World’s Most Expensive Tesla Model S – Video


Here’s what’s claimed to be the world’s most expensive Tesla Model S.

World's Most Expensive Tesla Model S

World’s Most Expensive Tesla Model S

Loaded with all sorts of upgrades, this Model S checks in at $205,820.

That amounts to $82,050 in upgrades, which is more than enough to purchase a basic bone stock Model S.

The priciest upgrade is the bespoke interior at $25,000.  This interior is custom made to order, so it’s up to the buyer to decide what he or she wants on the inside of this Model S.

Cheapest upgrade?  How ’bout some interior LED lighting for only $600.

Oddly, T Sportline actually boasts of this being the most expensive Model S.  It’s not often you hear someone bragging over how expensive a product is, but perhaps T Sportline wants to draw in some attention.  If that’s the case, then “world’s most expensive” gets the job done.

World's Most Expensive Tesla Model S

World’s Most Expensive Tesla Model S

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World’s Most Expensive Tesla Model S

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It seems not to make sense.

The right side starts will a fully loaded S.

But if you were to get the right-side options on top of that such as wheels and parking sensors, you would not get them from the left-side first.

Awesome! I l live the wheels and the seat backs. Understated spoiler and clean front end just add to the sexiness.

Oops. That’s ‘love the wheels…’

Gold wheels, no thanks. But to each their own.

It looks like a Paris Hilton version!

Al & Ed’s is in LA…

I hope no nose cones were drilled through in the re-making of this vehicle 🙂

“ultra high fidelity sound” – $2500
“audiophile upgrade” – $9500

Double charged?

“Common sense is inversely proportional to the size of your bank account”

“ticket avoidance systems” ???

Apparently, that’s the fancy word for “radar detector” which is illegal in some states (such as VA).

$1,000 for snake, I mean Cila Jet paint sealant after a $6,000 complete wrap? LOL

Seeing the blind spot sensor addition reminds me that Tesla has to pick up the pace in terms of luxury – they did recently add four corner parking sensors, but they still don’t have adaptive cruise control, blind spot sensors, HUD, etc. I hope they include some of those things in order to compete better with the amenities of other luxury vehicles in its class. Plus, I want my next car to be a Tesla, and I want my next car to have adaptive cruise control. I don’t do a lot of long-distance driving, but it is an awesome convenience feature.