With A Tweet, Tesla Confirms This Line To Be The Longest For The Model 3


This line outside the Santana Row Tesla store in San Jose, California has been confirmed by Tesla as being the longest Model 3 reservation line in the world. (Anyone care to count the number of people lined up?)

We all know that California is a hotbed for electric cars, so it’s no surprise that the world’s longest Model 3 reservation line was found in the states that most strongly supports plug-in cars, but what is shocking is that so many people are willing to wait hours upon hours to simply put a deposit down on a car they had not yet even seen.

With the Model 3 reveal last night, we expect reservations to continue to pour in, as those waiting to at least see the car have now had the opportunity to do precisely that.

Santana Row store information:

Santana Row Store Details

Santana Row Store Details

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I’m guessing that I’m ~100,000 since I somehow reserved a car online about 30 seconds before 19:30 PST.

I’m wondering where a 100K CA reservation for a fully optioned car will land compared to people who want less or no options. Maybe I could be the 25,000th customer to receive a car?

I guess we’ll all find out in a few years.

how many? 700?

TSLA is gonna blow up to $500

I was in that line. Another linegoer counted 650 reservations (estimating about 500 people) at 10am when they opened (he was ~200), and then counted a total of 742 reservations a little after 11am (after he had completed his reservation).

Note the video does not follow the whole line, more than a third of it of it is across the street going in the opposite direction

Rocklin, CA Tesla was at 491 when they opened at 10am, but the total who came through by the closing at 6pm was over 700. It would be nice to know how many were in the Santana Row line, rather than just watching a video.