Winding Road Walkaround Of 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier – Video


2016 Chevy Volt Rear Seating

2016 Chevy Volt Rear Seating

Courtesy of Winding Road (uploaders of some of the highest-quality video car reviews out there) we present a walkaround video of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier.

This is not a test drive/review video (which we figure Winding Road will release that at a later date), but rather an in-depth walkaround showing the 2016 Volt’s exterior, engine/motor bay, cargo space, rear seating, full interior and infotainment system.

It’s not the most exciting video out there, but it does an excellent job in making you feel as though you’re checking out the Volt yourself at your local dealership.

It’s worth a watch if you’ve never seen a 2016 Volt inside & out.

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That backseat is really unique!

I have never seen anything like it in any other car.

It remains a major flaw repelling families.

Families that can’t afford a larger vehicle that they have to switch a family of 5 into the Volt aren’t target buyer demographics anyway…

Even a LEAF or Prius 5th seating position is a joke.

Those cars are ONLY good for mounting a child seat in the middle rear position.

I really liked my test drive of the 2016MY Volt. I have a 2013 and I like it a lot but the 2016 just FEELS a gen newer. It is still corners nicely and the regen “jake brake” is a nice touch. It is a bit quicker and looks a bit more finished as well.

I do like the newer and brighter display.

It is also a good thing to move the power on/off button to the dash instead of center console.

Still need a CUV version!

Currently I have the pleasure of driving a CMax hybrid rental and the comparisons with my first gen. Volt are rather striking. Ford has some nice features in it such as the dual zone climate control, rear vents, rear 150W ~120V outlet, auto up/down windows all around, fog lights, two USB ports, funky dome lights, pano moonroof (doesn’t open), auto rear hatch with foot-open. At the same time they have some anachronisms, such as the manual parking brake, no TPMS indicators, giant grille, needle speedometer, and an “engine start/stop” button. Also Sync and the instrument UIs are real head-scratchers, regen is weak, and the brakes got nothing on Fred Flintstone’s heels.

My point is GM could have and should have done a better job equipping the Volt (old and new) and I can see why people choose the CMax despite the lower EV range and fun to drive factors.

The ICE sounds terrible.


Phew! That video wouldn’t pass in junior high school. The constant moving and scene changing on the run is the worst technique. Yes, certain features can be appreciated when the camera stays on subject for long enough for one’s eyes to focus. Thanks for the try, but please change the technique next time.