World Debut: Jaguar E-Type Zero Up Close And Personal


Jaguar E-type Zero

Here’s your first up close and personal look at the stunning Jaguar E-Type Zero Electric Concept.

Just a few days ago, Jaguar shocked us with the reveal of a converted E-Type called the E-Type Zero Electric Concept.

Widely regarded as the most visually appealing car ever made, the E-Type goes fully electric in this rendition.

Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar has only loose plans at this point in time in regards to making such a conversion reality, but still it’s simply gorgeous to gaze upon.

Jaguar views this conversion as a possible way to keep classic cars on the roads as emissions grow ever so stringent.

Jaguar E-type Zero

As we previously stated in our reveal article:

Jaguar E-type Zero

“[Jaguar] has replaced the classic Jaguar six-cylinder engine with batteries, an electric motor, and all the necessary control systems. But otherwise, the restored Series 1.5 E-Type from 1968 has been left well alone – suspension is identical, as are the brakes, even the driveshafts that send the electric-sourced power to the rear wheels.

It has a 170-mile real-world range, does 0-62 miles per hour (0-100 kilometers per hour) in 5.5 seconds (a second faster than the original), and weighs 80 kilograms (176 pounds) less than the classic 60s sports car.

JLR Classic director Tim Hannig says the conversion could be offered by the works division, maintaining as much originality as possible. It would also be fully reversible, for added provenance. Although the concept E-Type EV has an interior with electronic instruments and a central touchscreen, even the original E-Type clocks and toggles could be retained. “You’d only need to swap the rev counter for an electronic battery meter,” he told us.

On stage at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London, alongside the E-Type EV, you’ll see what appears to be a production-ready Jaguar I-Pace (production details and technical specs here), as well as a very forward-looking concept from Jaguar called the Jaguar Future-Pace.

Jaguar E-type Zero

Jaguar E-Type Zero

Additional details on E-Type Zero, as well as video and images of both the Jaguar I-Pace and Future-Pace, straight from the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London can be found in our accompanying post here.

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A blast from the past with an electric engine.
They must have had a lot of fun making that. Looks Great! Like a Jaguar slot car scaled up.

yes just YES!

So E-Type can be understood as Electric-Type!
Anyway, it’s show again Jaguars commitment and not being afraid of touching their own heritage. seeing them as progressive forward thinking rather than stuck on old traditions and technologies.

Good but not excellent design more struggle need on this car again reconditioned tjem.