Winter Tip From Nissan: EVs Are Good In The Snow (Video)

DEC 26 2012 BY STAFF 4

Nissan has been doing a retrospective of the year that was, and part of that review is highlighting the fact that the Nissan LEAF has some unique winter characteristics, demonstrated in a test drive for 60 journalists in Japan.

“Some of the LEAF’s unique advantages in winter conditions include vehicle dynamic control, which monitors driver input and vehicle function.   The LEAF’s balanced weight distribution due to a centrally positioned battery (that adds 600lbs), and a light front-forward motor compared with conventional gas powered cars also helps.”

The Nissan LEAF Was Put Through Winter Paces By Over 60 Japanese Jounalists. Most Approved.

Nissan also talks about how the batteries perfrom well in the winter, managing to stay around 40F warmer than the outside sub-freezing conditions.

While we do agree that the Nissan LEAF (like most EVs that have massive weight positioned mid-ship and low to the ground) is an excellent winter performer, when proper tires have been added to the mix, we do find the video a bit disingenuous as it doesn’t address the effect of the cold weather on the range of the 73 mile (EPA) LEAF.

Our own Nissan LEAFs here at InsideEVs (we’ve had three amongst us), typically net around 30% less miles per charge when the temperature drops below freezing.

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Well I know Jay has one.

Who are the other two.?
Anyway good article.
I can remember doing turning brake turns in my 67 VW bug in the snow. That was fun (and no electronics involved)

Great Video also!

Not with the stock Bridgestone Ectopia tires, they are HORRIBLE in the snow/ice. My wife got our Leaf stuck at her work last year in about 3 inches of fresh snow. We have a set of Michelin X-ICE tires on it in the winter time now, they work fantastic in the ice and snow.

I live in Colorado which can be a challenging environment in a number of ways for an EV. Yet, I purchased a used, 2011 Nissan Leaf; and have been keeping a diary about the experience. EV curious? Follow along! !