With “4 Digits” Worth Of Pre-Orders, Opel Will Launch The Ampera-E In Norway In June

FEB 3 2017 BY MARK KANE 63

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is on track to be a very successful plug-in offering both in North America and Europe.

As deliveries ramp up in the US (the Bolt EV finished as the 3rd best seller in January), positive sales signals are now coming from Europe, where the Bolt EV will be sold as the Opel Ampera-e.

Opel Ampera-e

Opel spokesperson Stein Pettersen told Page 3 that in Norway alone, customers have already placed “4 digits” worth of orders, with an inference by the source that the number may be approaching 5 digits/10k.

GM apparently appreciated the response so much that they made the Opel Ampera-e available to Norway as the top priority in Europe, accelerating sales by three months, bringing the model to market first in the country for June.

For Europeans concerned that US-based production of the Bolt will limit the allocation of the long range Opel EV overseas, the company guaranteed that all orders placed before December 13th would be produced in 2017…which truthfully, sounds a lot like the locals are right be a little concerned.

In Norway Opel Ampera-e starts at 299,900 Kroner (≈$36,600).

source: Side 3 via GAS2

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Wish I could buy that yellow paint here in the US.

I would love to get the whole package- US-spec Bolt with the Ipel nameplates and etc. just to be different.

Me too! Love that color! Back in the day you could custom order colors with domestic manufacturers, but I’m not sure if you can do that any more, except with something like a Corvette.

I dont think you can do that with the Corvette anymore. My parents tried to get a specific color… they ended up with the grand sport collector’s edition that is dark gray with blue accents.

My dad is a retired Chevy car salesman (37 years). I guess it is his turn to buy instead of sell.

That ‘compliance car’ sure is popular outside of non-CARB states. 😀

Don’t you know? GM loves losing tens of thousands of dollars selling cars! 😀

LOL! Bro, I see that canard every once in a while and every time I see it, I know that the person who tossed it out there is a hack or a fool. I think you throwing it in their face, in a polite way, is appropriate.
The thing that jumped out at me is the sheer scale of the pre-orders there. 1,000+ in one medium sized market is pretty impressive.

1k is not bad, though Model 3 has 5k and does not even exist. I guess Ampera does not exist either, yet.

The actual quote is “several thousand” for the Ampera-E. Not sure why this article used 4 digits.

It is especially impressive for any traditional car company who doesn’t typically sell cars based upon wait lists.

Actual demand will likely be much higher, since typically buyers at traditional car dealerships buy what is in stock at their local dealership. They typically don’t special order in large numbers.

In Norway and a lot of other places you generally order your new car.

Having new cars on lots with “traditional dealers” is not the norm everywhere.

And for me it’s even a very strange way to buy a new car (or here it would be considered a used car or a display vehicle, generally sold with a decent price cut).

At dealers you test drive cars, then you put in the specs you want, order your car and get it a few months later.

If someone is impulse buying new cars at dealer lots something is very wrong with that person.

It’s the American way.. instant gratification.

Hey Bro,
Maybe GM will have to pump up that line to 5,000/month!!

Economies of scale.

It cost -$900 to ship from Michigan to Norway.

…and a lot harder to get.

Europe is going to cleaner vehicles and similar systems exist to encourage car manufacturers to build cars that will be in compliance with those initiatives.

Norway is not in the EU. There is no compliance reason of any kind what so ever to sell EVs in Norway.

If you sell EVs there then it is only for profit.

Oh yes there is through the EØS agreement.

Yep GM loves loosing 9k per car just like Tesla does…
It is sure a shame to know that GM is lying to me since the posters her said it will never be available in non carb states like AZ…
So sad…

Spreading myths, again. Tesla is doing just fine. Consumers looking for the most for their money, and not giving 20-30% premiums is capitalism.

I know you dont agree with me about a certian economic war but I dont spread myths…
And that statement of mine above is blatant blatant sarcasim which i thought the second line made prety clear aimed at many commentors…
I used to laugh at the people who said Tesla was losing money just like I now laugh at the people who say Chevy is on the Bolt…

Hopefully will GM until then correct the seats and make them suitable for 40k car!

May as well wait for the Model 3 in Norway, for you are not getting the car this year, unless you ordered it by Dec 13th of 2016.

Oops, they must mean Dec 13th of 2017, sorry. So if you order by then they will build it in 2017.

The comment was for those who orders after 13th of December 2016, will not get theire cars in 2017. As Opel Norway probably couldn’t take too much of the production from mainland europe.

I submitted a pre order late sept. 2016, and is #277 in line for first batch delivery.

I also have a early Model 3 reservation in, but I am NOT holding my breath for that one.

AS a Norwegian here, Opel Norway have hinted that the preorders are closer to 5 digits than 4 digits.

I’ve heard rumors it could be as high as 7000.

It is a lot cheaper than I expected at 300000kr for premium trim (base configuration)!

Can any Norweigan please tell me what the final price will be of the base version after registration, taxes and EV incentives?

Total cost for base model is apprx 36000 USD (299.900 NOK). CCS is standard equipment. Not including winter tyres (guessing cost of aftermarket rims+tyres+pressure sensor 1000 USD, original Opel rims+tyres 2000 USD. EV incentives are no VAT and no registration tax + no toll road fees, mostly free parking, free charging in some cities.

Base version which in fact is premium $36.000. Full spec. $42.000. Most ordered A-e’s are full spec. No import taxes, no v.a.t., etc. We basically pay net price + transportation.

EV incentives are no road toll, no v.a.t., subsidized (often free) parking, ferries and charging (slow). One additional and important incentives are driving in bus lanes.

Norwegians – Thanks for the replies. Now, how much is the following worth:

>> EV incentives are no VAT and no registration tax + no toll road fees, mostly free parking, free charging in some cities.


Registration tax?

Toll road fees?


Etc. Thanks.


VAT is 25%. That is the easy one. Registration fee (once, upon first registration) is a complex thing. According to the government online calculator a car weighing 1500 kilograms, emitting 129 grams co2/kilometer, 200 hp petrol engine registration fee is 18000 USD. For daily commuters a «cheap» toll road can cost 5 USD/ day. Not shure about parking, guess 3-4 USD/hr at a maximum rate per day at ~20 USD

Wait, the registration fee is normally USD$18000 – half the price of the car?

Is that a typo?

No typo. Depends on emissions, horsepower, weight. If the Ampera-e(Bolt) had a petrol engine rated at 200 BHP, curb weight 1500kg, emitted 139 grams CO2/kilometer, the registration fee would be approx 18000 (eighteen thousand USD). As JaTo stated the cheapest VW Golf (1,4 petrol/low horsepower / relatively low emissions) has a registration fee of 7000 USD

1ste time registration dependent of car. For cheapest petrol VW Golf about $7.000.
V.A.T. 25% of price + registration.
Toll road fee varies dependent on where you live. For me about $120 per month for driving to work. But, we have a lot of it. And I meen a lot. For a trip to my mountain cabin I pay $40 in road toll.
Annual vehicle tax $400.
Parking varies. One hour in the center of Oslo cost $10.

Petrol Golf vs. e-Golf is a fair comparison. Most hatchbacks don’t have 200 hp. «Higher than normal» horsepower, curb weight and co2/nox emissions results in severe penalties..

Come on GM, pump out that Opel to Norway. You can own the Norway market. Forget those non-carb states.

I’m sure the UK would generate significant pre-orders if you gave us the chance, the car sounds just about ideal.

My read on how GM is putting out the news is that the demand for Opel Ampera-E is higher than the Chevrolet Bolt. Someone wake me up when the demand for both badge-types of this vehicle is six digits. Then we’re talking like the market cares. Until then, it is market manipulation through government incentives. I want the EVs to hurry up and dominate.

M3-Reserved; Bolt-TBD

You’ll have to talk to OPEC and the Fracking community then. Cheap oil is around for awhile.

Geez, GM is going to pull up schedule so they can lose $9K per car in Norway quicker or so they can earn more ZEV credits sooner for California.. /Sarc

Doesn’t those kind of news just keeping blowing giant holes in those wild theory aimed at being anti-Bolt? I am loving it!

GM yet again screwing US consumers like how they priced SparkEV less in Canada and Mexico than in US! It’s cheaper in Norway even after shipping all the way to Europe AND it comes with CCS? As I mentioned with SparkEV, they must love losing even more money in non-CARB areas.

Come on GM. Lower the price under $35K (under Tesla 3) for base version in US. Considering shipping, that might still make more money for GM than Ampera-e.

it’s better than tesla “3”, that’s why it cost more.

That doesn’t explain why it cost more in US than in Norway.

As for “better”, you can’t compare vapor to Bolt. But the promise is that 3 will be better in many ways: acceleration, ability to tow, AWD, bigger batteries, lowest Cd among any car, and so on.

Probably because GM knows that $7500 still exist in the US.

Once that is gone, I am sure the Bolt price will somehow magically becomes $30K in the US but stays the same elsewhere..

GM also knows there are thousands in incentives in Norway.

They’re selling all they can make. It wouldn’t make sense to cut the price. Surely they’ll cut it later though.

The problem is they are not selling all they make. They sold about 2/3 what they made, and inventory hovers around 1200 for only 2 states. That’s after probably hundreds of millions of dollars in free advertising via multiple awards. With that much advertising, I had expected it would be sold out, again using SparkEV in Apr. 2015 as example.

That’s how cars sell. Customers want a choice of vehicles. Having 1 at the dealer doesn’t make sense.

And 1200 in inventory? I think you are counting in transit cars as if they were on the lot.

There is no reason to cut the price yet. It’s not going to change sales rates.

I can’t speak to the Spark EV thing. I don’t know the circumstances.

In Apr 2015, Chevy announced lower price for SparkEV, and it was picked up by some “popular” media. Result was that SparkEV was sold out with about 950 cars in Apr. 2015. Before, it was selling about 100 per month. Since the announcement was about mid month, we can guesstimate about 900 sold in 2 weeks.

Subsequently, remaining inventory of about 200 was sold out in May, and whatever they produced were also sold out almost immediately. It wasn’t until early 2016 that they were able to produce enough to meet the demand.

This all happened from just few news articles, nothing like multiple COTY awards. This is why Bolt selling only about 1200 in Jan. is disappointing. They should lower the price.

The question is how many have actually made it to dealers lots. All reports I have seen is the cars are either pre-selling or are sold within a week of hitting dealer lots. Until the vehicles are on the lot long enough to worry about having to wash them I can understand GM not discounting the vehicles.

Quit sounding like an entitled, spoiled brat. As it now stands, Bolt is the only EV with 200+ mile range costing less than $60k. Bolt exists, Model 3 does not and likely never will at $35k.

Not wanting to get screwed is not entitlement. I am entitled to be treated the same in US as in other countries, if not better. My tax money (not Norwegian money) bailed out GM, and yet I must pay more?

And how do you know Tesla 3 won’t be $35K? This is just conspiracy FUD mongering, just like Bolt is losing $9K per car. Yeah, that’s why they’re selling for LESS in Norway and love losing even more money there.

M3-Reserved; Bolt-TBD

We don’t know all the math and politics behind the cost and movement of goods. If GM shifts sales, there’s a reason for it.

GM paid our government times over for the bailout and was of Obama’s good bets that paid off in spades (vs all the other ones that still costing us taxpayers).

US customers pay higher. Look at Pharma. With less government controls, less checks on limited market forces. In this case, Bolt literally has no competition in the 200+ mile <$50,000 space

GM paid back their loan from the US federal government, but the government did not get all the money back that they invested in GM equity. GM’s bailout cost the taxpayers billions, but I think it would have been far worse for everyone if GM had shut down, perhaps abruptly.


We may not know the details down to penny, but one thing is clear. Without US taxpayers, GM would not exist today. The thanks we get for that is paying even higher MSRP for Bolt than Norway who did nothing to save GM.

What we don’t know if other country have the haggle effect. In the US we don’t feel happy unless we are paying around 5% below MSRP. I wonder is that is true in other counties? If in Norway people walk in decide they want the car and pay MSRP they might not pad MSRP as much to allow people to get a “Deal” in the US.

To say, “I am getting screwed” without anything to back it up beyond your own opinions about pricing IS entitlement. Branding oneself as a victim by GM has gotten pretty stale in light of what they have done and where they have gotten since the bailout.

Backing it up? Paying more for Bolt when your tax money was used to save GM while Norway who did nothing for GM bailout is getting lower price IS getting screwed.

If you don’t think someone who you helped give you worse deal than another who did nothing is getting screwed, well, send some cash my way; I’ll be sure to give you less and you should be very happy for it.

Nobody is getting ‘screwed’ by GM. Who is forcing you to buy from them? You want another long range EV? Buy a Tesla – oh wait…. maybe you don’t have another $35,000 in your bank account to do that. Poor you. Another victimized taxpayer who is entitled to what they want but can’t get – a better bargain on something that is a bargain to begin with.

I won’t be weeping for you.

It will be a success in Norway yes. In the rest of Europe? No. I’m afraid a 41k Opel Meriva will be a failure.