With 2G Shut Off Looming, Nissan Offers 3G Upgrade For Affected LEAFs For $199

DEC 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 23

Nissan LEAF’s “Carwings” on-board telematics systems, found in upper level-trim LEAFs made between 2011 and 2016 (SV/SL), have entered their final three weeks of operation, as 2G service turns off on January 1, 2017 (as announced earlier this year), disabling the system.

2017 Nissan LEAF

2017 Nissan LEAF

Newer versions of the Japanese EV, since model year 2016, are now equipped with the newer NissanConnect EV nav/infotainment system, which is based off of the more current 3G cellular telecom network.

The older Carwings telematics that was installed in 2011 to 2015 model year LEAFs, was also unfortunately built on the older 2G system (why?), of which AT&T will be shutting-off shortly, leaving LEAF owners without Carwings functionality…at least until they upgrade to 3G and NissanConnect EV.

So, three busy weeks left to visit a Nissan dealer for the upgrade.

All Nissan LEAFs can be upgraded from Carwings to NissanConnect EV, but Nissan will only cover the change for no charge on model year 2015 cars, with the company saying that the operation should take no more than a few hours.

Owners of the 2011-2014 LEAF find themselves out in the cold shortly after Christmas, and will need to pay $199 to keep the option they paid for in purchasing the EV active.

For those who decide to not pay for the upgrade/conversion to NissanConnect EV, they will lose things like the remote monitoring of the battery state of charge, the ability to remote precondition the cabin, etc., as well as some on-board features that are even more important – like performing a current search for charging stations. The upgrade can also be done into 2017 after the shut-down.

With that said, the older/upgraded LEAFs still will not offer all the features of the new NissanConnect EV navigation system, because the touch-screen display and navigation will remain true to the original Carwings system.

Some of the owners have complained in the past about the unreliability Nissan’s original telematics system, so now they can now decide whether it’s worth it or not to pay $199 for a more functional and reliable connection.  Transport Evolved weighs in:

“Due to poor connection issues, many customers have struggled to get their telematics system to properly connect to their car when parked at home or work. Others have found the system will work for a few weeks at a time, then inexplicably go offline for days at a time. Granted, the reliability of the Nissan Telematics system has vastly improved in recent years, but many owners we know gave up on it a long time ago and as such, will be unlikely to pay for the upgrade.

For others however — the Transport Evolved team included — the functionality of the remote telematics system (connection issues aside) has proven itself invaluable time and time again, especially when it comes to sending status updates on vehicle charging or clearing the car’s windscreen on a cold, frosty morning.”

source: Transport Evolved

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Ford is upgrading for free. Strange Nissan is charging owners.

Very weird. Ford sent me a letter and scheduled the replacement within a week. MyFordMobile works substantially better now.

Another reason why I’m glad I dumped my 2011 LEAF…

Interestingly, I believe the Gen 1 Volts have 2G as well, but since they are on Verizon, there are no plans to decommission that network.

It’s AT&T’s 2G service that is going away, hence the need to replace the hardware in the LEAF.

Still have a 2011 Leaf, imported to cold Colorado. Two bars gone, range is < 30 miles if you use heater in sub-32F temps. Fortunately got it for very little money and it does the lion's share of short trips. Certainly our last Nissan – which is really too bad, we could have been customers for life if they'd actually put any thought into post-sale support. Oh well. Can't see replacing the 2G with 3G. Haven't used the app in years (because it offers basically no value and except for a cosmetic update is the same, unreliable app it was in 2012), haven't checked Carwings on line in years (same reason), and we never use the charging stations listed in the navigation because it's inaccurate and pales in comparison to Plugshare. Hmmm … yes, definitely seeing evidence of extreme post-sales neglect by Nissan. The good thing is that with the battery degraded a full charge @220V takes well under 4 hours now. I know the car tells me that the battery is really only down to 75% capacity or so but it used to take twice that long to charge from empty to full and we used to get twice… Read more »

Seems like you could show how much energy the battery takes from empty to full, and prove that the battery needs replacement.

Or avoid the hassle and buy a Bolt EV when you’re fully sick of your current EV. 🙂

The Bolt Manual states that battery degradation may vary between 10% and 40% (yes forty percent) during the warranty period of 8 years/100,000 miles.

The Volt’s battery warranty says the same thing, and its the most reliable battery out there in a plug-in by several measures. So that language in the Bolt’s warranty isn’t really a concern.

The carwings function is totally worthless. I refuse to upgrade mine — as soon as my Model 3 is ready, I’m afraid it is by-by Leaf.

My battery is still good on my 2013 (28k) – full bars and normally I can get 80+ miles on a charge.

I just called my Chicago land Nissan dealer to schedule my annual maintenance and they said the required parts to install 3G from Nissan aren’t available yet. So I will have to come back in January if I want it activated. Anyone else hear this?

Some owners have already had the upgrade done, so some have been made available. My dealer told me yesterday that the part is on backorder with Nissan with no ETA yet.

Seems they ran out.

Currently the AT&T service in my house stinks, so this functionality hasn’t been the best. I will say it’s quite nice, for when it does go through, to have a very toasty car waiting for me in the morning.

Yes I know I can schedule it, but with two kids under three it’s not like I leave exactly on time every day.

I wish two things could happen with this upgrade. One we could add it to our microcell we have in the house and achieve connectivity that way, or two have a wifi antenna as well.

I am a Orignal Nissan leaf 2011 Model year owner and belief Nissan is again doing a mistake by upgrading to “3G” which is also few years away for de-comissioning !! Now offerings are 4G and beyond and I don’t see a value for getting 3G ?

for the matter of the fact , I am very disappointed by Nissan for NOT upgrading to “Higer Capacity Battery” for OLD Nissan Leaf and I am holding this as my 3rd Car !! because it is unreliable for bit longer commute !!

ACcording to 2016 AT&T document

“We currently have no plans to turn down our 3G network.”


Verizon will discontinue 3G and 2G around the same time in 2021 and have just 4G LTE. But that’s Verizon.

My leaf is going back in May, so Nissan can have it without the upgrade 🙂
I’ll probably buy it when I get another off-lease Leaf though.
For the record though, I’m sure the time charge and timed climate are set on the car, not by telematics. So that will keep working

T-mobile was supposed to leave 2G until 2020, can’t they just use it?

Original owner of 2011 Leaf here. I’m sad the connectivity is ending, but won’t be spending $200 for an update. The car is only for local driving anyway and the maps weren’t very useful (nor are there many charging stations either, most of which I’ve added to Plugshare). I’ll just keep plugging away with my in-town driving, most at 35 mph. In another 3 years when the range is down to less than 30 mi, I’ll probably file a BBB complaint against Nissan for the battery degradation. I don’t expect that this will offer any recompense, but I might get lucky.

Even the new NissanConnect is awful. We have it on our new Murano and it is unusable with any of the apps. It’s inconsistent with iPhone and Android connections too.

I have enjoyed my 2013 Leaf, and believe it to be by and large a good car and a good first generation mass produced BEV. I am saddened to see Nissan botch customer service so often with first gen Leaf owners.

It is too bad this is not an upgrade to 4G/LTE.

Definitely another reason to turn in my leased Leaf versus attempting to negotiate a significantly lower buyout.

Carwing was DOA when I bought my MY2012 SL Leaf

Very slow, unreliable, not many thing you can set.

Same goes for the GPS maping, it was outdated when new and never had any follow up update done, because not even available.

I am also disapointed of the no bigger battery upgrade.
It’s still ride nicely and good, and if range could be improved with a bigger battery, it might worth it to keep it.

Waiting for the III or better offer.

Looking forward to the free upgrade for my 2015… not sure I will order it for our other LEAF from 2013… Also looking forward to LEAF2.0 hopefully from CES 2017 and Carlos Ghosn.

Carwings works flawlessly on my 2013 Leaf, and while I’ll miss the ease of remotely warming it up in the morning, I feel that it’s not worth it for me to spend $199 to upgrade. Nissan really dropped the ball on this one; it’s not their fault that AT&T is liking the 3G network, but I feel they should support their products for more than a year. They are going to lose customers over $199.
31k, stlll full battery; great car.

You are ll complaining about $199 upgrade fee. If I had to worry about a small fee like that I would probably just sell my leaf before I kill myself