Winding Road Reviews Tesla Model S P85 – Video


Over at Winding Road, there’s a new point-of-view format for video test drives, like this one conducted in the Tesla Model S.

The entertainment value is lacking in this format, but fortunately there’s a Winding Road written review of the Model S P85 too.

Basically, Winding Road concludes that the P85 Model S has effortless performance, a spetacular touchscreen display and is very much on par with luxury German sedans from the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Driving Point Of View - Tesla Model S

Driving Point Of View – Tesla Model S


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They must not know how to measure screen sizes, or got confused with the gauge cluster screen. Infotainment screen it 17″.

Ha ha! The loudest thing in the video is the incredibly loud turn signal that the Model S has. I wish it was quieter… like regular cars.

The silence feels so eerily unnatural, especially when the driver accelerates. I’d be howlin like crazy 😀