With New Easter Egg, Tesla Model X P100DL Now As Quick As McLaren P1


Quickness Comparison Put Tesla Model S In #1 Spot - Via Bloomberg

Quickness Comparison Put Tesla Model S In #1 Spot – Via Bloomberg

Though most all of the headlines related to Tesla’s upcoming Easter Egg focused on the quickness of the Model S, the real star here is the Model X.

With the soon-to-be-released Easter Egg, a Tesla Model X P100DL will zip from 0 to 60 MPH is just 2.8 seconds (the Model S hits 60 mph now in 2.4 seconds). That puts the 5,300-pound electric SUV in the same league as the McLaren P1 and Lamborghini Aventador in terms of off-the-line performance.  And if that doesn’t amaze you, then it’s likely nothing will.

Something else that stands out from the graphic above and chart below is that both the Model X P100DL and Model S P100DL are actually affordable in this league of vehicles. Only the Nissan GT-R and perhaps the Porsche 911 Turbo (to a lesser extent) compete in terms of 0 to 60 MPH at a reasonable price.

We do wonder though if this Easter Egg will be able to be accessed repeatedly or if its use will be limited/restricted somehow by Tesla.

Source: Bloomberg

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Dont forget the Rimac Concept One… but hey, silver means you’re still on the podium Tesla..

The Rimac Concept One is actually slower than the Tesla. 2.6 for 0-60.

Slower than the Model S, but quicker than Model X!?

No. Concept One is 2.6s about 0-100kph, and 100kph is 62.1mph. Add .2s to get from 60mph to 62.1mph, and P100D is a little slower than Concept One.

I doubt that is the case.
However, it will not matter later this month:

I can’t wait for the naysayers “yeah but in Nürburgring Tesla will lose” for people that for sure never ever been in Germany and on top dream to take a Tesla from US to race it over there. What a sad day for the Trolls……

That’s not what they mean. The Nurburgring is just used as a base model to compare a cars ability on a track. You don’t have to travel all the way to Germany to go around a track. There’s at least one in every state. And, going around a road course is way funner than going in a strait line.

Gas Heads Organized to Stop Tesla. The G.H.O.S.T. will never fade away!(unless we run out of gas!)?

Or you suffocate on your exhaust gases…

Watt a bunch of sheet.

ICE is obsolete. The mere fact that Tesla has been able to tune their vehicles with software, not countless hours in the shop with the car torn apart and complicated machinery, steady hands and all speaks volumes about how much the era of combustion is slipping behind us. From here on out, EVs have nothing to prove. I’m sure VW Group has staff who run around with InsideEVs stories and say “Diesel ist veraltet.”
I’m imagining the NASCAR of the future where programmers are interviewed to talk about their team’s recent wins:
“what we figured out was essentially in a race mode, you need to turn off some of the efficiency capabilities, like torque sleep. Conversely, we also saved a lot of on-board power consumption by removing the 4G wireless functionality and leveraging the racetrack’s wireless network instead. Really, it was all very simple: we commented out some code and recompiled the car.”

Agreed. Why would anyone pay a million dollars for an ICE supercar anymore? Their original appeal was to allow you to smoke just about any snot-nosed kid with a poor man’s sportscar at the light. But when that kid can buy a performance Tesla Model 3 in a few years, supercars will lost their appeal.

Collector Tip: ICE Supercar values could crash as much as half soon. If I owned one I would dump it fast, before most of the market wakes up and gets glutted with the modern equivalent of fast horse buggies.

Most ICE Supercars will end up like high end VCRs, being dumped on Ebay as too expensive to maintain.

“…Although Musk has now moved on to driving the latest offerings from Tesla, his silver F1 remains the performance benchmark for his company. Last year, Musk proudly touted the Tesla Model S P85D’s ability to match the McLaren’s 3.2-second 0-to-60-mph acceleration time…”


This is so great! Sure yes, they will win in top speed and maybe around a racetrack, but for 99% of situations on real roads and just for driving pleasure and exhilaration, having the fastest car to 60 and in most cases in the quarter mile is much much more important. Plus I can actually go on a road trip in a Tesla, commute to work, with the car driving itself I might add, and actually fit a family of 5 comfortably. Oh and I’m saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, and making a positive environmental impact that is greater than any of those other cars on the list.


Buying price, not gas, I assume. But gas savings over the lifetime of the car can be in the tens of thousands, too.

GO TESLA GO…destroying gas guzzling pollution super cars one second at a time and for a lower price.

For those who missed it, you get the Easter Egg when you buy the neck brace: