Wired Drives The New BMW i8 Roadster


The team at Wired gives the open-top BMW i8 a spin and the results are interesting

Usually, when non-car websites test cars, there’s bound to be some controversy. After all, the petrolheads of the world unite in their bashing of the said reviewer, rushing to judgment and trying to discredit his findings. However, with Wired, the level of professionalism and sheer knowledge instilled by their authors in the articles they produce makes them for an utterly interesting read. Every time.

In this occasion, Jeremy White from Wired, got to test drive the rather interesting BMW i8 Roadster. And he calls it “a hybrid electric top-down triumph”.

For Jeremy, it’s hard to believe the BMW i8 is over four years old. After all, its design is still as fresh and futuristic as it was on the first day it hit the floor at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Furthermore, the author insists that some of the i8’s allure may come from the sheer fact you don’t see many of these premium plug-in hybrid sports cars running on the roads today. After all, unlike the BMW i3 – which the carmaker sold north of 65,000 – the BMW i8’s sales supposedly total just 14,000 units worldwide. The i8 Roadster features the same futuristic design, albeit with some open-top design necessities. Overall, it’s a gorgeous looking and awe-inspiring vehicle.

The convertible version of the hybrid coupé has some clever improvements and is still enormous fun to drive, but with all-EV sports cars on the way its days could be numbered

Unlike the earlier year models, the 2018 BMW i8 and i8 Roadster come with a bump in battery capacity. This ensures you get an extra 12bhp out of the front electric motor, taking the total to 141bhp, combining with the petrol engine for 396bhp. The hybrid’s range is also extended to 33 miles in full electric mode, where the roadster version will get slightly fewer miles – thanks mostly due to the additional weight, arising from the extra chassis stiffening and the roof mechanism.

Wired lists the i8 Roadster’s pros as stunning looks, improved handling and performance. Cons wise, they talk about the loss of rear seats, satnav and HUD niggles and price as the main negative traits of the vehicle. However, overall, the team likes the car. They give the BMW i8 Roadster 8/10 stars in the end. You can read the entire review right here.

Source: Wired

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Please BMW, make this car a BEV. I’ll be the first in line to get it.

If they do, they will sell A LOT in Norway, as pure EVs are toll free, no tax of any kind.
Now, as a hybrid, it is toll/tax and what not = expensive car.

Funny, somebody made the exact same statement, almost verbatim, over on an Electrek article that was also completely off-topic to the subject of the article. It’s almost like you trolls are coordinated, or at least reading from the same play book. You really want to keep that FUD afloat, don’t you?

I stopped reading Electrek when they became too obvious pro-Tesla and always wrote negatively about other brands. That’s when I found this site. Lately though, InsideEvs seems to have started to go down the same route as well… Not a single day without a Tesla article covering the most minor details about its batteries or whatever. Such a shame. At least they have fairly good coverage of BMW, a brand that seems to become the future EV leader.

We cover all brands, unlike many of our rivals. The diverse topics we cover is unmatched anywhere on the web. Yesterday, we had a hugely popular story about an electric excavator, not to mention coverage about batteries and charging and many smaller brands that others don’t cover, since those type of stories net very low traffic. With all of that being said, we can’t avoid covering Tesla. We just have to publish many more stories at all hours, seven days a week to assure that the Tesla stories are balanced by everything else. Being that Tesla is the biggest automaker in the space, not covering them would mean shutting the site down due to a lack of traffic and revenue. Also, we will cover positive and negative stories about any automaker. We’re constantly being told we’re anti-Tesla and Tesla haters, while in the next comment we get criticized for being Tesla fans and covering the company too heavily. It’s surely a delicate balance that we work to achieve on a daily basis. I will tell you that no one here owns Tesla stock or pushes any pro-Tesla agenda or rewards program, etc. We just publish the news as we find… Read more »

Dude, Musk is about to get investigated by the SEC for pulling one of the more bizarre and impactful things he’s ever done (which is saying a lot), and total silence from this site. Instead we get endless videos of Teslas pulling 0-60’s, drag races, and quarter miles. Yeah, we get it – electric vehicles are really, really quick. Now how about reporting on something that, you know, we don’t already know but could be tremendously disruptive “inside EV” world? I get it – Tesla dominates this market, so of course your coverage is mostly about Tesla, and as other brands roll out their products, I have no reason not to believe you will give them equal coverage. But on this issue? I mean, which do you think is the more important story? A Tesla drag racing, or its CEO doing something absolutely bats- crazy and jeopardizing his company? Looking at your employee bios, it’s quite possible that the story is outside the range of your site’s expertise and resources, but to pretend it hasn’t happened?

Meant to add this to my original reply, but ran out of edit time: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/8/10/17675832/elon-musk-tesla-private-funding-sec-buyout

If that report is true, and he didn’t have the financing when he claimed he did, he violated the law. That’s sort of a big, EV-related story, don’t you think? I mean, potential CRIMINAL charges, not just civil suit exposure.

The key words here are “if the report is true” and “about to get investigated” and “according to a Bloomberg reports that asked 16 random investors.” Meanwhile, nothing has happened yet and there’s no concrete information. This is the type of story that other publications are publishing for clicks. It’s the same reason we don’t cover every alleged Tesla crash before there’s any info, while others are talking about he said she said hearsay about investigations that haven’t started and whether or not Autopilot was engaged, yet there’s no answer yet. Once the information becomes available and we can put together a reputable story with facts, we move forward. We don’t publish stories like this when it is based on a bunch of “what ifs.” The SEC has been asked to investigate. Some of the stories say that it is a bunch of short-sellers trying to push the investigation, while others say an inside source shared …. The organization hasn’t made a statement as to any of Musk’s wrongdoings as of yet. When there is a story, you’d better bet we’ll be publishing it. With all of that being said, we do have a developing story about the recent situation… Read more »

If my rebuttal was erroneous, why did you delete it? I didn’t insult you in any way, so that wasn’t the reason. So what’s with the deletions?

You have been relentless with posts insulting the site, its authors, the subjects we choose to publish (or not publish), and other readers. You have done so repeatedly from multiple usernames and IP addresses. It’s obvious to the staff here, as well as other readers that you have clear intent to cause arguments, belittle others, and pick fights. Many people come here to have engaging conversations and share their opinions. There is nothing wrong with different opinions and/or a healthy debate. We even appreciate sound advice, tips, and constructive criticism. It’s not the fact that you criticize or try to tell us how to do our jobs, but the way that you go about it. No one deserves to be continually attacked and insulted. You poke fun at the site and its authors over and over to make others aware and to provoke problems. When we eliminate these comments, you repost them and you post them from other usernames (such as Kind a Wierd). None of this is acceptable and it screams “bully.” We really don’t have to allow it here and we don’t have any respect or appreciation for bullies. If it continues, we will just have to permanently… Read more »

Useless “car”. Why would anyone want this? Will it burn btw?

Useless “comment”

Woha, makes my Model S look like a dinosaur! Pls make the next gen fully electric 🙂

If you don’t like your car, sell it.