World Electric Vehicle Parade Sets New EV World Record at 260 (w/video)


World Electric Vehicle Parade Participants Line Up

World Electric Vehicle Parade Participants Line Up

The existing record was shattered when electric vehicles hit the street on August 31, in Oslo, Norway.

Record-Setting EV Chain

Record-Setting EV Chain

225 is no longer the mark to beat.

260 is the new world record.

At the World Electric Vehicle Parade (an annual event), 260 EVs lined up to take down London’s record of 225.

Why the focus on setting a new record?  Here’s what the organizers of the World Electric Vehicle Parade say:

“Our aim is to establish a new World Record of parading electric vehicles by beating the existing World Record of London with 225 EVs. We hope the new record will inspire both the national and global community and alert policy makers on how mass adoption of emission free transport is already possible and desirable regarding to sustainable mobility based on renewables, urban health issues, noise reduction, integrated solutions and generally raising urban quality of life.”

Next year, Beijing will host the annual event and will be tasked to taking down the new 260-vehicle record.

How do you set such a record?  Here’s the criteria:

  • We must drive more than (insert number of vehicles here) electric vehicles.
  • We must drive further than 2.2 km.
  • All wheels must be rolling at the same time.
  • If a gas, or diesel car were to disrupt the line of EVs, the record will be invalid.

Seems a bit tricky, but if organized well, it can be done.

Here’s some celebratory video shot after the record had fallen.

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That’s amazing! But London was not the previous world record. Last year (2012) in Amsterdam, 257 EV’s participated in the world’s longest electric parade.

Guiness was there to record it. However, I see their websites still showing London. Weird?

Eric Loveday

Yes…there may have been some non-conformity in Amsterdam…We’re still hearing that London is the current record holder. Maybe a darn gasser interrupted the action in Amsterdam?

Brian Henderson

Think Guinness only publishes World Records once a year, so the 2012 UK is the current holding. For 2013 the leading contender appears to be Swiss Zurich with a Parade of 388 EVs on July 6, 2013. Video showing many of the EVs: Many of EVs on 2013 WAVE Tour of EVs through Europe took part in the Zurich parade.

Any bets on where the first location on Earth to host a 500+ EV Parade? Earth Day?!

Brian Henderson

Live link to “World Record Zürich Züri Fäscht 2013 Elektroauto Parade”


yup 388 e- cars. we were there. Beat that!!