previous engagements.”

“Truck operators will experience the expected full power vehicle performance of the OEM, while eliminating harmful emissions. The demonstration vehicle also utilizes a low-cost drivetrain system, which makes electrification of construction vehicles an affordable option for OEMs in China.”

Joerg Ferchau, CEO, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. said:

“We continue to see a continuing and expanded industry trend towards the electrification of medium and heavy duty trucks across the globe. EDI established a market leadership position early on with our differentiated portfolio of hybrid and electric drivetrain offerings, and we continue to innovate to drive change for the commercial vehicle industry. Our careful selection of distinguished influencer partnerships-like those of Shaanxi, and platform deployments on other major OEMs like Freightliner, Peterbilt, GM, Ford, International, and others, has positioned the company well to capture the market share.”

Taylor Yu, Head of China Development, Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. said:

“The China government is working to an aggressive timetable to phase out fossil-fuel powered vehicles, which has resulted in a paramount time for EDI. Our high-caliber development organization in China is a testament to our ability to rapidly design, innovate, and build electrified vehicles for some of the world’s largest OEMs. We look forward to continuing to bring PHEV and EV solutions to our expanding China customer base.”

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Ever get the feeling our Government is being run by nincompoops who see our future as coal dust and dirty air?

You mean the same govt that will give you up to a $7,500 rebate if you buy an EV or 30% off PV installations? What, you want them to buy them outright for you??

On the topic of an EV cement mixer I guess it could work for certain environments but by me it wouldn’t work yet. They just drive too many miles and would require charging midday which eats in to their running time which means lower profits so I just don’t see it working yet. Garbage trucks at least have predictible routes, and likely shorter mileage requirements so you could make sure you buy or plan accordingly.

Of course, this is a PHEV mixer. It will work well anywhere. Sometimes, though, it may not be worth the extra cost.

Great. I get to keep 7,500 of my own money. Pfft. Bring back the $38,000 subsidies available on Hummers but make that available for EVs.

The 7 trillion dollars spent in Iraq on protecting the profits of foreign owned oil companies could have paid for a 10kW solar array, a Tesla Powerwall, and a $30,000 EV for every household in America.

Gas prices in the US are maintained by subsidising every gallon sold. The Tax rebate for an EV is less over a vehicles lifetime and only if you normally pay that tax in the first place.

You can largely blame citizens united. Even foreign governments can donate unlimited amounts of cash.

You sure about that? I was under the impression foreign governments were still forbidden from any direct donations to political campaigns. Of course there are ways around every rule I suppose. And since our own government seems very pleased to meddle in the elections of other nations (Israel for example) I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when they return the favor.

We shouldn’t be surprised but we shouldn’t tolerate it. Treason is treason and should be prosecuted as such. Zero tolerance. No mamby pambylioking the other way. That is for wimps and traitors.

This is a very good application. The power from battery can be used to drive this vehicle or for running the mixer. Hope many more joins.

I saw a Cintas electric truck on the road yesterday.

Corporate fleets embracing electrification is more exciting than consumer vehicles.

It’s exciting in a different way.
Companies will adopt what’s cheap. So it’s a good sign on cost.
But private buyers choose to spend extra money on vehicles, so winning the private market would say more about capability.

Corporate vehicle has different cost structure compared to personal vehicle. They will easily have more mileage each year, making it easier to recoup the higher price of the vehicle. They may also enjoy lower electricity price. They may also have more specific operation condition that gives EV more advantage (e.g. stop and go, slow driving for delivery/garbage collection truck).

I live about a mile or less from 2 Concrete Batch Plants. I should print this for them!

Please take phone cell video while live streaming the interaction!

Mark, please note the truck in question is a CONCRETE truck not a cement truck. Very common mistake, so I’m not trying to make you feel bad, just educating you a bit. In the industry, calling it a cement mixer or truck instead a concrete truck is similar to one using kW and kWh interchangeably. Other than that, great article.

Well said. Surprising so many people don’t know the difference between cement, mortar & concrete- very different commodities.

Concrete trucks drive ONLY from the nearest batch plant to the construction site, sometimes the batch plant is ON the construction site, if it is a large one.
So the comment on limited range is rubbish.

Forgot to educate you- if a truck is delayed more than 1 hr from the initial mix, that mix may be rejected by the site overseer. SO… max ‘range’ cannot exceed 1hr.

Also forgot that some companies deliver the mix- aggregate [‘ballast’]/sand/cement DRY, then do the mix on-site. Saves all that transported weight of water but then again you need technicians there to take samples for f’c testing…

Nice. I can tell by your comments you must be in the industry. And here I thought I was the only EV enthusiast working in building materials! I’m in the Agg business (in Kentucky) so I know just enough about concrete to be dangerous.