With Self-Driving Technology, Will Teslas Be Immune To Theft?

Tesla Autopilot


Tesla Model S Following A Theft Attempt

Tesla Model S Following A Theft Attempt. Will Self-Driving Tech Make It Even More Difficult To Steal A Tesla? (via DragTimes)

Aside from piloting our vehicles, self-driving technology will provide benefits that many of us haven’t even thought of yet. Some, while likely considered by automakers, may not even be intentional, or initially in place. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Are autonomous cars difficult or impossible to steal?

Newly equipped hardware to enable future Level 5 autonomy - like this new side camera

Cameras All Around The Vehicle Could Be “Watching” Potential Car Thieves

Hacking self-driving systems has been a greater concern receiving lip service in the press. Hacking doesn’t necessarily lead directly to theft, and it has already been shown that hacking concerns have been limited. Professional hackers are graciously pointing out vulnerabilities and companies have been able to fix the breach. Tesla has an advantage in this situation due to its ability to use over-the-air updates.

So, back to traditional car theft. What would happen?

Maybe it’s just me, but who would want to attempt to steal a connected car that has the ability to drive itself? The vehicle is tracked by a navigation system and can be summoned to the owner, or potentially sent to a destination. Could the car owner “kidnap” the thief? Knowing that the vehicle has a myriad of cameras that are able to see every angle and possibly record footage, would seem to be enough to deter criminals.

As we move forward even further to Level 5 autonomy, we may see cars with no steering wheels or pedals. The cars may be able to know if the “owner” is in the vehicle. Can you drive it away without some type of key or identity check. Wait … it would be driving you away.

Yea .. it’s all going to get pretty interesting to say the least.

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I would want the new AP 2.0 cameras on the Teslas, to scan and identify me as an “Owner” in Setup Mode, after purchase. I would simply walk around the car, and it would see me from multiple angles / cameras, taking note of features like height, or even the way I walk.

The vehicle should automatically go into “Vallet” mode if it didn’t recognize it’s driver, and they didn’t have “Special Use” access set for them.

While summoned, the vehicle would use this data to seek out and only allow access by the authorized rider / driver.

The new hardware should be able to easily support this this sort of biometric recognition. Like most new AP features, it will need to be developed and refined, but we’re at the tipping point for all sorts of possibilities right now.

This is kind of arrogant and naive to say something like this that a self driving car can’t be stolen. Honesty right now I’m more worried about my computer or personal and financial information being taken then my car. And as now we as a society are having a ton of trouble dealing with local and international hackers hacking into computers. The reason why the self driving Tesla owners might feel a fake set of invulnerability now. This is mainly do to self driving cars being rare in 2016. There are a ton of none self driving stupid cars that thieves have to break into the old fashion way. So far there is not enough self driving cars for main stream thieves to go after. I really picture in the future a hacker will use a smart phone or a lab top to hack into a Tesla and have it drive to their house or chop shop. If the thieves want a joy ride. Then they will summon the car to their pick up location go do a couple of robberies or drive bys and then send the Tesla back to it’s parking space with all the information on it’s… Read more »

I think you missed the Question mark behind their Question. They where not make the statement, the where asking the question… Massive difference, especially from your angle of attack…

Most thieves are dumber then a box of rocks so it is not likely to happen that way very much if at all.

Also, as Anon says if your Tesla takes pictures of people it doesn’t recognize getting into the vehicle and wirelessly sends these pictures to Tesla’s servers where it is stored then that mostly mitigates your scenario.

Also, it should be possible for Tesla to update extra security measures and layers into their software so you could have additional layers like a “Sentry Mode” that alerts you through your phone that your car is moving and maybe even a kill switch to shut it down.

“Most thieves are dumber then a box of rocks” – you do notice the irony in this statement?


Most thieves are dumber than a box of rocks…

But you’ve got a good point there. If you are smart enough to hack a car, then you should be able to earn a good living legally, why steal?

So who dented my car when it was parked…maybe those camera’s could help out in a culture in which nobody leaves a note anymore.

Of course the more systems that keep running while parked, the higher the vampire drain.