Winding Road BMW i8 Test Drive Review – Video


BMW i8

BMW i8

For those unfamiliar with Winding Road, it’s “a free weekly magazine for the car obsessed.”

Additionally, the New York Times calls the Winding Road’s digital magazine a “web necessity.”

The magazine has been published continuously online since January 2005, beginning life as the brainchild of NextScreen CEO Thomas B. Martin. In early 2006, Martin hired  David E. Davis Jr. as Editor-In-Chief.  Davis moved the Winding Road editorial offices to Ann Arbor, MI. and brought the digital publication to the forefront of the automotive Internet scene. Davis stepped down in 2008 (and has since passed away), but Winding Road remains the world’s premier digital automotive publication.

In this video, Winding Road conduct a test drive review of the BMW i8.

“For the best video experience, we encourage you to wear headphones or earbuds. The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. Because these microphones record sound from inside the ear, playing the sound through headphones gives the sensation of 3D sound. All of this translates to a very realistic listening experience.”

Winding Road always strives to one up the competition and this video review is no exception.

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Thank you for that great test drive experience! I am so tired of videos with blaring music and reviewers that throw-out miss-information. Even though I can’t see the video, I felt like I was in the cabin and could almost feel the G-force using my ear buds! 

Yep, good video. Looks like the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

What exactly are the sounds you can hear during acceleration?


Now, I just need about $110K bonus to pay for the difference between my budget and actual purchase price.