Workaholic Musk Camps Out On Gigafactory Roof For The Sake Of Model 3



It turns out camping on the Tesla Gigafactory roof is a better option for busy CEO Elon Musk than heading to a hotel.

We all know that Elon Musk is a bit of a workaholic. This has probably accelerated as of late, with the Model 3 production bottleneck issues and “production hell” in general. Add to this the fact that Tesla is using a significant amount of resources to help those in Puerto Rico without power. Just the other day, the automaker brought a children’s hospital back online in the struggling U.S. territory.

Late the other night, Musk posted a picture of himself and a few others enjoying a bonfire atop the Tesla Gigafactory. It’s no joke, they actually built a campfire on the roof:

Campfire on the Gigafactory roof

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It seems the party was still well underway hours later, or Musk just waited to post a video. The group was enjoying marshmallows, cold hotdogs, s’mores, whiskey, and a little Johnny Cash. Yes, as you can see, Elon is dancing in his seat while lipsyncing to the famed “Ring of Fire” and toasting his team:

Whiskey, fire, s’mores and JC Also, hotdog or not hotdog?

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At the time of posting, Musk likely thought that sharing the adventure was a great idea. Heck, it’s silly, fun, and outright hilarious. One reason the popular CEO is so well-liked among many is that he’s “real” and “candid”, taking to social media to share such life events.While Musk and friends seemed to be enjoying themselves taking a load off beneath the stars, there was more to the story, which the CEO felt compelled to share the next day.

Perhaps Musk got a little flack for the event. It does seem a bit strange that he would be partying it up all night long and building a fire on the roof of a building when Model 3 production is struggling. But, everyone deserves a break and a little time to unwind right? He surely puts his time in.

He was actually camping out on the Gigafactory roof so as not to have to drive all the way to and from Reno for a hotel. So, Musk’s antics were actually in an effort to save time and have more hours for working. Obviously, he needs all the extra hours he can muster right now, as he’s upped his new favorite catchphrase to “Production hell, ~8th circle”.

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A little fun can never hurt…

Musk is a Party Animal..Not!..l m a o…..

Seems desperate for attention

I just hope they DON’T Burn the Joint down…l o l..


If Musk wants attention, he talks about spaceships to Mars.

Yes! ++++1

As long as he doesn’t lose it all and jump off the roof.. all is well.
This is just more gimmick. He could just sleep in the couch in his office.

Sure, no one is paying attention to Elon Musk these days…

I guess I don’t see how this makes Musk a ‘workaholic’.

If he was he’d be a bit more worried about the ‘3’ ‘s release.

Seeing as he’s not even in the State where the issues are, it seems to me he is not all that concerned about it.

I don’t even think he feels under pressure about it at all. If he was, he’d work first then relax after the work was done.

If your’e a billionaire, how stressful can life really get !

Most of Us will never Know That!…. l o l…….

He expects everyone else to work 24/7 so he can have another $billion.

Really? Based on this one short video? You should clearly be a prodigy of some sort.

Social media is the biggest fail invention of the last 20 years or so … we’d be a lot further down the right path if the BS social media didn’t exist, that’s for sure … I am not a prodigy though, like you seem to be … 🙂

“Seeing as he’s not even in the State where the issues are, it seems to me he is not all that concerned about it.”

Amazing, I didn’t realize you had a crystal ball that let you see exactly where the origin of Tesla’s problems are. /s

Given the report of problems with welds on the TM3 battery pack, and that the Model 3 battery pack is supposed to be assembled at Gigafactory 1, perhaps Musk is indeed at the site of the production bottleneck.

I’m with you here Pushy. In order to know he’s in the wrong place you first have to assume you know better than he is where the problem is. And the chances are astronomical that you’re wrong in that assumption.

Man, I used to think you knew something. You claim you know all about DC and chargers, so when I ask you a question first about CHargers, you ignore it, (how much current do 2 combined public chargers draw?), and then when you LECTURE me on ‘smoothing’ issues I ask, since you know everything already, what is the pre-smoothing percentage value of a 3-phase charging source? (They’re so so rare, Every Chrysler has had one since 1960, Ford since 1965, GM since 1963). Of course you ignore that question too. But Pushi is right there with you, as you said, seeing as he regularly says something like: “THOSE in the KNOW about the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS”, Like Professor Dr. Pushi here, so first I give the real definition of what the ‘law’ actually says, then I get ignored, and so I ask pushy a question about a bicycle pump which is an every day Thermodynamics question that everyone has seen in their own garage – except Pushi totally ignores the question, for obvious reasons, the same as you don’t answer mine. Its obvious to other readers you guys are not conversant with the subject matter, and unlike me, are… Read more »
I don’t return to threads forever. You are feeling slighted for no reason. The lowest potential between 3 phases at 120 degrees is obviously cos 60 or 50%. This is infinitely higher than the lowest potential between two split phases at 180 degrees which is cos 90 or 0%. The difference between these two is enormous and significant. I’m not sure why you think a Chrysler is material. But when you want the level of power you want for a supercharger it is supplied as 3 phase. It’s not cost effective to do it any other way so it isn’t done any other way. So when I say those sites don’t have “high power 3-phase” power I mean both high power and 3-phase. So you can rotary convert your power all day long and you’re not going to have the power it takes to run two Tesla Superchargers (4 stalls of “rural” chargers, i.e. 120kW output AFTER conversion). You suggesting I am wrong because I agree with Pushy is absurd. I do not always agree with Pushy, and Pushy will attest to this as he accused me of calling him a liar just this very day. No matter whether I… Read more »

Well, I’m not sure about your 3 phase low power at cos 60° but I can say that 0 power is at 180° for single phase power for sure and no phase converter provide more power than the source feeding it.
In fact counting the loses, it’s alway less power out than in, and this is for any kind of conversion all around, thermodynamic or not(nut).

See, now everyone agree.

Both of my figures are from the peak.

For single phase: If the peak is 0 (cos 0 = 1), then the lowest point is the null at 90 (cos 90 = 0), the trough is at 180 (cos 180 = -1), the rising null at 270 (cos 270 = 0).

For three phase (120 degrees apart), if the peak on phase 1 is at 0 (cos 0 = 1), then the point where phase 1 (falling) crosses phase 2 (rising) is at 60 and is at 50% (cos 60 = 0.5, cos -60 = 0.5 where -60 is the angle before peak on phase 2) , the peak of phase 2 is at 120 and so the next crossing is at 180. Next peak is phase 3 at 240 and next crossing is at 300.

Sorry if my phase angles are non-standard since I start at peak instead of a rising zero crossing.

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with BS. Here were precisely my 2 questions….. You talked about the load chargers take so here is question 1. To reiterate: 1). 2 Bolts show up at a dual chargepoint wallbox or whatever brand you like, and both owners plug in , getting 30 amps at 208 volts to each car. (The business has a very typical 120Y/208 volt 3 phase service to the buisness). The first wallbox is running on phases A and B. To attempt to balance the load per utility specs the second wallbox is on phases B and C. With no other load in the building tell me the answer in AMPERES the currents in Phase A, B, and C. The answer requires a simple number to A, B and C. Question 2). You talked about smoothing alternating current sources for DC use after rectification. So I said, “What is the Percentage Ripple from a 3 -phase source before any capacitive or Inductive Smoothing. The answer is a Simple number since I already stated it was the percentage of the peak. If you want to talk about the peak, what is the voltage on a voltmeter… Read more »

Oh , BTW, if anyone cares, if you draw a diagram of one sinusoid, and then draw another one delayed 120 degrees, you end up with a potential which is the SINE of the angles between the two (not Cosine), which is .866 of the value in your house. Not so coincidentally, 208 is .866 of 240.

If you ever catch yourself trying to call someone out by giving them a quiz to answer stop and think what made you think that others have to pass your test?

You aren’t any more important than any other commenter here. Solve your own phasor quiz.

Thus, as I said before there is no reason to think that Tesla designed their supercharger converters to have to deal with bridging the nulls that come with single phase power. Superchargers require 3 phase high power service. You don’t have this at home. You can’t create it from your home service either with any kind of converter as you don’t have sufficient input power to satisfy the charger. And chances are you don’t have it at the beach either.

I have no idea where you’re trying to go with this. You’re trying to make some kind of point which simply isn’t there to make.

No, I rarely do this. I only QUIZ anyone who I suspect is a moron having the balls to LECTURE ME on how something works, when he has no clue how it works to begin with. You’ve proved that.

Obviously not knowing something is not a crime, and we can all take these comments as being educational. But you guys are so arrogant about it.

I don’t mind talking to an arrogant person if he knows what he’s talking about, but an idiot assuming HIGH HONOR takes the cake.

I enjoy talking with a real electrician like Djoni since he’s conversant with the subject matter.

Djoni – You are quite correct that the power FEEDING a phase converter does go to ZERO twice per cycle, how ever the missing 2 phases are generated on a rotory induction machine by using the heavy spinning rotor to function as an induction generator.

Obviously any power taken at the instant the incoming feed power must be made up when the power arives back – thankfully, the power only goes to zero for an instant twice per cycle.

The current required from the single phase source is from between 1.5 and 2 times the amperage of the 3 phase load. The reason for the range is different brands of rotory converters also IMPROVE the power factor of the 3 phase load, so low power factor 3 phase loads have much of the current provided as a circulating current between the ‘idler’ motor and the 3-phase low power factor loads.

You people are way too serious! Have some whiskey and let it go!

If you Musk ask, he is on the roof.

“I ask pushy a question about a bicycle pump which is an every day Thermodynamics question that everyone has seen in their own garage – except Pushi totally ignores the question, for obvious reasons, the same as you don’t answer mine.”

Bill, I quit reading your wall-of-text posts when it became obvious that despite your detailed knowledge of some narrow aspects of electrical engineering, you haven’t a clue when it comes to how to apply that knowledge in real-world situations. Two examples: (1) Your absurd claim that Tesla Superchargers don’t have the legally required safety cutoff switch, and (2) your even more absurd recent claim that ordinary house wiring can handle the power required for a Tesla Supercharger. (Links below, in case anyone doubts Bill actually made those absurd claims.)

And I don’t need a lecture from you on science fundamentals and thermodynamics. If you want to see how much I know about that subject, just look at the discussions on the now defunct TheEEStory forum, where I posted as “Lensman”. I don’t know electrical engineering, but I certainly do have a better grasp of thermodynamics than most.

To test your REAL WORLD KNOWLEDGE, please tell me EXACTLY the reason the base of a bicycle pump gets hot after vigorous pumping.

Its a simple problem.

The answer is in my ‘wall of posts’ and superdope NIX knows it – because he deflected when I dug up all THREE different years of codes.

Second point – as others have said – your reading comprehension sucks. MR. Young was wondering if a ‘urban dispenser’ may be possibly run at home.

All I said is something styled like that could be provided at a reduced power level.

That is far different than saying you can run TWO supercharger bays (Unlucky said 240 KW – the amount of power from 2 of them or in other words 4 dispensers). So its you guys who are totally delusional. The MAXIMUM from an Urban dispenser is a mere 72 kw – so 240 kw is ridiculous for a home.

What do you mean, you don’t even think?

The American Phrase, “I used to think you knew something”, requires complex understanding only possessed by those who have successfully graduated Kindergarten.

It means “In the past”.

Another complex thought would be if someone told you to “Kill Time”.

Only the mentally deficient would go out and bury an Alarm Clock. But as I say, only those schooled in Higher Education (what we here call ‘First Grade’) (or any 6-7 year old) would understand.


Take it easy Bill, stress is no good for the heart.

I don’t know why we get tangled up in meaningless minutia here, but it seems common.

High power from split phase supply is very expensive for the exact reasons others have already explained. The real question is “who cares?”. 😀

This should not matter a lick for home charging.

The crazy 80 amp L2 limit is already more than 99% of people should ever need at home.

The American Heart Association has proven COMIC RELIEF is good for the heart. Ok that’s a bit of a fib, but if PopTarts are AHA heart healthy, than this is more so.

They’ll go away now, until next time. P.S. any one interested to know what the term ‘Split-Phase’ means? I think the brits heard some Americans talking about it and figured they were talking about their power distribution system, but, they weren’t. Anyways that’s likely how the wikipedia entry got confused by the Brits.

Sorry. I messed up I was trying to show the similarities due to that flames, the allegorical symbolism that reflects this:

Looks like Musk is the type of guy, whos biggest interest is making people believe he is a workaholic instead of really getting the job done with no PR stunts at all. I think people who tell others again and again how hard they think they work, don’t do themselves a favor.

To me just shows Musk likes what he does here.

No, a campfire on the roof doesn’t fix problems in the factory. No, he surely didn’t really sleep on the roof to avoid going to a hotel. If he slept on a couch one night surely they showed up with an RV for him to sleep in the second night.

But in the end the guy is at the factory for a work reason. And he is sending photos of him doing work at Tesla because he thinks photos of him doing work at Tesla show his interests (or at the very least his financial interests). And thus he looks like a guy who wants to share his work with the world on social media.

I’ve said before that Musk sleeping at the plant doesn’t really actually make things move forward better. But even if it doesn’t, him being at the plant does show he wants to improve the production there. And there’s not a lot of fault I can find with that.

Clearly did not need to save time.

Best showman in the world

The symbolism is striking:

Marshmallows – fired employees
Fire – $TSLA
Smoke – Full Self Driving
Hotdog – Service Centers
Pitchforks – CRM/NDAs
Cup – UAW blood
Pushed off the roof – complainers and infidels

Losing credibility, the damage control tweet was not sincere.

Yes the symbolism here is striking.

Another new username pops up to troll with their anti-Tesla rant.

Why don’t you just post under your real username you coward?

Yeah SadTesla was a juuuuust a bit over the top (LOL) but the image did remind me symbolically of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

EDIT: Which I hope doesn’t become prophetic.

Your post is not the smartest one, i have ever read.

Mr. Musk!
Send us pictures camping out around a Tesla powered motor home!

Elon Musk, you are the CEO of Tesla embroiled in self-proclaimed “production hell”. This on top of all the other issues plaguing your company at the moment. What do you do? (other than toast marshmallows?)

Sell hats. Yes, sell hats.

Coolest camp site ever, and it’s news all over the world with more views than this months EV announcement videos of the entire ICE cartel combined. In addition, they saved on hotel cost.
And as for the firehazard: They probably did not put the fire directly on the roof, but rather in a kind of bbq grill or something. Save as long as there is means to extinguish it quickly and at least one guy in the party stays moderately sober to react if neccesary.

Likely a steel plate under the brown, tarp.

Or two.

Doesn’t look like the first time. Likely great gear!

Think the electricity run out than they must do some fire :-).

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

The sizzle is always easier to sell because 0nce you get the steak you just usually push it aside anyway …lol

Driving 30 minutes to a nice hotel is slower than buying firewood, marshmallows, roasting sticks, matches, kindling and a firepit?

Then setting it all up on the roof, cooking, getting smoke in your hair and a terrible night’s sleep?

Finally, packing it all up in the morning and putting it away, then finding towels and a place to shower?

Not buying it. This is either a publicity stunt or stupid executive machoism.

Elon Musk is all about showmanship. Model X is a year behind schedule? Time for sleeping bags on the production line. Model 3 production rate is missing a couple of zeroes from the expected rate? Campfire on the roof.

If Model 3 production is still behind when 2018 rolls around, expect to see Elon eating survival rations out of a disaster relief tent. The show must go on!

Such Candor!!!

Well, Musk fans can relax that this proves he is *NOT* a workaholic, but knows how to have fun at all his PR functions.

Agreed. It’s amateurish. Just imagine the CEOs of other companies doing this, *and* then posting it publicly.

Of course the camp site is more efficient than 30 minutes drive to hotel.
Because 2x 30 minutes time for the CEO (to drive back and forth) of any company that size is far more valuable than a few guys of lower paygrade setting up and tearing down a camp site, which takes a few hours at best.
Or did you really think Elon Musk personally went to the supermarket to get the supplies for this?

Welcome to “Tesla Production Hell”:

Has anyone seen the boss? Yes, He is up on the roof taking a break with some of the crew.

Camp Fire, Whisky & s’mores… lip-sinking to Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” atop Gigafactory roof.

Love it! Be it PR stunt or not it’s exactly this thing why Tesla is a danger to traditional car makers.

Seems like the right time to break ground for the Tesla Hotel minutes away from the Giga Factory.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

I hope he got the ok from the fire department to start a fire on his roof while people were inside.

I hope (and based on the photos, I will guess) that he used a portable BBQ grill to contain the fire, so he didn’t need to waste the fire department’s time with foolish and unnecessary questions.

Still needs a Fiddle.

It is a Rorschach test.

If you find yourself bothered by somebody simply doing an all-American activity like roasting hot dogs, making smores, and enjoying a camp fire with friends after work hours, you fail the Rorschach test.

If you see the same video, and see it as a CEO just doing the same thing as so many other typical fellow Americans would do after work, you pass.

I agree, it is a Rorschach test, just not in the way you claim.

Elon Musk was not simply enjoying American Freedoms with an after-hours campfire. According to Elon, “Reason I camped on the roof was because it was less time than driving to a hotel room in Reno. Production hell, ~8th circle …”

So Elon is openly stating that the reason why he is sitting around a campfire on a Tesla rooftop is because of production hell. But to you, he’s merrily enjoying a good time with his friends. Rorschach test, indeed.

Congrats you know the word Rorschach. But this has nothing to do with a Rorschach test except it is some sort of interpretation.

He took a negative and turned it into a positive by making it into a fun bonding event. It is both, and they are not mutually exclusive.

Sorry that bugs you, thanks for clearly identifying which side of the test you are on.

Well now we know why they don’t yet have solar panels up on the roof yet 🙂

Burnind coal instead 😉

geez you guys are so uptight its comical…….looks like fun to me, and after a hell week/day of work a little escape is good for you… will most likely make you more productive the next day and likely increases the chances for creative insight to old problems…..

Yup. The boss decides to throw a campfire party on the roof, to let off some steam and do some male bonding type activity… and some Tesla haters respond by showing their pathetic jealousy of Elon, trying to paint that as somehow being wrong or inappropriate… and even suggesting that Elon had to do all that campfire-arranging himself. Elon may have a problem with delegating tasks, but I doubt he has that big a problem with it!

As one of the Tweets about the above photo said:

youre jealous . And you should be . Hes elon f***ing musk. And youre not. You lose.

Bull’s-eye! (And extra points for spelling “lose” correctly.)

Yeah, Elon is by all accounts a demanding micro-managing workaholic, but when he does things like this, it really makes me yearn to work for him!

By his own admission, the boss is camping on the roof to save the time it takes to drive to a hotel, because his production lines are behind the timetable he set.

That’s not nearly the same thing as “throwing a party for bonding activity.”

And yet he clearly has managed to take a tough situation and turn it around INTO a fun bonding activity….

Sorry that clearly bugs you.

Bingo!!! As is easy to see, we are (unfortunately) dealing with a gaggle of trolls here who desperately (and pathetically I might add) want to see Tesla fail. Now why would anyone who professes to be an EV supporter want that? That brings up a whole list of possibilities and NONE of them are pretty: Shills for the fossil fool industry who despite their lamentations here are NOT EV supporters in any way, shape, or form. Shorters or other vultures/gamblers who care nothing about a better future because all they think about is getting rich. Rivals of Tesla in the auto OEM world or investors therein. Other industries threatened by Tesla ventures like the Auto Stealerships, auto repair places that live off of ICE related profits. Other industries/monopolies threatened like electrical utilities. And of course as has been demonstrated here more then once, there are mentally ill people just opposed to progress. People so wed to past ways that they feel personally threatened and insecure by what Elon Musk has accomplished and I’m sure there are those who are jealous too. I think that some of the self percieved “guardians of the galaxy” accountant/investor types that rave endlessly about “cash… Read more »

Now, that’s the kinda guy I would like to hang out with.

I love that he cares so much about pollution that he has a fire needlessly burning here.

and before someone responds with “what’s one fire” what’s one car needlessly running so the occupant can run AC? what’s one person throwing their trash on the ground or not recycling? oh yeah it adds up and again, it’s entirely unnecessary / wasteful. it’s that same kind of ethos that has lead to having to fight to get things on the right track rather than everyone just agreeing that it’s needed.

at least spacex has the defense of if they weren’t doing it someone else would, this does not. and I have to breathe this crap all the time where I live because people simply like to burn things — it’s not for heat when it’s 80 degrees outside.

Well, technically fuelling a BBQ is almost about CO2 neutral if done the old fashioned way (meaning not using gas grill but instead wood or charcoal, which is made from wood). Same effect as naturally occurring forrest fires, trees bind the CO2, and release it when they die.
Also, with just a few kg of firewood, one can have a decent fire for a BBQ. It has to be calculated
a) how many people did not drive to the hotel
b) what type of and how many cars would have been used
c) In case of Tesla’s, what source of power was used for charging?
Then one could make a CO2 balance.
But one should also consider that they would have had something to eat at the hotel, too, which would have released CO2, too.

see, thing is I’m a vegetarian who’s never BBQ’d in his lifetime. that’s co2 neutral. your bs justifications are as bs as I indicated they would be before you ever replied.

You’ve never grilled veggies? Or pizza?
Do you only do raw food?

Good on you for being a vegetarian. I don’t understand the hostility against cooked food.

Well, if your vegetarian food grows entirely in your own yard / field on it’s own and you harvest it with bare hands and eat it raw, then yes, CO2 neutral. If you ever bought something in a store (transport counts), cooked something or used a metallic tool for your harvest, your CO2 neutrality is gone already (still quite close, but not 100%).
Also, I pretty much doubt that you are the one person on this planet that is using a CO2 neutral computer to post online comments accusing others of talking “bs”…

But why are the hotdogs cold?

> At the time of posting, Musk likely thought that sharing the adventure was a great idea. To be fair, Musk likely was far from sober at the time of posting. ? It doesn’t help in a crisis to sit around moping. A detail like this doesn’t really say anything about how bad things may be. But it shows a guy who thrives on obstacles and adversity. That’s a good thing. Keep up the high spirits, Elon! If I were rich and a car wasn’t a major expense for me, I’d buy a Tesla just to support the venture. But as I’m not, I’ll only buy one if I’m reasonably sure it’ll not be a much worse investment than an alternative car (any car within reach is going to be a bad investment!) I could get instead, as well as an art least equally good car for my needs. And when I can get it, and probably when I can know – reliably – when I can get it. My LEAF still does its daily job well, but I am eager to get more range to travel more and explore. I’m not sure I have the patience to wait until… Read more »

I was glad to hear that Musk had the Children’s hospital on solar and batteries and that there are many more projects under construction.I’m still thinking that using used shipping containers and modifying them into homes for the poor n PR is a good idea. I’ve seen pictures of some they look pretty good. Modify them on the mainland add solar and batteries. Build foundation and make final connections and you can build many hones quickly that would be hurricane proof. Just need a company like Winnebago to modify them