Wisconsin Set to Get Second Tesla Supercharger Really Soon – Update: Open Now!


Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Onalaska, Wisconsin is reportedly the site for the state’s second Tesla Supercharger.

A Denotes Location of Onalaska

A Denotes Location of Onalaska

La Crosse Tribune is reporting that construction of a Tesla Supercharger with six stall began in the city of Onalaska on December 2, 2013.  The site is expected to be operational really soon

UPDATE: Really soon actually means it’s operational now

This particular station is located “off Midwest Drive in the parking lot of Reed Music Studios,” according to La Crosse Tribune.

Wisconsin’s first Tesla Supercharger is in the city of Mauston.  After Onalaska comes online, Wisconsin will have two of its 5 proposed Tesla Superchargers.

Additional Superchargers are planned for the cities of Madison, Pleasant Prairie and Eau Claire.

UPDATE: This Supercharger has been confirmed to be operational, yet Tesla’s site doesn’t list it yet.  

Source: LaCrosse Tribune  (Thanks to ABC  for the tip – and KmanAuto for the video below)

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Supercharger is already operational!


Hi there,

East coast open !!!!!!!!! Miami to Boston!!!!!!!!!
With Santee (SC) and St Augustine (FL).
Good road with Tesla.

Is it powered by cheese brine? 🙂

Regular cheese brine won’t cut it. These use five year aged cheddar brine.

That video shows the extensive work going into an SC. hv transformer, some kind of substation behind the stalls. Etc. that has to cost a good $120,000 to install the supercharger from start to finish. Wonder what the monthly costs are to manage the site?

I would like to see hundreds or thousands of HPWC all over the place rather than dozens of multi stall SCers.

Substation behind the stalls is a 500 kva unit (if the sharpie marking can be believed, but this time it looks like 500 kva). X160 on the electronic demand meter would indicate 800 amp current transformers, so probably an 800 ampere 277Y/480 service, although with the nameplate rating of the SC’s to be 210 amps, even with 8 car spots the long term demand isn’t likely to be over 300 kva.

So the Green pad transformer should remain very cool running, even with an expansion.

The Billing meter mentioned is mounted on a freestanding transformer cabinet for the ct’s. Since the billing takes place outside the switchgear, I would imagine cabinet 1 is termination, 2- is 800 amp main breaker, and 3= is 4 – 200 amp branch circuit breakers for the 160 amp units.

Bonaire what is a HPWC? That’s one piece of jargon that’s new to me.

Ok maybe the $1200 High Power Wall connector? I suppose that would increase the incentive for people to buy model S’s with dual chargers.