Workhorse N-GEN Electric Van Hits The Road

MAR 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Workhorse, together with its distribution and service partner, Ryder System, put on the road the first of its N-GEN new all-electric vans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Workhorse N-GEN is equipped with 60 kWh battery for up to 100 miles (160 km) of real-world range.

The first unit (leased by Ryder System) will be tested by an undisclosed local package delivery firm prior to hundreds more being produced.

The all-wheel-drive electric Workhorse N-Gen

“The companies are not disclosing the name of the delivery business “because they want to really test the vans before going public,” said Steve Burns, Workhorse’s chief executive. “But these are real vans, not concepts, and they will be delivering hundreds of packages a day,” he told”

Besides the N-GEN prototype in San Francisco, 50 larger vans were recently ordered by UPS.

Workhorse hopes to put 2,000 N-GEN vans on the road by the end of this year, which sounds pretty ambitious.

“Designed from the ground up by American original equipment manufacturer Workhorse, the cargo vans were built to be the safest, most efficient last-mile delivery and work truck system available. With ultra-low floors and a high roof design, they are built to improve worker efficiency and reduce physical stress on the knees and back, while maximizing cargo space in a small footprint.

As an integrated component of Workhorse’s offering, Ryder will support the electric vehicles with a combination of warranty and maintenance services as part of the Ryder SelectCare fleet maintenance portfolio. Ryder offers a network of 800 maintenance facilities across North America to support the Workhorse electric vehicle fleet, maximizing uptime, lowering costs and keeping businesses moving.

The N-GEN vans feature fast charging capabilities and achieve 100 miles all electric range. Standard is all-wheel drive and superior turning radius for a light class vehicle. The built-in Workhorse Metron telematics system tracks all parameters in real time to optimize performance and efficiency. Design options will include collision avoidance system, automatic braking, lane centering warning and optional patented HorseFly unmanned package delivery drone.”

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Duane Hughes, Workhorse President and COO said:

“Rolling out this history making fleet of N-GEN vans in one of the most innovative cities in America is something myself and the entire team are extremely proud of. This deployment is the first step towards transitioning the largest growing segment in the truck business into a zero-emission stronghold.”


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I hope Workhorse is able to beat the Nissan e-NV 200 EV, in its eventual launch, here in North America. Nissan has lost another missed opportunity here in the states.

The van I’ve been waiting for.

Screw Azure Dynamics fraud mobile (Ford Transit) and Nissan’s invisible American version of the eNV200.
Bring this Cargo van to all 50 states.

I doubt this will be sold to the public anytime soon. Likely fleet sales only. Still, how much are you willing to pay for 100 miles of range? $50,000? $60,000? If these were made available to the general public, I imagine with their limited production (likely pretty much hand built) and niche market, they would fall in the range of the current Model 3, not the mythical “$35,000” one.

(correction, electric range is always quoted byWorkhorse as 80mi)
Supposed target price is $52K (AWD, I believe); I’m not sure if that includes the range extender, power takeoff etc.
They’ve been soliciting consumer interest for nearly a year, which I believe means “if there are enough individuals willing, we’ll sell to consumer”, although I’m not sure they’re set up for consumer-retail sales & service, as opposed to fleet sales.
All that said, looks like their biggest challenge will be raising enough money to do volume production.

The first thing that must happen for this to be a commercially-available van for Joe Public is crash sfety testing required for all LDVs. Good luck with that happening successfully within the next 18-24 months.

Good news!

Very good news, Nissan envy had an event but not here in America just in UK, bring this workhorse screw the major manufacturers lying to us, they don’t want electrics, but we do 🙂

The picture of the “van” parked in from of the San Fran town hall is not the genuine article. Look at this Workhorse Twitter post

The picture shows a windshield that’s not attached at the corners and warped in the center, like it was glued on and separated. Likewise the side window looks to be a 3M Window Insulator kit covering; it’s not openable.

They may have an interesting cncept in the offing here, but this is not anything close to even a prototype at the body level. It’s a mule.

Sorry to include the twitter; not needed. Just look at the picture at the top of this article.

We have an Azure Dynamics Ford Transit Van in the workplace. It gets used daily, everyone loves it, and it has been problem free. Still gets 60 miles+ per charge.

I’m glad you have a positive experience with the Transit EV. That was not mine. It was brutal.