Winter Driving In A Nissan LEAF: Video


Electric Nissan holds its own, stays in its lane in the slippery stuff.

How does the new Nissan LEAF handle the slippery streets of a snowy Canadian winter? Pretty well, apparently. At least, it certainly seems that way judging from the video above. In it, EV Revolution YouTube channel host Kenneth Bokor backs his all-electric baby out of the garage and onto the snow-covered roads of Ontario, Canada for a little traction testing.

With the outside temperatures a chilly -15 Celcius (5 Fahrenheit) and 5 to 7 centimeters (2 to 2.75 inches) of fresh fluffy snow on the ground, conditions are somewhat treacherous. Bokor has wisely equipped his car with snow tires — a set of Michelin X-Ice Xi3 205/55r16, to be exact — which anyone living in colder climes ought to do. They really make a huge difference.

The LEAF appears to pass its first tests easy enough. It zips through a roundabout with aplomb and accelerates pretty quickly from a dead stop. The traction control system fires up a light on the dash to let him know it’s doing its job. Bokor reports that with a significant amount of throttle, there is no slippage. Even while accelerating in a turn he notes no sliding as the car keeps going where the steering wheel points.

Another interesting test was the e-Pedal stop. Basically, while on a snow-covered road traveling at 80 kph (50 miles per hour), Bokor lets off the accelerator. From there the strong regen of the e-Pedal system takes over and slows the car down, bringing it to a stop. Importantly, it does the job without locking up any of the tires and thereby maintaining control. Nice!

There lots more to check out, including a donut test, so what are you waiting for? Press play!

Video description:

Special Episode – Jan 28, 2018 – My first winter snowy drive in my Leaf! Here’s my first time driving my Leaf on some country roads in a good amount of snow. I’ve been itching to see how my Leaf (and pretty well all BEVs) will handle the snow since this is my first time owning an EV. Come along on my ride thru the picturesque hills of Caledon and see! Thanks for Watching!

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Thanks InsideEVs for highlighting my winter Video! Got to do even more testing yesterday when our region got hit with the biggest snow storm in years, over 26cm dumped in a few hours! Had to go get my daughter who was stranded in Toronto since many trains were cancelled and the Leaf handled admirably on the highways around the Toronto area.

A great characteristic of all-electric vehicles with the lower centre of gravity (due to the battery back) and a more “planted” feel.

Good stuff Ken. Up in Sudbury my Bolt has done just as well in the -40 and a metric tonne of snow 😉 Today everything was pretty much glare ice on the road and while I did notice the traction control coming on more than normal, I was still out-accelerating everyone else as they struggled to maintain torque, even uphill. BEVs are clearly beast-mode in snow.

Hey great thanks for the info. Yes I feel for you guys up north, lots of snow and cold. I’m actually surprised at how well the Leaf handles. I too can get going pretty good, however with this morning’s drive to work on not-very-well-plowed streets, I did loose out to a Range Rover and AWD Dodge Journey in accelerating. FWD is good but AWD is better if you need it. Certainly shows in deeper stuff.

Keep up the great work you do with EVS Sudbury and add me to your meeting email list so next time I need to go up to Sudbury, I can try to time it with a meeting! Would love to come up and meet up.

Been dealing w/the Polar Vortex here in Michigan. The high tomorrow is -1degF. Yeah, you read that right. So far w/the 8″ of snow we got, along w/the black ice under it, it’s been Polar Vortex 1, Tesla 0. Well to be fair, my Model 3 got stuck twice because the plow, plowed me in. Then I drove it into a neighborhood that hadn’t been plowed (still hasn’t) and I don’t dare try to get it back out as more snow keeps falling. So for the last couple days i’m driving a FWD Buick, and even it is struggling in this crazy mix of powdery snow, hard snow, with black ice under it.

I wish Tesla had made the Model Y first over the Model 3.

In my 2015 Leaf I’ve noticed better range when the temp goes below 15 F. I believe its because thats when the battery heater starts working.

My experiences with my previous and current Leaf in the snow and cold have been quite positive. Been through snow up to the axles and it just rolls on. We’re in the polar vortex right now too and I’ve deliberately left it unplugged overnight a few times. Just get in and go in the morning. One wrinkle is that if you encounter a snow drift the traction control will cut so much power from the motor that you can bog down. On the 2018 there’s no button on the dash to turn it off quickly.

I like that button. A lot.

Hi Paul, yes have to go into the menu’s to disable VDC and traction control. I have yet to test that but will this weekend.

Sorry, below minus ten degree in winter I havé no heating in my Leaf is someone here knows why??

Its cold outside. Make sure you have emergency equipment in your car regardless of its fuel source. I like my toasty warm 12v electric blanket, the Car Cozy 2, I should get a 20% on those things, the price has doubled in the past 2 years.

There’s something wrong with the system. My 2016 had this problem but it was intermittent. It was a real bugger not just when it was cold but rainy as well and the windshield would fog up. It didn’t happen often enough or long enough to get it to the dealer for a diagnosis.

In your case I suspect you’ve got either a defective temperature sensor or the heating element is burned out. You will have to take it in for a diagnosis. Because of this I traded it in instead of selling it to an aquaintance who was eager to buy it.

No heating in my 2016 Leaf under minus ten degree?? Since I bought it. Someone here knows why??

Hi Gerard, when it is really cold it does strain to get very warm. Sometime lukewarm is all you will get. I know of one owner who contacted me that he was not getting any heat and he took his 2018 Leaf into Nissan today to get checked out. If you have no heat, I would suggest you do the same.

Ken, if you live in Ontario, the video could have cost you $1,000 and 3 points and 3 days without the Leaf. Love the videos but please tie down the camera. Don’t handhold. My friend got caught just moving her phone from the passenger seat to the cup holder.

good to know thanks!

Hi thanks, yes I totally forgot about that! Will have to use my mounts next time – thanks!

One of the pioneers of evs. Used to do the seminal Model 3 owners Club show, always great to see and hear from Kenneth.

Thanks! I do feel old enough to be a pioneer, however I’m still learning as I go!

Great news. Families all over the world will love this EV. ZRegardless oif which EV you select be sure to get one with at least twice the range of your daily commute, you need extra range for HEAT, AC and extra errands. The LEAF is one of the best you can get if the range suits your needs it is one of the most reliable cars ever made.