Wireless Charging Gets Boost From Qualcomm Investment in Chargemaster

DEC 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

The sponsored Renault EV is charging wireless with Qualcomm technology.

Wireless charging

Chargemaster, the UK’s largest manufacturer and operator of electric vehicle charging points, has announced an investment from Qualcomm.

The parties didn’t disclosed details of the investment, however we know that Qualcomm, after acquisition of Halo (wireless charging developer), is looking for commercialization.

“The move, which is seen as an acceleration of the planned UK development, production and deployment of Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology, will help bring about a significant step-change in the practical everyday operation of electric vehicles.”

Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC can be spotted at the Formula E events on the BMW i8 safety cars, which charge wirelessly.

For now there are no details on wireless charging deployment in the UK and there are still no cars on the market equipped with such systems in Europe.  However, Chargemaster notes that the system will be ready.

“The Qualcomm Halo™ WEVC technology utilises resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy from a ground-based pad to a pad integrated into the vehicle. The base pad and vehicle pad are coupled magnetically and energy is transferred wirelessly into the vehicle and used to charge the vehicle’s batteries. The base pad may be mounted on a garage or road surface or buried below the ground. This advanced technology is highly efficient and is designed to allow easy alignment when parking.

Wireless charging removes the need to retrieve a cable out of the boot of an electric car and plug it into a charging point wherever the car needs recharging. Many car manufacturers are planning to incorporate wireless charging into their electric and plug in hybrid cars as original equipment in the near future.”

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster stated:

“We have been working with Qualcomm for several years now and this investment is a natural progression. We are very excited about helping to bring the next major evolution in electric motoring to the market, making the electric driving experience even more enjoyable and practical for daily use”.

Dr Anthony Thomson, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, Qualcomm Europe, commented:

“Qualcomm Halo WEVC is viewed as the future of EV charging by many EV manufacturers. Chargemaster is a leader in the deployment of charging infrastructure and by making this investment we are taking another step towards deployment of a convenient and easy to use WEVC network. The goal being to improve the user experience and drive the uptake of electric vehicles.”

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Inductive charging is the future.

At home or at work, automatic inductive charging would ensure the most EV power is always available on each trip, maximizing the reduction of oil/CO2.

But it seems that the power companies should be onboard with this system and they work together with a payment system like Visa. The idea being the EV owner can travel anywhere and use any inductive charger and billing is to your one power account.

Faster please

The American Company known as Evatran has been offer a 94% Efficient L2 home and business Wireless Charging/Refueling syatem.

Been available since June, 2013 while Evatran was still mated with Bosch.

Since spring of 2014, Evatran, having seperated from Bosch, is marketing is Wireless Charging/Refueling System for Chevy Volt EREV, Nissan LEAF BEV and Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe through Gm and Nissan Dealers.

Links Go To Evatran Plugless Power And Canadian Volt EREV owner, DriverGuy01s’ Video-




Thomas J. Thias