Women Buyers Lining Up For Tesla Model X


Woman's Car? Tesla Model X Concept

Woman’s Car? Tesla Model X Concept

Man's Car? Tesla Model S

Man’s Car? Tesla Model S

If the Tesla Model S is a man’s car, then the Model X should be considered a woman’s car.

“When Tesla Motors’ long-delayed Model X — designed to blend the best of a sport utility vehicle with the benefits of a minivan — starts deliveries to customers in late 2015, Tesla will gain entry to two critical and overlapping markets for the auto industry: SUV buyers and women.”

“Tesla does not release demographic information about its customers, but ownership of its all-electric Model S sedan skews decidedly male. In 2013, men accounted for 85.8 percent of Model S registrations, according to IHS Automotive, which tracks new vehicle registrations by gender.”

“At Tesla’s shareholder’s meeting in June, a woman advised CEO Elon Musk to make the vehicles “a little bit more women-favored.”

“That’s a good point,” said Musk. “We’re certainly paying more attention to the needs of women in the Model X, and I think you’re right, we probably got a little too guy-centric on the S. So, we’re hoping to correct that with the X.”

Reports San Jose Mercury News.

Why’s the Model X considered a woman’s car?  Well, it mostly comes down to its minivan-like seating capacity, which allows the Model X to be a kid-hauler.  Additionally, a large percentage of SUV buyers are women:

Renee Stephens, vice president of automotive research at JD Power and Associates, noted “female buyers make up roughly 39 percent of the market for new cars, but 44 percent of the SUV market.”

There’s this too, as reported by San Jose Mercury News:

“To make sure the design team was on the right track with the Model X, Tesla invited a dozen Palo Alto-area women to its headquarters for a freewheeling, three-hour focus group led by Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer.”

While we don’t consider the Model X to be strictly a woman’s car, it’s clear that it’s geared more towards female buyers than the Model S and that’s a plus for Tesla since it opens the automaker to a new set of potential bueyrs.

Source: Mercury News

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never understood SUV’s, and never liked them

While I would hate NOT having an EV, I couldn’t live without my SUV. The offroad capability which includes a need for low range gearing, ground clearance and ability to tow a trailer thousands of miles are key to supporting my lifestyle. Not many use their SUVs for those reasons though.

My understanding is that shorter people like the high seating position and therefore the view looking over traffic while driving an SUV.

Average American man is 5’10 while the average American women is 5’4″. So the viewing advantage is more desired by women.

That is a huge issue. My ex-girlfriend stunned me when she went out and bought a Ford Explorer several years ago. I asked her why she wanted an SUV and she said she felt “taller” when she drove it and that meant she could see trouble before it got near her.
And it isn’t just women. I love my Volt but I miss the taller drivers position of my old CUV.

The average height is only part of the issue, women usually have longer legs in relation to their torso (compared to men) which means that if they are sitting in a sports car their head is very low which can make visibility very poor. In a car with a more bench shaped seat you sit up right which improves things significantly. My wife and I used to own a Smart car and an MG. It was quite obvious that I had better visibility in the MG than she did (we are about the same height but her legs are about 4 inches longer than mine). The MG was her car and she love’d it dearly but driving it in town was more difficult for her than me. In the smart car the seating position was the same, in the MG we had to adjust the seat and mirrors every time we swapped. I suspect the difference between the model S and the Model X in terms of comfort and visibility for shorter drivers probably isn’t huge as they are both pretty big cars and the model S probably has a slightly elevated seating position compared to other sports saloons anyway… Read more »

My cars have adjustable seat height for – like – 15 years. What’s the point of buying a tractor like vehicle?

If you have multiple kids, that need to be separated on long trips, the need to carry lots of luggage or sports equipment and the family dog, a mid sized sedan doesn’t cut it. If it was just me, I would drive a small car but I need the practicality of my Enclave. Can’t wait to replace it with a Model X though

Is there any actual evidence that “women are lining up for the X”?

I mean, have the names of the refundable deposit holders been released?

If not, otherwise it’s a pure guess, isn’t it?

Women seem to be seduce by goog looking car that are practical and give them a sense of safety.
For good or bad reason, SUV have been sense as safer than low body car.
They might also dislike to be observe by higher spotting viewer breaking into their intimacy.
Who know’s?


Come on! Taking bits and pieces from share holder meeting that was held 7 months ago to make a juicy story? This is a whole new level of fanboism.

More accurately – no newsdayism

Everyone dances around this fact: Many girls like SUVs because they make driving easier and less intimidating. So you have people intimidated by giant machines controlling even gianter machines.

As someone that has sat in my car to pick up my daughter at elementary school surrounded by tons of BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, and Range Rover SUVs . . . I can see this happening. At least where I live (which is not representative of average but over-representative of Tesla cars.)

Bingo. You can bet that the brains behind the falcon doors were fully aware of their image potential for parking lot dominance.

As are many of those Model X customers-in-waiting who’ve plunked their $$ down.

Instead, I will wait for Saab and their 4 new models that are coming, maybe a 9-4 EV Suv?

Yes it will be interesting to see what comes out the factory. I hope for 9-2 EV, 9-3 EV, 9-4 EV and 9-5 EV’s.

“female buyers make up roughly 39 percent of the market for new cars, but 44 percent of the SUV market.”
I think a better statistic would be what percentage of each gender that drives each vehicle vs. who’s name is on the title.

True, my wife’s Fiat 500C is on my name but I rarely drive it, just paid for it.

IMO Tesla is a guy brand and very rich guys will buy their trophy wife a model X because they think its cool and their wife won’t care. That is not to say that very wealthy powerful women won’t buy a Tesla, they probably have and will continue to buy Tesla because it is a brand that screams successful and powerful. There are also plenty of women that would appreciate the acceleration.

I think what is also worth keeping in mind is that Tesla really doesn’t have any competition at the moment which means that people who don’t fit the standard demographic will probably buy a Tesla just because they want an all electric car with a 150 mile+ range. It’d be interesting to know what the previous car of a Tesla driver was. I suspect that a big chunk of model S drivers were not driving a typical sporty luxury saloon before they bought a model S.

IMO if you want to get women into BEV’s the big sellers will be the Bolt and the Leaf 2 if it has a longer range.

I think that sounds about right. The same billionaire who bought an S, a D, or both, in 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015, will be the guy buying an X in 2016.

“Tesla invited a dozen Palo Alto-area women to its headquarters for a freewheeling, three-hour focus group led by Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer.”

On the next season of “The Tesla Bachelor”, Franz reveals which of the 12 ladies are going home without a Model X.

The Franz-Trump Show:
“On the next season of “The Tesla Bachelor”, Franz reveals which of the 12 ladies are going home without a Model X.” 🙂

Actually – my friends with Tesla’s – Roadster and Model S: He Drives the Roadster and She Drives the Model S! Neither would be considered ‘Tall!’ They just upgraded to the ‘D’!

Because the size of the car is often inversely-proportional to the size of the driver… Or his driver-IQ, as the case may be with most SUVs. :oP

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