Wired Demonstrates Tesla Software 8.0 – Video


Update To 8.0 Complete

Update To 8.0 Complete

Video description:

“One push of a button and 140,000 Tesla owners get a new user interface, improved Autopilot, and some clever new abilities. WIRED takes Tesla’s new system for a spin.” 

In theory…yes, it only takes a push of a button (not literally) to send software 8.0 to all the Tesla owners, but in practice that’s not what occurred this time around. Update 8.0 is apparently in limbo right now, with only a small percentage of Tesla owners reporting that they received the update.

However, some of the well-established automotive sites with Teslas in hand have received the update and, like the video from Wired, are reporting on their likes/dislikes etc. from update 8.0.

Check out the video for more on the much-anticipated 8.0.

Bloomberg received the update too and tested it out here.

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Awesome !!

One push of the button is not working here. Many configurations are out there and only few models have received the update by today. Majority is still out in the dar. So one button does not work here. But a great preview of what to come

With the crazy deadlines, and all the other drama, this is how I imagine Tesla UI meetings…

“Can I get this icon in corn-flower blue?”

No, you can’t!
Because the corn-flower was a symbol for the Austrian Nazis when they were illegal in the years before 1938.

The colorblind folks mentioned how well they like the blue Tesla is using.

do we get multiple way point Nav in version 8?