Winter Is Coming, Time To Put On Something Warm


Eddard Stark already know that winter is coming

Eddard Stark already knows that winter is coming

Winter is coming to the Europe and we believe that this could be the reason for Bollore presenting some Bluecars with added warming material on the exterior.

Weather forecasts are not as bad as in the Winterfell, however if you’re running Lithium Metal Polymer batteries that need to be constantly above 60°C, then the added material might come in handy.

In the previous season, fashionable was the grass bedspread, but trends are always changing in Paris.

Unfortunately, a sword to cut off a frozen charging cable isn’t standard.

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8 responses to "Winter Is Coming, Time To Put On Something Warm"
  1. lewl says:

    Odd, to say the least :p

    That 60c can’t be right, can it?
    That sounds like a max to me, not a min…

    1. JRMW says:

      Maybe he meant 60F?

      1. lewl says:

        That seems more reasonable, makes sense.

    2. Cavaron says:

      Yep, 60°C is correct. It’s a high-temperature battery. It can get even hotter (like 350°C) with a Sodium-Sulfur one:

      1. Ambulator says:

        But sodium-sulfur batteries are not lithium metal polymer, so something is wrong.

  2. Anon says:

    Reminds me of a Ford Pinto I saw years ago, where someone covered it in fake Holstein Cow fur, and bolted a pair of bull horns on the front…

    It didn’t stay clean looking very long.

    1. Rob says:

      Having worked with Holsteins, I have to say they don’t keep very clean in the fields either. Especially around the exhaust 🙂