With Damaged Parts Repaired, Coda Begins Sales Next Week

MAY 9 2012 BY STAFF 4

Coda Automotive today announced that their initial shipment of cars, that arrived with some part damage from China earlier this year, had now been repaired, and their all electric sedan would go on sale at California dealerships starting next week.

The first sale will end a long standing drought of Chinese automaker’s attempts to import and sale an electric car in the United States.  The most notable recent failure was that of BYD with the FD3M extended range car, and the with the E6.  Coda had originally stated the car would arrive in 2010.

The Coda dealership in Los Angeles will now have 10 shining examples of the best China has to offer.  The sedan has an EPA range of 88 miles, and a base price of $38,145, which refreshing includes shipping.  The car is of course also eligible for the $7,500 federal incentive.

Contrary to original plans, CEO Phil Murtaugh has stated that the rollout will not be at Coda owned dealerships, but rather through franchises, and will be much more thoughtful, and slower.

In speaking with Automotive News (subscription required) the CEO said:

“We have opted for a slow production acceleration in order to ensure flawless execution at every step of our operating system, which includes component supply from four continents, manufacturing operations at two locations in China and one location in the U.S., logistics pipeline and dealer delivery process.”

Spartan Coda Sedan Interior


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I never thought Coda would ever come here. Is 10 all they have?

$38,000 is a good price for a 88 mile ranting for the government, thats a fifth better than the LEAF.

It looks like no one can build a BEV – even the Chinese – for much under 40K. This makes the Volt look better and better. How could anyone buy one of these over an American Made VOLT with no limitations except maybe 4 seats. Same can be said for mythical Ford Focus EV. Leaf isn’t much cheaper.

In fact, most Volt owners do not have or need a high speed charger installed – for about 2K – in their homes, and so there is in fact no cost difference and maybe the Volt is cheaper in reality.

120 miles of city range/88 EPA miles for $37000 + delivery is more than acceptable. I saw this at the LA autoshow and it is much larger than it appears. Styling is not much.

Delta-this much range is more than enuf for many people, more true if they have two cars & alot of people just want off gas completely to make a statement, the volt is a real nice product but it cant ever accomplish that

Id worry about getting service on this seeing how as it took so long to get parts & what if Coda decides the USA market is not for them???